DayZ Update 1.16 Release Time & Patch Notes Today (Feb 15)

All official DayZ The server will soon receive the brand new 1.16 update today (February 15) with new content, changes, improvements and more.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of patch 1.16 for a long time, after it was previously released on the game’s test servers a few weeks ago. For those who don’t know, DayZ The test server is only available on the Steam and Xbox versions of the game, and users must opt-in.

Thankfully, all DayZ Players will get the big update later today, regardless of platform. Here’s everything you need to know, including the official release time and patch notes for 1.16.

DayZ | Update trailer



DayZ | Update trailer





DayZ 1.16 Updated Release Date and Time

Official release date for DayZ 1.16 update is Tuesday, February 15, 2022. As for the official release time, PC players can expect the update to arrive in 4 a.m. PT / 7 a.m. ET / 12 noon GMT. While console users will get the update at 5am ​​PT / 8am ET / 1pm GMT.

DayZ Update 1.16 Patch Notes (February 15)

The developers have not released it officially yet DayZ The 1.16 patch notes have only just been raised, but they are expected to be quite similar to the test version of the update from a few weeks ago.

We’ll be sure to update this article with new patch notes as they become available, but in the meantime, check out the experimental 1.16 patch notes below:




  • Bizon SMG
  • 64th Bizon Magazine
  • Alarm clock


  • Players sometimes move forward in melee combat with a close target while only for a far target
  • The fireplace won’t go away if the last attachment removed is a rock or tripod
  • The tripod can be removed from the heater while attaching a pot
  • User interface element “Place” will display falsely when pointing to indoor fireplace with selected consumables
  • Dead chickens are not buried after picking and releasing (
  • The pistol’s firing mode changed during firing (
  • Shock does not decrease when swimming backwards / sideways with broken leg
  • Moving with a broken leg while crouching can cause an unstable amount of shock damage
  • Infected/player will not show the “+” icon in the inventory view when they only have the items as attachments
  • The shoveled items were already floating on the ground
  • Client error when attaching/detaching items to/from tripod wire trap
  • In particular cases, the tripod wire trap does not show its attachment slot
  • Smoke from a ruined car engine is visible only to the driver (
  • Attacking with an animal carcass can cause blood particles and the sound of knives slashing
  • Sarka 120’s inventory is accessible through its engine, instead of the trunk
  • Players can be knocked down if their leg is broken in an action
  • Players may lose sync if their leg is broken while exchanging items
  • The kitchen in the house is locked and cannot be opened by force
  • Interrupting animations with two hands by releasing a tool can freeze the character
  • Infected people can climb fences with barbed wire overhead (
  • The user interface of a deployed land mine can be seen when holding another land mine in hand
  • Shooting while turning around after kicking will give a kick animation after each shot
  • Hitting the back of a player’s head will hit the brain instead of the head (
  • The sound of another player’s illness symptoms was played from the wrong location (
  • Fixed some inconsistencies when it comes to bullet penetration of objects
  • Combination lock will sound when in hand without being actively used (
  • The light source of the flashlight is in the incorrect position (
  • Fixed exploit for extended melee range
  • The flame of the gas stove steamed the frying pan slightly.
  • Slightly improved wrist twist when holding some items
  • Some headgear items cut with female victims’ heads are introduced in 1.15
  • Fixed typo on Scope 1PN51
  • Infected with bad collision while gathering information
  • Can hit the player inside the vehicle with melee from the opposite side
  • Wolves can injure players inside the vehicle (
  • Can survive without food just by drinking alcohol (
  • Some localization settings are not fully displayed
  • Mines can be placed under railway tracks
  • The vehicle part names do not appear when the vehicle becomes damaged (
  • Traps do not react to vehicles
  • Can destroy the fence frame in front of the actual wall
  • Adjusted certain structure to prevent abuse ( – private,
  • Fixed a bad reflective window at a yellow brick military building (
  • Unable to get some items at the NWAF site (
  • Can bury corpses inside buildings
  • FOV setting changes are not saved on reconnect
  • Regenerated points for server switch not working as intended (
  • The sound of flies persists even after the body dies (
  • Corrected misleading description of Codeine tablets


  • Terrain cutoff increased, allowing for easier placement of base-building objects on the ground
  • Can no longer bury ruined items (
  • Charcoal consumption has no effect when another charcoal is already active in the player’s body (
  • Increases energy and water provided by mushrooms (similar to fruit now)
  • Some jackets can now be torn into rags similar to their pants
  • Removed the action to remove the fireplace from the firebox
  • Crafting an item using metal wire will produce an item with the same durability as the metal wire used ( – private)
  • First Aid Kits and Teddy Bears can now be repaired with sewing kits
  • Protector Box and Ammo Box can now be repaired with epoxy putty
  • The gas stove will now emit light when operating
  • Pick axes can now be used to bury things and bodies
  • Tape can now be used to craft braces
  • Hide UI element that shows car parts while sitting inside
  • Slightly reduced the penetration value of 5.56x45mm ammo to accommodate other ammo
  • Reduced thermometer result range
  • Rotate the electrical repair kit in the inventory view to show the front side (
  • Reduce the inventory size of pumpkins and pumpkin slices for consistency
  • Bear traps now don’t kill infected people but only break their legs
  • Damaging the tent now also damages the items stored inside
  • Vehicle Modified Damage Area Selections
  • Bloody hands no longer make characters sick when drinking from a keg (
  • The red and orange bracelets look too similar in certain lights
  • Edited the mid-air look of the marker bullets
  • Renamed Folding Buttstocks to “lightweight”


  • Added: use 3DMap parameter in game settings to disable for 2D map overlays for Tourist Maps
  • Added: shockRefillSpeedConscious parameter to game settings to adjust the rate at which a player’s Shock value is reloaded while the player is awake
  • Added: shockRefillSpeedUnconscious parameter to game settings to adjust how quickly the player’s Shock value loads when the player is unconscious
  • Added: allowRefillSpeedModifier parameter to game settings to allow/disallow additional modification of shock value based on ammo type settings
  • Fixed: Leaving some entries blank in cfgEffectArea.json resulted in default beans, instead of no beans


  • Added: Methods in Weapon_Base for creating weapons with magazines and/or bevel cuts and/or filling magazines inside
  • Added: Weapon.Synchronize to force sync fsm
  • Added: AmmoTypesAPI to validate ammotype or convert journal type to ammotype
  • Added: Documentation for correctly setting properties for WeaponStableState
  • Added: All Animal animation commands are now modifiable
  • Added: All Infected animation commands are now modifiable
  • Added: Ability to change command variables and properties from animal commands
  • Added: Ability to change command variables and properties from infected commands
  • Added: Additional script compiler warning (error in Diagnostics) signaling dangerous use of references
  • Added: Ability to change command variables and properties from CommandHandler inside DayZPlayer class
  • Added: ErrorExString, to store output as a string instead of a log
  • Added: Documentation for static script definitions
  • Added: Class.StaticType -> To get the type name of an uninitialized class
  • Added: EnumTools class with function to extract information from an enum
  • Added: Entity.GetIsSimulationDisabled()
  • Fixed: Default override JsonFileLoader set in script (bool, int, float, string)
  • Fixed: mod.cpp: tooltips, overviews and authors no longer require localization to work
  • Fixed: InventorySlots (e.g. MAGAZINE3) compilation error when a mod loads CfgSlots before vanilla CfgSlots is loaded (,
  • Fixed: int MIN value changed from -2147483647 to -2147483648
  • Changed: m_BrokenLegState can now contain negative values, use GetBrokenLegs() instead to access pin state from the player
  • Changed: DZ_Data and DZ_Scripts no longer need to be filled on demand as they will always load first (
  • Changed: Renamed magazine motif m1911
  • Changed: Rifles that fire external magazines have their state machines merged into one base class BoltActionRifle_ExternalMagazine_Base


  • Using an item assigned to the quickbar entirely while the quickbar is hidden can cause problems with the quickbar
  • The problem with attaching an item from the hand with an item in the shoulder slot

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