Dave Rubin’s ‘Don’t Burn This Country’ Is His Desperate plea for MAGA love

Dave Rubin is finally free. After years of hiding his true self from the world, seemingly ashamed of who he really is, he says he’s finally loud and proud… admitting he’s a Donald supporter Trump is tough and a conservative.

“In many ways, being a Trump supporter is harder than being gay,” Rubin writes in her feeble new book. Don’t Burn This Country: Survive and Grow in Our Woke Dystopia.

Renowned in the world of right-wing media as the “Why I’m Leaving the Left,” Rubin claims to have had an entirely organic evolution in just a few short years from a pro-leftist Bernie Sanders into a “classical libertarian” ostensibly devoted to civic discourse — and now all the way round to his current incarnation as a MAGA shitposter Who calling every Democrat, liberal or right-wing media figure “evil.”

Rubin made a name for himself as a host Rubin’s Report on YouTube, where he has a sizable audience, hosting awakening characters in the “Intellectual Dark Web,” far-right activistsand openly racist because the not important (or stupidly stupid) interview.

But today, he’s more of a full-time political commentator than a professional interviewer — regularly appearing on Fox News, Newsmax, and basically any right-wing agency that features him. (while openly admitting that he won’t engage with his critics or interview by anyone who doesn’t promise to be super nice to him first).

He has more than a million followers on Twitter and hangs out with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, eldest son Donald Trump, Jr., and right-wing billionaire and political financier Peter Thiel. In Club MAGA, Rubin is a VIP.

In Don’t burn this countryIn the end, Rubin pretends that he is the “last sane liberal” or even the “classical libertarian.” He writes in the book’s introduction that his first book, Don’t burn this bookwas “my last attempt to save libertarians from themselves,” but just two years later, he was “not sure the original concept of liberalism was salvageable.”

He added, “The problem was we were Overdose about tolerance and expressing ourselves to a degree where we really don’t stand for anything. “

Like his first book, there are few comments you won’t find on his Twitter feed: The Left is no longer free, they are “an angry, needy mob.” sex”. Rights are tolerance, “a large party with a group of people drinking and smoking and sharing different and often competitive ideas.” Jordan Peterson and Larry Elder are among the “greatest thinkers and educators of our time”.

What’s different? Don’t burn this country from its predecessor were clumsy “clever” content inserts — lengthy passages of just quotes from the likes of Ayn Rand, Thomas Sowell, and Alexis de Tocqueville, along with medical credentials. Wikipedia in-depth on how the brain works. And there is less stupid content in the first book – which at various points argued that the Vietnam War was good and Hitler was politically leftist.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of stupid and obnoxious delicacies to be had here.

Against Big Tech’s social media platforms, he said that the Founders “had no concept of a big corporation,” seemingly oblivious to the motivations for the Boston Tea Party uprising.

He called James Lindsay — Support Trump activist and anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists who helped give birth to both important racial theory and “groomer“Moral panic—” a lifelong free man (in a good way!). “

And Rubin alluded to Trump’s big lie by saying the 2020 election was “full of skepticism,” falsely smearing a COVID vaccine as “unproven and untested,” and expressing a rudely about the Beastie Boys, writing: “You must fight for your rights – freedom go.”

But if there’s one thing that defines this book, it’s the adoration of Trump.

“Trump, personally, might not consider Rubin to be gay. But many of Trump’s political allies and supporters in Rubin’s audience do.”

To Rubin, Trump is the most honest and bravest president America has ever had, and the first person “in modern history” who has not “started a new war” (which should be news to anyone). anyone still alive during the Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter administrations). He’s even taken on some of the 45th president’s duties — as evidenced in part by the number of sentences he begins with “Trust me…”

Rubin recounts a time in 2019 when he chatted with Trump for a few minutes at Mar-a-Lago (a story he told ad nauseam on your own shows, on other people’s shows, and on Twitter). Rubin said the then president told him within seconds of meeting “I don’t care that you’re gay” and complimented the couple’s good looks. This single statement had such an impact on Rubin that he made it a sub-title of a chapter titled “Removing Stupid Structural Systems,” and continues to rely on his Trump anecdote as a evidence of the near-universal acceptance of homosexuals by the right.

Trump, personally, might not consider Rubin to be gay. But many of Trump’s political allies and supporters in Rubin’s audience do.

After Rubin and her husband announced that they would soon welcome two children through surrogacy, MAGAs are flooded with mentions on his Twitter to tell him how disgusting he and his family are.

The American Conservatives published an article in response with the headline, “No Allies Buy Babies.” Right-wing Youtuber Mark Dice called it “terrifying” and said, “Any Christian or conservative congratulates them as badly as a Marxist.” Former Trump legal counsel Jenna Ellis Rubin called Rubin a “friend” but added “the homosexual lifestyle is morally wrong” and that “moral punishment does not and cannot legitimize any sin”.

Obviously shaken, Rubin continued Glenn Beck’s BlazeTV Show to deal with attacks. But instead of supporting Trump’s bigots in his audience, Rubin said he understand why are they scared of two men raising a child – because the left is just as bad!

It was this kind of audience appeal that made Rubin financially rich, but bankrupt on integrity.

Throughout Don’t burn this country. Republican Anti-LGBTQ Laws and Public Skepticism of the Supreme Court Obergefell v. Hodges decision, Rubin doesn’t feel bad – unless it’s a Democrat.

Philip Roth’s 2004 novel, Conspiracy against America, imagines an alternate history where the pilot with Nazi sympathies and leader of the “America First” movement was elected president in 1940, and then immediately signed a treaty with the Nazis . The character Rabbi Lionel Bengelsdorf (played by John Turturro in the HBO mini-series) supports Lindbergh, gaining access to the White House and a bit of a reputation as a Jew, who tells the Americans who support Lindbergh that They are not opponents. It did not end well for Bengelsdorf.


It’s hard not to see parallels with Rubin, who rose from left-wing media obscurity to right-wing media stardom, confounding those who see him as a political darling, but hate who he really is. This was all while the GOP-led legislative storm raged, threatening his own family.

In that sense, Don’t burn this country not just Rubin’s MAGA love letter, but also 193 pages of self-loathing opportunism. Dave Rubin’s ‘Don’t Burn This Country’ Is His Desperate plea for MAGA love


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