Dark Souls: Nightfall Mod Explained

The FromSoftware fan community is nothing if not busy, whether they are working through the mysteries of soul-like games, find new paths through them, or create artwork and other works inspired by FromSoftware games. Dark souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro has reached hundreds of thousands of people and received a strong response to its beta, it is not hard to imagine that Elden Ring will be strengthened by this community also. Fans are ready for a new game and they’ll be dissecting, revising, and discussing Elden Ring shortly after it launches in February 2022.


In the meantime, there are new ways to experience Dark souls game already. A lot of mods exist for the trilogy and many more mods have been created for Sekiro and exclusive control panel Bloodborne also. It seems like it has become a trend to create transformative experiences out of these titles, such as a mod that can transform Dark Souls 3 into one Dynasty War game. Another line of mods that can randomly arrange the enemies, items, NPCs, fog walls, and dialogue of a certain game. However, it looks like nothing will change like Dark Souls: Nightfall.

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Dark Souls: What is Nightfall?

characteristic symbol of the dark soul at night

Dark Souls: Nightfall is a mod intended to serve as a direct sequel to Dark Souls 1. It started right after that The Dark Lord’s End of DS1 and task the player with stopping the coming Age of Dark. The player controls another Hollow from Undead Asylum, who finds a katana and joins Gwyn’s shadow after he dies. Along the way, they’ll encounter newly voiced NPCs, enemies, bosses, items, regions, and mechanics. Nightfall will launch on January 21, 2022 and promises to be a soul its own game.

NightfallIts new mechanics give it a distinct identity with Dark souls. Gwyn’s shade acts as a kind of stance that the player can turn on and off. While on, players will be able to perform a teleport dash that is completely invincible, but can no longer heal. More benefits can appear throughout the game. Perhaps the most notable new builder is Time loop system inspired by Majora’s mask. Countdown messages will appear on the screen and perhaps eventually lead to the fall of the Dark Ages or the complete fall of the truth. The player holds an item to return to the beginning of the loop, but this comes with sacrificing some power and progress. The system will bring a whole new dynamic to Dark souls, and will lead to many compelling mission designs.

History of Dark Souls: Nightfall


The mod is a massive collaborative project led by popular modder Scott Mooney, also known as Grimrukh. He created Roguelike and Super hot mod for Dark Souls 1, as well as a modifier named “Soulstruct”. However, the mod he is most famous for is of 2019 Ash’s Daughter, a fresh above Dark Souls 1 incorporating cut content, new bosses, remixed areas and progressions and quests in the new game. Dark souls‘Famous item descriptions were also rewritten to make room for new story details. Intention behind DoA is “novelty” and even though the mod’s difficulty is high, it certainly works.

Nightfall is an entirely different beast, fueled by the positive reception of Ash’s Daughter. While the original mod was primarily a solo project, Nightfall is a large collaborative effort that seeks to bring together modifiers and content creators to create a real video game using Dark souls engine. The main team consists of AinTunez, Meowmaritus, Dane Brennand, Horkrux, Zullie the Witch, Stayd, Itzli, Dropoff, Mayhem and Souv, sometimes with others helping. The credit list goes even further, with Yu-Gi-Oh! Shortened series‘My own LittleKuriboh appears as an NPC in the game preview. Dark Souls: Nightfall maybe is The most ambitious mod conceived for Dark souls and hopefully it will reach its full potential when it comes out Elden Ringold release date of .

Dark Souls: Nightfall will release for PC on January 21, 2022. Dark Souls Remastered Available now on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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