Dark Souls 3: The 10 Best Daggers, Ranked

For the most part, Daggers in Dark Souls 3 is the least used weapon class out of the wide arsenal that this incredible game by FromSoftware makes available. However, this is not because they are useless; these short-bladed weapons merely have a niche usage.

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The primary reasons to use a Dagger is for their fast attack speed, rapid parry animation, and their higher critical hit damage. Against foes that cannot be struck critically, they are understandably less than ideal, though against humanoid foes, both in PvE and PvP, they can be deadly tools. With the exception of the three mentioned by the game itself in their item descriptions as being decrepit or lacking in some other manner, the remaining ten offer great opportunities for builds geared towards fast maneuvers and sudden strikes.

Updated on July 19, 2021, by Reyadh Rahaman: Desiring to use a Dagger for one’s next playthrough is a great challenge to attempt, though the Ashen One will need to know where to find the very best of this weapon class in order to have any chance of success in this punishing game. Acquiring them can be a bit tricky due to their placement in a treacherous world full of threats.

But after obtaining the sought-after weapon, players will still need to gauge how much damage they can do, as bigger numbers are always needed when it comes to armaments with such short reach. While critical attacks are the prime strategy when using a Dagger, players should also come up with some tactics to use when facing foes who cannot be struck critically.

10 Handmaid’s Dagger

close up of a player in attack animation with a small dagger.

Handmaid’s Dagger Overview

The Handmaid’s Dagger often gets looked down upon by many for the fact that it cannot be infused, and that it only gets a maximum scaling of D-tier in both Strength and Dexterity. This remains true even after being fully upgraded, though it can be a handy tool for reasons besides damage output.

It recovers a single point of FP per hit, meaning that it can be a useful tool for a caster build, though should probably not be held at all times, as its damage is simply too low to be useful outside of recovering FP. It is worth noting that this blue-bar regeneration also occurs if one strikes a foe that is blocking, just be wary of getting parried.

Where To Find The Handmaid’s Dagger

This stabbing tool can be dropped from defeated Jailer Handmaid enemies that lurk in the Profaned Capital. Since these foes are pretty weak, especially when compared to their counterparts in the dreaded Irithyll Dungeon, farming them for this Dagger can be fairly easy.

Damage Output Of The Handmaid’s Dagger

At the maximum upgrade level of +10 (Regular, as infusions are impossible), the Handmaid’s Dagger will attain 170 physical attack as well as E-tier scaling with Strength and Dexterity.

9 Murky Hand Scythe

Murky Hand Scythe Overview

Despite looking and acting more like a very short Curved Sword, the Murky Hand Scythe is undeniably a Dagger. Though it does not have higher critical hit damage or unique parrying advantages, it offers other great traits that are unique to it.

It has innate Dark damage, which makes it a great sidearm for casters specializing in miracles and sorceries, particularly the more sinister ones. As opposed to most other Daggers, it does not deal thrust damage, but slash-type instead. This lends it the unique ability among its kin to potentially stagger foes in a manner not dissimilar to the much-loved Katanas.

Where To Find The Murky Hand Scythe

Located in the Dreg Heap, players will find this Dagger in The Ringed City DLC after descending through a glass ceiling near an overturned bookshelf amidst some rubble.

Damage Output Of The Murky Hand Scythe

Depending on one’s build, it would be best to either upgrade this Dagger along the Deep path (melee builds) or the Dark path (caster builds that benefit from scaling). When infused with a Deep gem and fully upgraded to +10, the Murky Hand Scythe gets 123 physical attack and 173 dark attack, though no scaling. Alternatively, when it is infused with a Dark gem and upgraded to +10, it receives 68 physical attack, 102 dark attack, and scaling with all main stats: D in Strength, C in Dexterity, as well as B in both Intelligence and Faith.

8 Mail Breaker

close up of player holding a large dagger in two hands on a white and grey background.

Mail Breaker Overview

Strangely given to the Sorcerer class, this larger than average dagger is meant to pierce through an enemy’s defenses. Its weapon skill, Shield Splitter, unleashes a fierce lunge that can penetrate armor and makes the Mail Breaker’s name very appropriate.

With a Critical stat higher than most other Daggers at 125, this is a great choice for players who intend to dish out a lot of backstabs and ripostes. It doesn’t get the best scaling, achieving C-tier with Dexterity at +10 Sharp infusion. Though, with the Hornet Ring, it can more than makeup for this lacking trait with some bonus critical attack damage.

Where To Find The Mail Breaker

Aside from being a starting weapon given to the Sorcerer starting class, players can find a Mail Breaker on the lowest floor of the cylindrical tower below the Tower on the Wall bonfire. Additionally, Sirris of the Sunless Realms will give the player a Blessed Mail Breaker after helping her defeat Creighton the Wanderer in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

Damage Output Of The Mail Breaker

A Sharp infusion is usually the best choice for this weapon, as it grants the best mix of direct damage and scaling, as at +10 it gets 164 physical attack, E-tier scaling in Strength, and C-tier scaling in Dexterity.

7 Corvian Greatknife

invader attacking host with a large dagger.

Corvian Greatknife Overview

This is another Dagger with less than ideal scaling, only reaching D-tier or C-tier scaling with its highest stats at +10 with any upgrade path. Interestingly, however, it gets D-tier with both Strength and Dexterity if one goes down the Refined upgrade path, making it a not-so-bad choice for a Quality build.

The Corvian Greatknife also has a Critical stat of 110 that results in some nice riposte and backstab damage. Furthermore, it possesses the rare weapon skill Blind Spot, which is excellent for getting around shields and dealing a fair bit of damage at a low FP cost.

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Where To Find The Corvian Greatknife

This huge Dagger can be dropped by the Corvians along the Road of Sacrifices area, with the bonfires along this location being great starting points for farming runs.

Damage Output Of The Corvian Greatknife

Another choice pick for a quality build, players should upgrade this Dagger along the Refined path, as at +10 it will obtain 167 physical attack and D-tier scaling in both Strength and Dexterity.

6 Bandit’s Knife

player holding a curved dagger in two hands.

Bandit’s Knife Overview

This is the starting weapon for the Thief class and can start one down the path of a great build aimed at swift strikes and seamless dodges. The Bandit’s Knife comes with an innate bleed effect, which goes quite nicely with its agile moveset that lets players get in and out of range of enemy attacks relatively easily.

For a straightforward Dexterity build, it is not a bad choice, since it gets B-tier scaling in this stat with a +10 Sharp infusion. However, its natural potential for bloodletting also lets players make use of it as one of the best daggers to apply the bleed effect. With a Blood infusion, it applies a sizable 59 points of bleed build-up per hit that can quickly drain a foe of life essence.

Where To Find The Bandit’s Knife

Besides being a weapon for the Thief starting class, players can buy it from Greirat, or, if he has died, one can give the Shrine Handmaid Greirat’s Ashes so that she can sell it for the same price (1,500 souls).

Damage Output Of The Bandit’s Knife

The two most viable upgrade paths for this Dagger are the Sharp route and the Bleed route. The former, at +10, will result in the Bandit’s Knife attaining 146 physical attack, E-tier scaling in Strength, and B-tier scaling in Dexterity with 30 points of bleed build-up. The other route, Bleed infusion, will at +10 grant 122 physical attack, D-tier scaling in both Strength and Dexterity, though will possess a massive 59 points of bleed build-up.

5 Parrying Dagger

art of a player wearing weird armor and holding a dagger.

Parrying Dagger Overview

As the name implies, this Dagger is meant specifically for parrying foes. As such, it is meant to be used in the offhand in place of a shield. It is not recommended to try using this short blade in the main hand, as it has an abysmal attack rating, even after being upgraded.

Among other such tools, the Parrying Dagger stands out for its unique use of frames during the parry animation. Although the start-up animation is the same as that of medium-sized shields, the frames where a parry is activated actually last longer, meaning that it is less likely to accidentally parry too early. This wider window can enable one to truly become a parry god.

Where To Find The Parrying Dagger

The only way to acquire the Parrying Dagger is to buy it from the tricky Unbreakable Patches for 2,000 souls, so be sure to follow his questline if one wants this weapon.

Damage Output Of The Parrying Dagger

As mentioned, the attack of this Dagger is woefully low, as even at the ideal +10 Sharp infusion upgrade, it only gets 111 physical attack, however, its scaling makes up for this a bit. Although the Strength scaling is pitiful at E-tier, the Parrying Dagger gets a colossal S-tier scaling with Dexterity.

4 Aquamarine Dagger

player holding a dagger covered in blue crystals.

Aquamarine Dagger Overview

This exceptionally cool Dagger, found in The Ringed City DLC, is special for a few reasons. The biggest reason is that its unique weapon skill, Crystal Blade, extends the range of the Dagger and allows it to act more like a Straight Sword.

It scales moderately well with both Dexterity and Intelligence, attaining C-tier with these stats at the maximum upgrade of +5. This enables the wielder of the Aquamarine Dagger to assail adversaries with sufficiently high physical and Magic-type damage.

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Where To Find The Aquamarine Dagger

From the Dreg Heap bonfire, head down to the staircase where the Harold Legion Knight usually tries a plunging attack on the player. Just behind this foe’s starting position is a pile of debris where the Aquamarine Dagger can be found.

Damage Output Of The Aquamarine Dagger

As it cannot be infused due to being a unique weapon, the Regular +5 upgrade is the only pinnacle of this Dagger’s performance. When fully upgraded, the Aquamarine Dagger obtains 118 physical attack, 118 magic attack, and triple scaling: E-tier in Strength as well as C-tier in both Dexterity and Intelligence.

3 Harpe

large curved dagger held in two hands by the player in front of a yellow background.

Harpe Overview

As a tool meant for dismembering corpses, it has some peculiar traits that make the Harpe more ideal for the less-used upgrade paths. At +10 Blood infusion, it gains 52 points of bleed build-up per swipe, a fair bit higher than most other weapons, and can help in getting past a foe’s shield and thick armor.

At +10 Poison infusion, it gets 58 points of status effect build-up, again relatively higher than alternative weapons. However, if one just needs big damage on their preferred Dagger, Harpe gets a substantial boost from its S-tier Dexterity scaling when fully upgraded with a Sharp infusion.

Where To Find The Harpe

This curved Dagger can be dropped from the red-eyed Peasant Hollow enemies in the Undead Settlement.

Damage Output Of The Harpe

Those seeking a Dexterity-oriented weapon should try out the Harpe if they’re not worried about minimal direct damage, as, at the +10 Sharp infusion, the Harpe receives 114 physical attack, E-tier scaling in Strength, and an excellent S-tier scaling in Dexterity.

2 The Basic Dagger

enemy at the high wall of lothric wielding a dagger.

Dagger Overview

Despite not having a cool name or fancy design, the Dagger is one of the best examples of how dangerous this weapon class can be. It boasts the highest Critical stat out of all Daggers at a staggering 130. Along with its Quickstep weapon skill (and the Hornet Ring), it allows its wielder to one-shot many adversaries with only a single riposte or backstab.

Where To Find The Dagger

Although sold by the Shrine Handmaid for a meager 300 souls, the generic Dagger is more well known for being wielded (and potentially dropped) by the pesky Hollow Assassins who can be found at the High Wall of Lothric as well as Farron Keep and at Lothric Castle.

Damage Output Of The Dagger

Another prime choice for Dexterity builds, the Dagger is best upgraded along the Sharp route, as at +10 it gains 120 physical attack, E-tier scaling in Strength, and an awesome S-tier scaling in Dexterity.

1 Brigand Twindaggers

player holding two daggers with a bleed buff on them.

Brigand Twindaggers Overview

The only paired Dagger in the game, the Brigand Twindaggers holds a unique position that allows them to be great in both PvE and PvP. Its insanely fast light attacks from the main hand can be followed up with either its Quickstep skill, for incredibly efficient hit and run tactics, or with an off-hand light attack that creates a true combo for some nice extra damage.

Furthermore, its 125 Critical stat lets it be a prime tool for slaying adversaries with ripostes and backstabs. Since it has a very fast attack speed, using a bleed or poison buff on it can temporarily grant an excellent way to get through a foe’s shield and armor if one is having trouble landing a critical hit.

Where To Find The Brigand Trindaggers

This Twindagger can be found on a corpse that also possesses the Brigand armor set on the Road of Sacrifices.

Damage Output Of The Brigand Twindaggers

Gaining A-tier in Dexterity at +10 Sharp infusion allows the wielder to deliver both fast and severe damage to most enemies, which allows its physical attack of 123 to be used most effectively.

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