Dan Crenshaw attacks Freedom Caucus ‘Grifters’ as GOP forms a circle firing squad

OFFERet they fight.

That was my first thought after hearing it Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), firing rhetorical shots at a Texas Liberty Alliance PAC event, calling some of his Republican colleagues “slick people” and “performance artists” who only “know how to say the cool slogans” they use. used to “get all the attention.” He accused them of reading lines “they know our voters want to hear.”

He was referring to the haphazardly and violently named protest in support of the uprising by the State Freedom Conference and members such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, Louie Gohmert and Mo Brooks, who accused him of voting for a “vaccine database” to track and punish unvaccinated citizens. In fact, Crenshaw said it is a House bill that allocates state funds to update immunization information systems, but to the same group that regularly promotes QAnon Conspiracy, a life-saving measure in times of pandemic can also be a sign of oppression in the “deep state” and a violation of their freedom to be sick, mute and vulnerable. love.

Does Crenshaw crave some Traitor’s spotlight’ or sincerely concerned that their destructive tendencies were harming the party, he decided to defend Representative Adam Kinzinger, who announced that he is no longer running for re-election after his own party opposed him Trump’s Big Lie.

Crenshaw noted that Kinzinger voted with Trump 99% of the time, far more than members of the Freedom Caucus were attacking him. But Kizinger also believes that a violent uprising that seeks to overthrow a free and fair election is a step too far — and that is a step too far for these fascists. As such, his political career as a Republican official came to an end and he was subject to old contacts, like Representative Liz Cheney, who voted with Trump 93% of the times, is an oddball Cheney, and was a Level 3 GOP leader last year until she was removed from the leadership position for standing up against Trump.

Crenshaw doesn’t hold out for Cheney, and while accepting the election results, he also signed off on a lawsuit by the Texas attorney general seeking to help Trump’s coup by removing ballots from the swing states. The hypocrisy of Crenshaw and the “both sides” slurred in The Big Lie was so serious that it force Chuck Todd to be a good journalist and call him out Meet the press.

The reality is that the modern GOP death cult demands absolute submission and Greene has appeared as its aunt Lydia ready to fix the score, call on the traitors and keep the loyalists in ranks.

In November, Greene criticized Crenshaw, a veteran and Navy Seal, for having “Losers Mindset”, after he tweeted that Americans should “accept the end result” of the 2020 election. She urged Republicans not to “step back,” which is the same advice she gave. Representative Lauren Boebert after she was rightfully criticized for her hateful Muslim incitement comments about Congressman Ilhan Omar, which resulted in Omar receiving death threats.

Greene believes that “President Trump fought for us, we have to fight for him.” And that means fighting for his supporters, violent insurgents have overtaken the US Capitol, resulting in the deaths of five people including a police officer. On Monday, Greene, who was removed from the committees for her disparaging remarks about Jewish space lasers and more, held a press conference to lament what she said. considered oppressive treatment of prisoners in DC detention facilities.

Supporting her is a coalition of dunces including Gaetz, Gohmert, and Gosar, who was recently stripped of his commission after posting a violent anime showing him killing Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. These clowns can’t be bothered to honor the brave Capitol Hill police officers who saved and protect their colleagues, or complain about the ruthless detention of prisoners and individuals at Guantanamo Bay during solitary confinement, but for a radical sect willing to overturn an election? They ride or die.

Greene even promoted the bizarre lie that these defendants were being pumped with “critical racial theory training” in prison. Maybe a twist to this absurd drama will reveal the House of Representatives taking part in some progress in favor of the abolition of prisons.

Crenshaw’s widespread comments come days after Greene attacked Representative Nancy Mace, a Republican with a staunch conservative voting record, for condemning the evil, evil attack. Boebert’s poison was directed at Omar. Greene called Mace “Garbage in GOP conference” and claims she has never been attacked by Democrats “because she’s not conservative, she’s pro-abortion.”

Mace told reporters, “All I can say about Marjorie Taylor Greene is bless her damn heart.”

Again, let them fight.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was unable to quell this feud and voluntarily offered condolences and encouragement to the Fascist Five (and friends), by refusing to condemn their behavior. . This ever-growing vengeful Frankenstein monster threatens to destroy the remaining “sane” Republicans.

But if they’re really sober, they’ll get out in no time. Greene doubled down on Steve Bannon’s podcast, claiming that obnoxious politicians like her and Boebert represent the “base” of the GOP now, not the fringes. For once, I totally agree with this crazy person. The modern GOP is a radicalized weaponized death cult that believes in the “deep state”, QAnon, The Big Lie, Alternative theory, and opposes cultural abolition and quests for vaccines and masks because it’s “my body, my rights” but there has been no problem with overturning Roe v. Wade, promote voter suppression and cancel elections when their favorite candidates do not win.

Even cowardly republican loyalists like former Senator David Perdue don’t have enough loyalty to win over extremists like Steve Bannon. Like Crenshaw, Perdue also supported a lawsuit that invalidated millions of voters in the swing states, and he also called for the resignation of Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, who turned down Trump’s request to have a job. he “seeks votes” in Georgia. Still not enough for the cult. On his “War Room” podcast, Bannon denounced Perdue as Trump’s choice to challenge Republican Governor Brian Kemp, because Perdue allegedly “did not support” Trump’s coup.

The sad fact is that these modern GOP members like Crenshaw and Greene can fight, but they have a lot in common starting with the fear and hatred of Islam. While running for office, Crenshaw is the Facebook admin of a group that posted posts and comments calling Islam a “cancer.” criticized Black Lives Matter, promoted conspiracies like Pizzagate, and claimed the Solidarity Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, which led to the killing of anti-racism protesters, was “staged by the left.” .” Crenshaw, like Greene, has doubled down on his Islamophobia towards Omar, and he still refuses to apologize for deliberately misinterpreting a segment of her speech, which led to her being shot. received hate mail and death threats.

However, I hope that the growing radicalization, pettiness, paranoia, and immaturity of the GOP causes them to shoot at each other rather than at the most vulnerable and marginalized Americans. festival. With Democrats completely incapable of calling their haters what they are, Republicans tearing each other apart ahead of the 2022 election could be the country’s last, best hope. America.

https://www.thedailybeast.com/dan-crenshaw-blasts-freedom-caucus-grifters-as-the-gop-forms-a-circular-firing-squad?source=articles&via=rss Dan Crenshaw attacks Freedom Caucus ‘Grifters’ as GOP forms a circle firing squad


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