‘D *** Right’ I Deny Unlawful District and Local COVID Duties

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stood by the local government’s decision against COVID-19 mandates, saying, “You’re right I denied them.”

Republicans signed four bills in Brandon, Florida, on Thursday, banning schools and local government agencies from performing vaccine duties.

In addition, the law prohibits private businesses in the state from enforcing vaccine mandates unless they grant exemptions for religious or health reasons or for recovering from COVID-19, Hill reported.

The bills come, in part, in response to President Joe Biden’s own employer Ask for a vaccine.

A reporter asked DeSantis at Thursday’s signing ceremony whether exceeding local mandates violates the conservative principle that the best government is the government closest to the people. .


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DeSantis disagreed with the framing of the question, arguing that police power – including health, safety, and welfare – belongs primarily to the state governments in the constitutional form of government of the United States.

“The idea that conservatism is somehow about, like the local school boards – that is the United States of America! Not the unified school board or the district commission of the United States,” he said.

Do you support DeSantis overriding local COVID tasks?

“So the states are the primary means of protecting people’s liberties, their health, their safety, their welfare within our constitutional system,” continued DeSantis.

“What Biden is doing is unconstitutional. There has never been a federal mandatory regulation of vaccines for the general public. “

DeSantis pointed out that imposed by the president Such an instruction on civilians is different from his directing the army to vaccinate.

“There is no federal police power. The states have police power. … From a constitutional perspective, it’s worlds, separate worlds,” he said.

Responding to more questions from reporters, DeSantis said: “Some people say, ‘Hey, this local government wants to close businesses. They want to compel quests. They want to keep the kids out of school. ‘ You’re right I appreciated that because they were wrong.


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“The fact of the matter is, you have no right to do wrong.”

DeSantis recounted that his decision at the state level was to keep Florida children in school in 2020, when many schools in other parts of the nation remained closed.

Additionally, if he goes down the strict lockdown route, it will harm the state’s students for years to come, as well as the Floridians’ ability to make a living.

“So people can say, ‘Is it the job of someone elected to protect the liberties of everyone in the state?’ Or do you just say, “Hey, if someone is infringing on your freedom, we shouldn’t do anything.”

DeSantis said he chose the previous course of promote freedom.

He concluded by saying, “The question is, do we really have a Constitution that binds people like Biden? Or is it just when he gets impatient that he can do whatever he wants? No, I’ll take the Constitution, thanks a lot.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – an attorney and son of the late United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy – Discuss in a recent episode of “Tucker Carlson Today” that all the liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights were violated by government agencies in the United States during the coronavirus pandemic, with the exception of the Second Amendment. about the right to bear arms.

“We must love our freedom rather than fear a pathogen. We have to,” Kennedy said. “Even if people say this is a deadly disease, it is worse than death.

“We are fortunate that there was an entire generation of Americans in 1776 who said, ‘Better to die than not to write these rights down.’ And they gave us that. They gave us the gift of that Bill of Rights. ”

Kennedy concluded, “Our kids deserve the Bill of Rights as our parents gave us. And people need – whatever their fears – they need to put those things aside and ask us to take those things back.”

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