Cyberpunk 2077’s Ripperdoc Vik Worthy of Screentime

In spite of Cyberpunk 2077 may have faced controversy at launch due to numerous bugs and issues, making it unplayable for some gamers, it still excels in storytelling, partly due to the complex characters its. The player has become attached to Takemura, Judy Alvarez, and Panama Palmer are among the fan favorites. But even Cyberpunk 2077Less important characters make its gloomy story shine.

Viktor Vektor, V’s ripperdoc they meet early in the game, is a great example alongside others like Misty, but his involvement leaves something to be desired. Vik is very sincere and caring credit ends of Cyberpunk 2077, which is why it would have been better to see him have a more thorough backstory to call his own.


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Vik’s role in Cyberpunk 2077

Viktor NPC looks at the screen in Cyberpunk 2077

Viktor was first introduced as V and Jackie’s usual ripperdoc when the protagonist visits him to get Kiroshi optics and get a neurovirus out of their system but can’t pay upfront, so the doc will get an IOU. This interaction implies that the two are somewhat close and have worked together throughout Jackie and V’s mercenary careers, although it is unclear when exactly they became acquainted. However, Vik is initially just kind and generous towards the main character, but it is clear that their relationship is a bit deeper than that of a doctor and patient because Vik is the one who brings V the bad news in the end of the opening paragraph.

At this point, Vik has pretty much done for V, not only in the way of the IOU and every service he’s provided so far, but he’s also saved V’s life. However, from this point forward go in Cyberpunk 2077main story ofVik does not play a major role. The biggest quest around ripperdoc is Paid in Full, where V pays a debt of 21,000 euros to Vik but that’s all the quest entails. Unlike CyberpunkOther supporting characters like Lizzy Wizzy or Jefferson Peralez, he doesn’t get a compelling side story, and that’s a pity.

However, Viktor will attend Jackie’s ofrenda and leave behind a pair of boxing gloves, a reference to their close friendship. And he appeared in Cyberpunk 2077The credits end with a heartfelt goodbye that changes depending on the ending the player has chosen. Because of this, it’s not only a bit disappointing that Vik doesn’t get a dedicated storyline like many others side quests are excellently written in Cyberpunk, but also a bit sad. This means that after Vik saves V’s life, they’ll forget about the ripperdoc as if they weren’t nearby, while previously known characters like Misty and Mama Welles at least have some important dialogue. important and meaningful tasks after the events. of the opening section.

It was clear that Vik had written some profound history. In his database entry it is stated that he is not only one of the best ripperdocs out there, but also a living legend about Midnight City. However, it also says that he wants people to forget this popularity of his. It’s unclear exactly how this reputation came about and why he wants it forgotten, but it would be nice to explore some of Vik’s epic reputation in side quests.

Cyberpunk 2077 is out now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions in development.

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