Cyber ​​staff attacked by MAGA audit fans after Court ruling

After a disastrous day in court on Thursday, the company behind the Arizona chaos Maricopa County elections “audited” is falling apart and now some right-wing fans are furiously wondering if it’s all just one big scam.

Cyber ​​Ninjas, a small Florida-based cybersecurity company, has always been a controversial choice for handling the ballots of Maricopa County voters. The company has no electoral experience and its founder, Doug Logan, engaged in the promotion of 2020 election fraud hoaxes online. When it finally released its findings this fall, Cyber ​​Ninjas found that President Joe Biden had indeed won the election. But the group did not turn over court-ordered materialsand on Thursday, a judge ordered Cyber ​​Ninjas to pay $50,000 for each day it continued to withhold the documents. That night, the company announced it was disbanding, reportedly laying off all of its employees.

“Network support staff is shutting down,” spokesperson Rod Thompson told NBC on Thursday. “All staff have been let go.” The group’s attorney, Jack Wilenchik, also told the Associated Press that the company has laid off all its employees and is now insolvent.

The move comes as a blow to the butchers, who have long insisted that Cyber ​​Ninjas secretly have proof of Donald Trump’s 2020 victory — but who are now smearing the group is the “destructor”.

Since launching its audit this spring, Cyber ​​Ninjas has vowed to run the operation with radical transparency, sharing the auditors’ live streams as they flip through the stacks of votes. The live streams have attracted an online community on messaging platforms like Telegram. Several Telegram channels were not pleased with Cyber ​​Ninjas being dissolved on Thursday.

“FAKES,” a member of the Arizona audit channel complained. “SOAB [son of a bitch], all they care about is $. ”

“If you sponsor this, I feel that you are becoming a victim.”

Online staff did Earn money during a month-long audit. In July, company revealed more than $5.7 million in donations from fans. Meanwhile, the team’s audit was messy, over budget by millions of dollars and monthly over deadlines, during which audit managers appeared in a documentary about the conspiracy about the election and was accused of ignoring sexual harassment.

But the group also made a costly mistake when they refused to turn over the court-ordered files, which the newspaper Republic of Arizona was searched through a public information request. During Thursday’s contempt trial, Republic requested a fine of $1,000 per day until Cyber ​​Ninjas handed over the documents. Maricopa Superior Court Judge John Hannah called $1,000 an “insufficient total” and increased the penalty to $50,000 a day.

“It is clear from this record that the Cyber ​​Ninjas ignored that order,” Hannah say on Thursday.

Hannah also casts doubt on the notion that a new, defunct Cyber ​​Ninja wouldn’t be able to generate documents. “The court will not accept the assertion that Cyber ​​Ninjas is an empty shell and that no one is liable to find that it is compliant.” Hannah said.

Wilenchick told the AP that the team would not show the documents because they could no longer afford them. However, Hannah warned that the $50,000 sanction will begin on Friday and could apply to individuals, not just the now defunct company.

Some Cyber ​​Ninjas fans expressed confusion at the group’s lack of transparency.

“Why don’t they release their documents?” one person wrote on Telegram, as others complained about the $50,000 a day penalty.

Another audit watcher noted that the amount of money Cyber ​​Ninjas is said to need to retrieve the documents would be “a significant drop from the money they spent fighting the creation of the documents.” these documents in court. But then, ‘give us more money to show you how we used your other money’, is quite predictable. “

Other fans urged caution. “However, we really don’t have all the facts, do we?” one person wrote. “If we get a hold of the reality, and their actions turn out to be those of vandals, then, by all means, let’s call them vandals.”

Hardcore fans of Cyber ​​Ninja and the Arizona audit have long maintained that the team can prove Trump won Maricopa County. Although Cyber ​​Ninja’s final audit report ultimately found that Biden won more Maricopa County votes than Trump, its leaders implied that their audit revealed the alarming voter fraud. They then allege 77 cases of alleged voter fraud, 76 of which were revealed by Arizona officials on Thursday. (The final result, an example of counting two small ballots, was preserved.)

After Cyber ​​Ninjas’ disastrous court appearance on Thursday, several conspiracy theorists took to the air to claim that Maricopa County’s audit uncovered fraud, but that the audit officials were incompetent. force corrupted their report.

During a web broadcast on Thursday night, election conspiracy promoter Shiva Ayyadurai criticized Jovan Pulitzer, another conspiracy theorist and alleged failed treasure hunter who claimed Claims to have found “dynamic artifacts” that indicated fraud on Maricopa County ballots.

“There were no zoological findings. It was purely a Maricopa report,” lamented Ayyadurai of Pulitzer’s report. He still clung to the idea that there was voter fraud in Maricopa County, but referred to Pulitzer’s participation in the audit as a scam.

“If you fund this, I feel that you are becoming a victim,” he said.

Audit records show that Ayyadurai had twice worked on the Maricopa County audit: once for Cyber ​​Ninjas and once for the Arizona State Senate. Ayyadurai, who blamed his own election defeat on alleged voter fraud, went on to accuse Pulitzer of souring public officials’ opinions on the audit.

“If they get crap like this, they’ll think this whole audit is just trash,” he said. Cyber ​​staff attacked by MAGA audit fans after Court ruling


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