Cult of the Lamb’s Animal Crossing and Hades comparisons explained

cult of the Lamb is the latest title from publisher Devolver Digital in collaboration with developer Massive Monster. On the surface, cult of the Lamb looks like a simple roguelike dungeon crawler, but the game has a lot more depth than you think. In true Devolver Digital fashion, cult of the Lamb is packed with levels and a unique combination of features and mechanics reminiscent of other popular titles.

The two immediate connections that fans will make to cult of the Lamb are rogue dungeon crawlers, such as Hadesand life simulation games similar to animal crossing. The comparisons are not unjustified, as even supporters for cult of the Lamb share similarities to the titles above and the mix of the two genres is definitely a new and interesting combination, but it’s one that seems to work well cult of the Lamb.


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How the cult of the Lamb is compared to Hades

first of all, cult of the Lamb is an action-based dungeon crawler and roguelike, meaning that each dungeon is procedurally generated and the player is able to improve each run with upgrades. Combat is very fast-paced and relies on players using a variety of combat abilities, including various weapons, spells, and a dodge roll. On the surface is the basic gameplay of cult of the Lamb is already very reminiscent of similar roguelike games, but in a few cases the game can rightly be compared to it Hades special.

Hades prides itself on its fast-paced combat and various types of weapons, abilities, and boons. The latter are power-ups that can only be used during the current run, but grant the player useful skill and weapon upgrades. cult of the Lamb shares a similar combat system with each dungeon run, called Crusades, with tight, fast-paced battles in small arenas that start with a random weapon, and also features Boons that allow upgrades mid-run.

The combat for each game depends on the player’s reflexes and the types of weapons and attacks cult of the Lamb definitely took inspiration from guns Hades. A key difference, however, is the randomization of player weapons in each run-in cult of the Lamb; whereas Hades allows players to choose which weapon they want to use during a given run, cult of the Lamb randomly selects a weapon for the player. This was probably done to give the player an extra challenge and sense of insecurity, but just as much Hadesmany of the weapons feel more powerful than others, and the randomization could make or break a run based on powers beyond the player’s control as opposed to skill and efficiency.

Animal Crossing Mechanics by Cult of the Lamb

The biggest standout feature in cult of the Lamb is the relationship and homestead simulation aspect that focuses on the titular cult. The entire purpose of the player crusading through random dungeons is to gain new followers and unlock new items for his home base, which in this title is a piece of land used for gathering resources and building an entire city/ used by an entire cult that worships the player character and their deity, The One Who Waits.

Although the description of base and relationship building may seem murky, the mechanics surrounding it are reminiscent of the relationship and city building aspects of animal crossing. In both games, players are encouraged to build relationships with townspeople and customize the look and feel of their respective town. cult of the Lamb goes even deeper into the simulation aspect of the game, requiring players to gather resources and actively take care of their town and residents.

cult of the Lamb Give players the ability to fully customize their city and followers, and players could very well attach themselves to specific followers, just as many animal crossing Fans often choose their favorite townsfolk based on their personality. Many of the relationship and city building features in cult of the Lamb are not absolutely necessary for the plot. Still, the mechanics behind the features are so deep and fulfilling that many players could work hard to bring a sense of personal accomplishment to their city and residents, as many do animal crossing.

cult of the Lamb is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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