Cult of the Lamb seems to be the latest hit from Devolver Digital

cult of the Lamb has only been on the market for a few days and has received very positive reviews. The roguelike indie game was published by Devolver Digital and developed by Massive Monster, with many fans calling the game the evil version of animal crossing meets Hades.

Players play as Lamb, who is the founder of a cult of adorable forest dwellers. Gameplay involves gathering resources to continue building the cult, performing dark rituals, preaching sermons, and fighting infidels. Steam reviews have called the game addictive, beautifully animated, and worth the price.


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A refreshing genre mix

cult of the Lamb checks many genre boxes that are not normally assembled. It’s an action-adventure, roguelike, simulation, combat and strategy game all rolled into one. The delightful art style juxtaposed with the gory and dark rituals reflects how it transcends various genre boundaries. Its comparisons to animal crossing is due to the cute animal characters and the simulation aspect of upgrading the home base and taking care of the NPCs. The comparison to Hades comes from his battle, his crusades against infidels and otherworldly beings.

As Hades, cult of the Lamb is a dungeon crawler that randomizes its levels and items with each run. However, the dungeons are not as long as in Hades, takes about 10 minutes. Most players have reported beating the game in under 13 hours but love it so much that they come back and keep playing. There are four major bosses to deal with in order to complete the main story, and they are all accessible through the dungeon crawling aspect of the game.

Most of the game is spent completing quests for NPCs and building the cult. The followers need to be taken care of, so the player has to deal with their hunger, faith and cleanliness. There are many cosmetic liberties in the home base, allowing the player to rename recruits, decorate and change the appearance of followers. Outside of the gameplay, the genre mix between cute and demonic is very well executed.

A ton to do

While the main story can be completed in 13 hours, there is a lot for a player to do. The cult of the lamb has a world map with different players to visit, containing different shops that sell cosmetics and tarot cards, and has different NPCs to meet and quest for. There are also mini-games like fishing and rolling dice. Completed sections can also be visited again with a higher level of difficulty. Followers in the Cult Village can be assigned different tasks, and they can have positive or negative traits that affect how they behave and react to the player. If followers are not well taken care of, they may object. There are also many details and secrets to discover. For example, Polygon just reported that it was discovered that the player can pet their followers, but only if they’re dogs.

About the developer and publisher

The developer of indie games behind it cult of the Lamb Massive monster and cult of the Lamb is not the first game. It has previously addressed many cute themes of how it was made The adventure friends which is described as an adventure platformer “fueled by imagination, friendship and the dark side of hot dogs”. Another cute title it made is a physics game called unicycle giraffe.

Publisher Devolver Digital often works with indie developers and has released games of all sorts of genres for all sorts of platforms such as; Weird West, The Plucky Squire, Trek to Yomi, Olija, Death’s Doorand carrion. From his current games, however, it seems that it is cult of the Lamb that gets the most attention.

cult of the Lamb is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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