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Custom Street Racing 2 is the Natural Motion drag race mobile game. Released in 2016, the game was updated for the last time at the end of 2020. Its graphics are much more realistic, and new game features were added. Its main attraction are the legendary cars you can acquire and use in drag races.

csr2 logo on a black backgroud
csr2 logo on a black backgroud

Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, Ford Mustang, and many more can be placed in your garage! If you ever dreamed about having a garage full with the world’s fastest and most renowned cars, in CSR 2 you can have that feeling. The game features over 200 officially licensed vehicles, from the most famous manufacturers.

CSR 2 is all about collecting stupendous cars and tuning them for races: it is the ultimate game for car aficionados and people who love to celebrate cars. It revolves around collecting famous cars in your garage, maintaining their overall condition, upgrading, tuning, and racing with them on the streets!

csr2 photo of a toyota 86 from the garage
csr2 photo of a toyota 86 from the garage

The realistic graphics add a nice layer of enjoyment on top, especially because your most stunning and expensive cars will appear so beautiful on the screen!

While playing, you can race against bots, but the most fun comes from racing people all over the world. Join a crew to earn special rewards and crew points, making your team rank higher in the world wide leaderboards.

From Ford to Ferrari, you can have all kinds of cars in your garage. And, of course, customization is only limited by your creativity! Build yourself a nice garage and show people on social media!

In this post, we will run a full review on CSR 2, explaining the gameplay and its features. Then, we will explain how to download the CSR 2 Apk Mod at the end.

Do not leave until you read everything!

CSR 2: Game Mechanics

CSR 2 is a drag race game. That means no insane curves, no shortcuts, no acrobatics, and no cars hitting each other in a Hollywood-movie fashion. Maneuver skills are irrelevant here. Drag races are made in straight lines. They are like car sprints: it is just two riders and their machines.

Your advantages do not come from your driving skills. You win the race by pumping gas, changing the transmission, and, more important, upgrading your vehicle so it can perform better than your competitor’s.

Well, for short, this game is a competition on car tuning. At least as long as it concerns playing against others. The only way you can progress and win more difficult races are by upgrading your engine, tires, installing nitro, among others features.

The drag race gameplay is perfect for short matches. The ¼ miles race, for instance, takes less than 15 seconds. CSR 2 is suited for people who like to spend more time planning which upgrade to buy, which tuning combination to use, and which new car to add in the garage, than to spend time actually racing.

In CSR 2, the race is where your efforts (or maybe you’re tuning strategy) prove itself. To beat top players and crews, you need to spend much time understanding the car mechanics and verifying your car statistics to ensure it is enough to win races at events, for instance.

There are different kinds of races in CSR 2. Each kind rewards you better prizes. One exemple are the Ladder races. In this modality, you race against progressively tougher opponents and more valuable prizes. The more you keep winning in a row, the more money you get.

Progressing in the CSR 2

Playing CSR 2, you will have different ways to progress. The game offers several rewards depending on your activities. Like any other mobile game of these days, there are daily prizes only for opening the app. Fulfilling daily goals (whose menu you will find sliding from the left side of your garage’s screen) is also a great way to earn money to upgrade and buy cars.

The game has two currencies, and both can be purchased in-app with actual money. It is completely possible to enjoy CSR 2 without opening your wallet, although paying for game cash will make you progress faster and acquire more famous and even legendary cars.

csr2 notification of you got some cash
csr2 notification of you got some cash

You will note you will be ranked by your experience in the game. The more you race, the higher you will rank. Higher ranks means you will have access to different perks, races, and locations in the city.

Buying new Cars on CSR 2

In CSR 2, cars are categorized in 5 Tiers. You will automatically gain a car from the first one. Among those, you will find assets like the Toyota 86, Mustang Boss 302, and the Ford Fiesta ST. Whenever you have the change, buy a better car to compete in higher ranked races.

csr2 customization workshop with a yelow fluorescent car
csr2 customization workshop with a yelow fluorescent car

Tier 2 already features vehicles such as the Honda Civic Type R and sports cars like the Alpine A110. It also includes the Legend car Mercedes Benz 300 SL Coupe (which needs to be unblocked first, more on that below). Tier 2 cars cost from 70,000 app money.

In Tier 3 and 4, we start to see more interesting assets and insane cars. However, it is in Tier 5 that we find the fastest, most renowned, and luxurious car available in CSR 2.

You will note that not every race can be played in Tier 1 cars. Different races, and even different events, require you to use more advanced cars. In each event, you can check the list or required vehicles.

csr2 promo banner screen of a new event
csr2 promo banner screen of a new event
csr2 event menu of fast and furious
csr2 event menu of fast and furious

If you do not have any of them, you directly buy from the Dealership menu. No money? Too bad, go make some racing lesser opponents until you are ready for the top events.

CSR 2 Legends to unlock

The ultimate way of proving your progress in CSR 2 is to unlock the Legends: the most breathtaking and astonishing cars of all time. There are 16 legends available in CSR 2, each one has to be unblocked fulfilling different tasks.

300 sl coupe screen from csr2
300 sl coupe screen from csr2

The CSR 2 Legends, sorted by Tier, are:

  1. Ford Mustang Boss 302 (Tier 1)
  2. Aston Martin DB5 (Tier 2)
  3. Ferrari 250 GTO (Tier 2)
  4. Mercedes Benz 300 SL Coupe (Tier 2)
  5. Shelby Cobra 427 S/C (Tier 3)
  6. Chevrolet Corvette C3 ZR1 (Tier 3)
  7. 1969 Pontiac GTO “The Judge” (Tier 3)
  8. Lamborghini Countach LP 5000 Quattrovalvole (Tier 4)
  9. Plymouth Hemi Cuda (Tier 4)
  10. Honda NSX-R (Tier 4)
  11. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo (Tier 5)
  12. Porsche Carrera Bugatti EV110 (Tier 5)
  13. McLaren F1 (Tier 5)

The Ford Mustang Boss 302 can be purchased since the beginning of the game.

To unlock the Ferrari 250 GT in CSR 2, you need to earn Izzy’s respect using a Tier 2 car to win the four races and perform under 13.5 seconds.

colect timeless classics banner from csr2 displaying several restored classic car aligned in a garage
colect timeless classics banner from csr2 displaying several restored classic car aligned in a garage

To see how to unlock a car, check the car store in the respective Tier and find the car. Click on the blocked sign by the right and read what intel it gives.

Earning respect and Joining a crew

Joining a crew will allow you to compete in global crew events, racing the top players in the world to earn special rewards and respect for your crew. In those events, you often are awarded with special parts and most valuable prizes, so keep an eye out.

csr2 screen displaying the city with some races available
csr2 screen displaying the city with some races available

Upgrading and tuning your vehicles will allow you to race actual and fictional crews across the city. Work your way through each challenge to become more and more advanced and to earn respect, rank and rewards. Crew events are a great way to win rare prizes quickly. Do your best, bring  respect to your crew, and you will soon be racing in the streets with your Ferrari.

If you are feeling up to share your progress or your assets in the game, you can take a picture in your garage to post on social media. The game will create a banner for you to send on email, messengers or Facebook, twitter, and others.

You can connect your Facebook account to CSR 2 to invite your friends to play, and even to the same crew you are part of. If you know someone as crazy about cars as you are, tell them about  CSR 2! It is going to add a nice layer of competition to the game when you both start to benchmark your progress with each other.

Upgrading your vehicles

You can upgrade your cars either by buying more advanced parts or by optimizing its performance, enhancing the nitro, the final transmission, and tire pressures. However, before tuning your car, it must fit in some upgrade requirements.

In CSR 2, you can upgrade the following parts of your vehicles: Engine, Turbo, Intake, Nitrous, Body, Tires, and Transmission. Each part can be upgraded five times, and some of them will enable you to tune your car. For instance, you can tune Tire pressure after reaching the level 3 on Tires.

The upgrade is made by buying a special part to improve your vehicle performance. For instance, you can install light weight titanium in your car’s body, apply bottle warmers to improve the nitro performance, gear up enlarged turbines in your turbo system, and many more.

Each new upgrade or part applies some numeric effect in the four main stats of your car. They are Power, Grip, Shift Time and Weight. As you can imagine, the more you upgrade the body of your car, the more it will lose weight and will improve its acceleration. You can get more Power improving Engine, Turbo, Intake and Nitro.

Transmission will generally improve your Shift Time, which is vital to increase your 0/100mph performance. The less shift time you have, the more difficult it will be to get Perfect Shifts on races. Pay attention to that every time you upgrade your transmissions.

Using Fusion parts is a good way to make your car stand out and win more races. Each time you fuse a part, your Evo points climb up. You will note that some upgrades come with a fusion slot: click on it to be taken to the fusion screen and apply a fusion art (if you have some).

csr2 notification of fusion slots
csr2 notification of fusion slots

Fusing parts will make your vehicle improve its performance more quickly. To get the best fusing parts, participate in special events and beat tougher racers.

Another thing you can do is to buy specific cars only to strip them for their parts, if you have the cash. Parts can only be applied to Notice that you have to strip the car from the same manufacturer of the car you want to upgrade.

In your Garage, click on the info button and, then, click on Manage Parts to set the fusion parts. To apply one, in the upgrade section, click on Fit Part to choose among the available parts to implement in your desired vehicle.

The feeling of an improved car

As you upgrade your car, you will feel the difference in the game play. It is truly amazing how CSR 2 successfully provides this kind of experience. The camera will give you the feel of the speed, you will have to change transmission quicker and quicker, you will have less time to decide to hit the nitro button.

Sooner or later, you will notice that driving top machines also demands top racers. You have to be quick on your fingers if you want to make your way up in the world-wide leaderboards.

Finally, do not forget about your style. In CSR 2, customization is free. The game simulates a world-class car configurator. You can choose from a wide range of paint, rims, brake calipers, and interior trims. You can even customize your license plates to give more personality to your favourite cars.

Tuning your car on CSR 2

csr2 screen of the car info menu as an upper view
csr2 screen of the car info menu as an upper view

The tuning workshop on CSR 2 allows you to set three different aspects of your car’s performance: Nitrous Oxide, Final Transmission, and Tire Pressure. At the rank 30, you get access to Presets, allowing you to choose custom settings instead of manually testing each one to find the best for your car.

After each change you make in the tuning workshop, you can validate your choice in Test Run and compare it to the latest. If you do not understand in which aspects the tuning will impact your performance, test as many times it takes to give you a hint.

You can easily access the impacts of your running choices in the performance indicators table after each test run. If you tested the car on a ¼ mile run, some will not be available (like the 0-100mph performance). To get the full report, test your car on also ½ mile runs.

In order to give you some hint on the effects of each tuning, we will share our screenshots when we were testing our Tier 1 Toyota 86 to find the best tuning settings. We will show extreme cases of each side of the trade-off and the comparative table shown at the end of each test run.

Check it out!

Nitrous Oxide

The nitro tuning allows you to set the power and duration of your boost. In the nitrous oxide screen, the turning means to slide a point through a bar, facing a trade-off between BHP and duration in seconds.

The more to the left, the higher your car’s BHP. The more to the right, the nitrous least fewer seconds. For short, the trade-off you face is whether you prefer a more lasting nitrous effect (more to the left) or a more intense (more to the right).

The more it least, the less intense it is while it is running. However, if you prefer abrupt explosions of speed, set more to the right. This will surprise your competitors when you burst in speed and surpass them!

csr2 nitro tunning workshop more to the left
csr2 nitro tunning workshop more to the left
csr2 nitro tunning workshop more to the right
csr2 nitro tunning workshop more to the right
csr2 final transmission tunning workshop showing the comparative table after the test run
csr2 final transmission tunning workshop showing the comparative table after the test run

Final Transmission

Tuning the final transmission means setting the optimal time for your car’s engine ratios. Similar to the nitrous, the trade-off you face in setting the final transmission is about the amount of time it will take to get your car to gain velocity versus its highest speed.

A high final transmission gives you more acceleration, meaning you will reach your top speed fast. As you lower this rate, however, your top speed increases because the engine will work harder (and longer) between each transmission.

Higher final transmissions are better in shorter races, because you have fewer time to reach your top performance and finish the sprint. On the other hand, Lower final transmission is optimal for longer races, in which your engines have to work harder and longer to sustain a higher maximum speed.

csr2 final transmission tunning workshop more to the left
csr2 final transmission tunning workshop more to the left
csr2 final transmission tunning workshop more to the right
csr2 final transmission tunning workshop more to the right
csr2 final transmission tunning workshop showing the comparative table after the test run
csr2 final transmission tunning workshop showing the comparative table after the test run

Tire Pressure

Slide a point in a clock-like barometer to set your Tire Pressure in PSI (pounds per square inch). The more clockwise you turn, the more grip you get in your car. The grip means your car is more stable, and it makes more profit from acceleration and its speed. More pressure means more grip.

The more counterclock your turn, the less grip you get, but the faster your car will be able to gain acceleration. Hence, the trade-off is whether you want quantity or quality of acceleration. More pressure means you will have more quality, and less means you get more quantity.

csr2 tire pressure tunning workshop more to the left
csr2 tire pressure tunning workshop more to the left
csr2 tire pressure tunning workshop more to the right
csr2 tire pressure tunning workshop more to the right
csr2 tire pressure tunning workshop showing the comparative table after the test run
csr2 tire pressure tunning workshop showing the comparative table after the test run

How to Download the CSR 2 Apk Mod

The great advantage of using a modified Apk to play CSR 2 is to have access to infinite money. This will make you the toughest rider around, as will enable you to build an insane collection of astonishing cars.

The process is very simple and easy, as we show below.

To download the Apk Mod, first you need to give access to third-party sources to install your app. Go to Settings and Biometrics and safety. Find the Install unknown apps option and click on it.

Once you are there, you must grant the permission to the app from which you will install the CSR 2 Apk. It may be your Browser or your Folder explorer. Click on the app and switch on the button to allow it to install Apk files on your device.

After that, you can download and install the CSR 2 Apk Mod in your mobile device as any other app. Find a trustworthy source online (you will not get it from Google Play Store nor Apple Store) and download directly to your smartphone. Click on the Apk and go through the whole process.

When it is done, CSR 2 is ready to run!

We hope you enjoyed the post!

If you love cars and if you had your time to build up your garage on CSR 2, please, tell us about it in the comments! Do you have tips, or maybe you just want to brag about having unblocked some of the Legendary cars? Comment about it too!

Anyway, we will enjoy hearing from you!

See you next time!

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