CS:GO Exploit ‘Mute Bug’ Reveals Enemy Information Through Walls

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has had a good track record of not having a major exploit or bug happen for months to cause any trouble or remind the community of Valve’s effectiveness. in dealing with such problems. However a few days back on 4NS In December, a CS:GO user named Aquarius found a game-breaking exploit that provided unfair information to the players using it.

The exploit reveals information about nearby enemy players, it’s fairly easy to do, and can be used multiple times in a match by any CS:GO player. Aquarius explained in great detail how this exploit works, which went viral in the community as players and characters alike urged Valve to fix the issue immediately.

Huge CS:GO Mining Discovered Revealing Nearby Enemy Info Through Scoreboard

The first thought that strikes most CS:GO users when they find about the ‘Mute Bug’ is the fact that how can even players find such bugs and exploits in the game. in the game. This is because of the absurd way that a player can trigger mining.

How does CS:GO ‘Mute Bug’ exploit work?

According to information shared by Aquarius, users can enable mining by following these steps:

  1. To activate the exploit, the user needs to first mute the opposing team by typing ‘cl_mute_enemy_team 1’ in the CS:GO console. Doing so will mute the opposing team.

  2. The user then needs to start recording the demo by typing ‘write x’ in the CS:GO console. Doing so will automatically unmute the opposing team.

  3. Now, when the user walks around the map, enemy players will automatically mute whenever they are near the user.

  4. This works through walls and other solid obstructions, providing the user with unfair information about the opposing team, much like an early warning system.

  5. However, the user will only be forwarded this information through the scoreboard which can be accessed by simply pressing ‘TAB’. So they will be required to continuously monitor it.

Dive deeper into the famous CS:GO Youtuber ‘3kliksphilip’ give us more insight into the mining. Some of the important points he emphasized are as follows:

  • When nearby enemy player information is revealed to the user after the exploit has been activated, it does not depend on how close they are, but on the visible distance.

    This makes using mining a bit more complicated and not so simple, as a different amount of area is shown from each and every location on the CS:GO map.

  • Once unmute, enemies will no longer be automatically muted.

    This means that once information about an opposing player is passed to a user from a specific location and they back off, that opposing player will no longer be muted if they approach from a location other held by the user.

  • While this exploit can be reset multiple times in a match by simply typing ‘logaddress_add1’ in the CS:GO console, users will freeze for a few seconds every time they use it. This is a big disadvantage considering that the freeze time is a bit too much.

Despite these disadvantages, this exploit is important because it provides a lot of information to the user about the opposing team when performed. While solo players and low ranked teams may not be affected too much, more experienced players and well-connected teams can greatly benefit from this exploit.

Hopefully Valve’s turnaround time on fixing this will be quick as a large number of casual games these days will inevitably struggle with this exploit.

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