CS: GO case opening: can it be free?

Many people are even more interested in the process of case opening in CS: GO than the gameplay itself. It is not difficult to understand such players: excitement, the anticipation of profit, the opportunity to make good money, and new sensations from the top skin, which you can show off to your friends. Surely you have noticed more than once how teammates revolve around the owner of AWP Asiimov and, moreover, Dragon Lore, albeit of a worn quality.

Another thing is that the case opening costs money, which not everyone is ready to invest for the sake of colorful pictures. For such cases, the Internet offers a lot of specialized resources with free attempts, test platforms, and even simulators for opening CS: GO cases, so that you can roughly imagine the number of attempts to acquire something expensive and valuable.

Relative freebie

Most of the sites with cases almost shout that they have a free attempt to get a cool drop with a guaranteed withdrawal to the deposit, i.e. to your Steam inventory. One important BUT: in order to take possession of the skin, you will have to replenish your account on the site in the amount of $0.5 to $1.5, or even more. What is it for? To get some benefit from you.

Most resources provide the opportunity to open CS GO cases daily with a withdrawal, but in order to pull the roulette wheel, replenish the deposit by at least $0.5-$1.

Also, third-party sites can “recommend” (in a forced form) to repost to their social nets so that the gamer gets another freebie. Not everyone advertises their desire to spread about such actions, so either you have to create a fake profile, or forget about trying.

Therefore, immediately note the following for yourself: there is no freebie. Pleasant bonuses – yes, but only if the deposit is replenished by a certain amount as an attractive maneuver. No one forbids increasing capital in the future, but it all depends on your luck. Absolutely all sites for opening CS GO cases work on this principle, without exception. Otherwise, they simply would not develop and earn on visitors.

Opening cases through the simulator

Let’s be honest: lucky gamers are few. Lucky and rich – even less. Let’s look at the example of the Prisma 2 case, which was introduced in early April 2020 as part of the update. If you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money getting a ton of useless armies, try your chances in the CS: GO case opening simulator for free. You don’t even have to register, but you will get the soberest idea of ​​​​the chances of winning back your deposit and getting a top-end gun like the Glock-18 Bullet Queen.

For example, we took a popular emulator site that shows detailed statistics for each item and demonstrates critical aspects:

  • the number of open cases;
  • the current profit from the opening in dollars (the ratio “invested/received);
  • the quantity and quality of the items received;
  • the current price of each skin;
  • degree of wear.

Consider for yourself how many attempts on average it will take to get at least a classified gun in a slightly worn quality, not to mention the factory version, also with StatTrak.

To get a hypothetical knife for $500-600, you will need to pour in at least $200, and it’s not a fact that you will be able to grab luck by the tail.

Among the top sites for opening CS: GO cases in virtual mode, there are not only standard resources but also Android applications that you can download through Google Play for free and roughly calculate the chances of success. This is especially important when dealing with very expensive and rare cases like Arms Deal ($12.6), eSports ($19), and Bravo ($19.3).

Is there the best site for opening CS: GO cases? Unlikely, but if you want to profitably sell things from your inventory, try some platforms. On them, you can exchange virtual skins for real money in the most profitable way in a few seconds with withdrawal to any card or payment system.

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