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Rogues are best built as either pure DPS characters equipped with high-damage attack spells, or as DPS/support hybrids with buffs that boost their party’s stats.

Their main specialty is dealing as much damage as possible – while also beefing up their party members’ content where appropriate.

In this guide, I’ll show you my recommended gear, familiars, and spell builds for rogues.

Recommended gear for rogues

Inventory Page (Equipment) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Inventory Page (Equipment)

When it comes to choosing gear for rogues, here are a few things to keep in mind Everyone Rarely 4★ Pieces of equipment are usable.

That is, if you can awaken them enough.

Most of them offer better stats and additional awakening effects than regular 4★ gear. This makes them a better choice overall, especially for heavy spenders.

Equipment Summon (guaranteed 4★ Rare Summons) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Equipment Summon (Guaranteed 4★ Rare Summon)

However, for F2P players and bargain hunters, it might be wise to invest in regular 4★ gear instead.

Here’s a list of all the gear I recommend for rogues:

equipment type Best General Build Best Mob/AFK Farming Build
weapon Divine Bow, Master Bow, Guardian Bow Divine Bow, Master Bow, Guardian Bow
helmet Sacred Circlet/Mystic Helm Sacred Circlet/Mystic Helm
chest armor Raider armor Palladium armor
gloves Berserker Gloves Zest Gloves
Boots expert boots Bounty Boots
Accesories Sodium Earrings, Volcanord Ring, Proto Mark 13 Necklace, Invincible Beast, Demon Cube, Abyss Crystal Sodium Earrings, Volcanord Ring, Proto Mark 13 Necklace, Invincible Beast, Demon Cube, Abyss Crystal

The gear listed above allows Rogues to excel at what they do best – destroying enemies from afar with devastating Basic, Dexterity, and Spell Attacks!

Recommended familiars for rogues

Equip Familiar Page / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Equip familiar side

Just like it is for gear, Everyone Rare 4★ Familiars are also good for rogues.

That’s because every Rare 4★ Familiar has all sorts of active and passive abilities that are very useful not only for rogues but for all other classes as well.

In fact, some of the abilities of these rare 4★ familiars are downright broken compared to the abilities we typically see from regular 4★ familiars.

Firelynx (Rare 4★ Familiar) / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Firelynx (rare 4★ familiar)

Given how hard it is to get rare 4★ familiars, simply investing in regular 4★ familiars is a safer alternative.

As a general guideline for rogues, partner with Attacker-type familiars is highly recommended as they often give you the highest DPS increase.

Here are some of the top 4★ familiars to invest in and bring into battle as a rogue:

Trusted element
suiryu water
mite Fire
Oroboros Earth
Pig Goblin Darkness
Sparkee light

The familiars listed above will increase your DPS output in one way or another. This is the main thing to consider in general when choosing familiars for your rogue.

Recommended Skills for Rogues

Special Active Abilities Page / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Special active skill page

To the Special active skillsit is recommended to choose either ranged attack type skills (better if they have crowd control effects) or buff type skills.

Here are a few skills to consider when choosing Rogue Special Active Skills:

Special active ability element skill type
show time water Buff (single)
Flaming heart Fire buff (team)
Grasping Thorn Earth Damage (AOE, crowd control)
meteorite impact Fire Damage (AOE, crowd control)
water bomb water Damage (AOE)
distortion arrow Darkness Damage (AOE, crowd control)
storm of light light Damage (AOE)

Special passive skillson the other hand, are slightly easier to get correct than active skills.

Special Passive Abilities Page / Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds
Special page for passive skills

If you are a rogue, your main priority should be to increase your DPS by any means necessary.

Increasing your mobility is also important, although choosing passives that further improve it is optional.

To give you some examples, here are some of the most useful skills to prioritize if you want to be an excellent rogue:

  • attack aura
  • attack boost
  • barrier hunter
  • Perfect chance
  • critical flow
  • risk and return
  • Deadly pace
  • Fast movement (optional)
  • Speed ​​Aura (Optional)

Special passive abilities don’t have element types, so you’re free to choose whatever you want, regardless of which element you prefer.

As long as it increases your damage or mobility, you’re good to go! Cross Worlds Rogue Build (Gear, Familiars & Abilities) – FandomSpot


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