Crazy – What should I spend my cash on first?

Recently released Vaas: Crazy DLC is the first part of the season ticket for Far Cry 6. Players can play as the franchise’s favorite villains, from Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min to Joseph Seed. Unlike the adventures of Dani Rojas, Vaas’ gameplay feels more lifelike and, for some, a bit more challenging.

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In Far Cry 6, players can upgrade their weapons using Workbench. Resources for upgrading can be found in Ambushes or looted from the FND cache. In Vaas: Crazy, new weapons and upgraded Mirror Traits replaced by Cash payments. As this can be limited, players will want to strategize on how they spend their money. There are many useful perks that players will want to learn about before buying.


Introduction to Mirror Skill

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At the beginning of the DLC, Vaas won’t be very durable. To remedy this, players must use Cash to unlock Mirror Skills, which are permanent traits that can increase HP or grant Vaas access to the Takedown bonus. Mirror Skills/Traits are similar to Perks in Far Cry 5. Yes five categories: Pride, Wrath, Greed, Laziness and Jealousy. Buying a Skill in a Trait Catalog opens the next available Skill, etc.

  • Proud trait: Skills purchased in this catalog will benefit Vaas HP.
  • Wrath Trait: Skills that benefit after a successful Remove, allowing Vaas to perform a Takedown on warned enemies or perform a Takedown Chain.
  • Traits of Greed: Vaas will keep the cash after death.
  • Lazy Trait: Improved movement speed, healing, and exploration.
  • Jealousy trait: Add add-on socket.

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Get additional healing syringes from time to time
A little increase in health
Increase health
Moderately increased health
Significantly increased health
Significantly increased health

Temporarily increased speed after taking it down
Slows enemy detection
Removing will reload the equipped weapon
Restores some health after Takedown
Takedown can be used on alerted enemies
Perform chain and swing arm removal
Keep up to 500 cash after death
Keep up to 1,000 cash after death
Keep up to 3,000 cash after death
Keep up to 6,000 cash after death
Get all your gear when you visit the last place Vaas died
Extra +2 healing syringes
Tagged enemies are visible behind cover
Gain access to Wingsuit, Parachute and Grapplehook
Move faster when crouching
Bed bugs will appear in safe areas (e.g. Safe House)

Add a utility socket to the weapon wheel
Add a Second Utility Socket to the Weapon Wheel
Add a Third Utility Socket to the Wheel of Weapons
Add a Fourth Utility Socket to the Weapon Wheel

What features to buy?

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While some perks are more useful than others, it ultimately comes down to player preference. However, Must-Haves is definitely Laziness, Wrath, and Jealousy trait. If playing on a lower difficulty, the player can unlock the first 2 Traits of Greed and still have to have enough Cash for the perks they need.

Player beat Vaas: Crazy can put it on a higher difficulty. With stronger enemies to fight, you should build Pride, Wrath, and Jealous Characteristics. It’s not a bad idea to buy the first Skill in Lazy trait. Prioritize the Traits of Greed because Vaas will lose some items if defeated thanks to Vaas: CrazyRoguelike-like gameplay.

If the cash is low, the player can Earn more by looting enemies or opening chests. When an enemy is defeated, the player is given Powers, which are temporary boosters that can be sold at the Safe House. Any unwanted weapon can be sold.

Far Cry 6 Available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC, Stadia and Luna.

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