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On a tough day, sitting down with a warm drink and a relaxing game is a relaxation that many players are looking for. But many fast paced, story-driven video games make it impossible to calm a busy mind after a long day. So, here are cozy games that require little to no thought so handy.

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There’s nothing cozier than spending a night under the stars or taking a long walk in the woods. While this may seem intimidating and menacing to players, some wonderful adventures may await in the trees.


10 Bear & Breakfast

As Hank, a bear who lives in the middle of a deserted woodland, players are tasked with bringing to life a derelict building that Hank and his friends plan to turn into a bed and breakfast. As he explores the area in search of materials and inspiration for the new business, a group of animals introduce themselves to Hank and offer to help in exchange for quests and favors.

But there is more to creating a cozy B&B, Bear & Breakfast presents a world full of rich stories to be discovered, and as the business grows, more forest secrets will be unlocked. It’s a simple game to lose yourself in for hours, and it certainly helps that everything is adorable.

9 Cozy grove

Even if camping in a new area is not for every player, Cozy Grove’s The stunning, hand-drawn scenery and charming cast make the situation a lot less intimidating. This real-time synced life sim is all about bringing color back to an almost forgotten land and helping soothe the local spirits who have been caught up in the chaos.

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Every day Cozy grove presents the player with fresh quests and content for 30 to 60 minutes, but after that the world is open to fishing, exploring or decorating the forests. Additionally, each character that appears along the way in the story has a unique backstory to unravel, making it difficult to find a quiet moment despite the nature of the title.

8th night in the forest

night in the forest follows the story of Mae Borowski, a college dropout who has returned to her hometown of Possum Springs. With firm intentions to reconnect with old friends and resume the life of this little black cat before she moved away, the story quickly shifts into an exploration and investigation into why things have changed.

This cozy title places a heavy emphasis on the characters Mae Borowski encounters on her journey through the forest, and is packed with fun mini-games and puzzles throughout its main campaign. In addition, it has a beautiful unique art style and a smooth but tense soundtrack to accompany the journey of a lifetime.

7 Little witch in the forest

Ellie, an apprentice witch, is assigned to move to the forest as part of her training to help the nearby village and its residents. Along the way, she learns new spells and enters new species in a stunning journal as she explores the forests she must call home. Additionally, a selection of potion-based puzzles will provide a breath of fresh air for hours of wandering.

Little witch in the forest is an adorable chibi-style game with an expansive map that can consume any player. And the charming, pixelated townsfolk present engaging gameplay outside of the five-hour campaign.

6 whoa

For all Studio Ghibli fans, whoa brims with a similar appearance and energy in terms of its gameplay. Adopting an unforgettable hand-painted art style and a smooth piano-led soundtrack, this puzzle-platformer will enchant any gamer looking for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Taking on the role of whoa, a little fairy with a forgotten past, this game explores different landscapes that pose little threat. The characters speak softly through the storyline and every mechanic runs incredibly smoothly. There’s no need to stress, no time-based challenges, and a few easy puzzles to keep progressing. whoa is the epitome of stress-free gaming.

5 A short hike

Although not directly resident in forests, A short hike explores a vast mountainside territory while promoting the idea of ​​taking life slowly. This game allows players to explore at their own pace, opening up the possibility of taking any path without missing any significant points of the story.

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The color palette gives the entire title an incredible fall feel, and the gentle storytelling allows players to spend hours exploring, fishing, climbing, and gliding through Hawk Peak Provincial Park. It makes up a wide mountain landscape paired with a mass of forests A short hike an unforgettable experience through a journey of patience and learning.

4 Wytchwald

This crafting adventure title is set in a beautiful fairytale landscape filled with gothic fables and a cast of spooky residents. Wytchwald is a relaxing game of potion making, solving puzzles and exploring the area while uncovering stories and spreading the word around town.

As an old witch in the forest, players must learn to harvest the goods of the world around them and complete quests set by the town’s fascinating inhabitants. With the grimoire of forgotten spells, Wytchwald is another unforgettable experience without being incredibly tense and fast-paced.

3 Beasts of Maravilla Island

Beasts of Maravilla Focusing on the beauty of the natural world, Iceland introduces magical ecosystems that are home to stunning creatures. Instead of focusing on fighting or completing quests, this 3D adventure game takes the player on a journey through photography. With the main goal of capturing as many creatures as possible, it’s hard not to pass hours unnoticed with this title.

This game focuses more on learning about the island’s inhabitants than how to use them to the player’s advantage. With minimal platform, puzzle solving and quest resolution, Beasts of Maravilla The islands’ sole purpose is to encourage attention to the little things in life. Especially the wildlife that can so easily be ignored.

2 The last campfire

The last campfire is a fascinating story about a character named Ember who embarks on a long journey to discover his species’ past and to light the last campfire behind the dark forests. This adventurous title is filled with puzzles, platformers, desolate ruins and deep forests that Ember navigates alone. But the entire journey does not necessarily have to be done alone.

The central idea The last campfire encourages the spread of kindness. Several of Ember’s kind are scattered around the map and all need the player’s help to return to their campfire. It is important to help them before unlocking the next area. But once one is supported, every player feels compelled to come back and help them all.

1 lumberjack

lumberjack is a sane but amusing tale of Jack, an ax-wielding bear with a clear purpose and a dream. Desiring to restore nature to the wonder it once was, Jack and his animal companions confront the industrialization of the forests.

The game aims to bring some sanity to destructive people by destroying the tools they use to destroy Jack’s house. Solve environmental puzzles to advance and recycle Jack’s destruction to upgrade tools while rescuing creatures in distress who will later join the Drifter team. lumberjack takes a humorous approach to a relevant topic, aided by its cute drawing style and upbeat soundtrack.

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