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Original Cowboy Bebop premiered in 1998 to critical acclaim in his home country of Japan. Anime soon arrived in the United States and exposed a new generation of soon-to-be fans. More than twenty years later, the series remains one of the best anime series in modern history, becoming a mid-range monolith and has amassed an army of devoted fans.

So when news broke in 2018 that Netflix would be developing a live-action adaptation of the anime, the speculations and debates weren’t far off. After three years, production halted due to pandemic and onsite injuries, Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop finally premiered, presenting a patchy and loose adaptation of the anime moving into its own territory (carrying with changes and interesting questions) with a bit of the original flavor that made it a success. merit of the original story.


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The core premise of Cowboy Bebop Yes remains the same in Netflix’s version: in the not-too-distant future, Spike Spiegel (John Cho), Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir) and Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda) are bounty hunters who travel across the solar system in search of crime and payments. While they are scrambling across the galaxy for the next big score, the group can’t escape their own past. Jet is a former cop trying to be a good father, Faye struggles with her true self after losing her memory, and Spike is on the run from a high shadow after escaping from the infamous Syndicate, a criminal organization.

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While the puzzle pieces look familiar to fans of the original, the puzzle pieces have been moved in a different order. Instead of two dozen half-hour adventures, Netflix Cowboy Bebop formatted into ten episodes, each varying in length from a full thirty minutes to almost an hour, providing a fresh sense of pacing and storytelling. Longer character beats and artful shots replace the snappy nature of the 1998 anime, but it rarely feels like a bad trade-off. Viewers don’t have to wait until the end of the season to understand the deeper issues facing the Bebop crew – especially with regard to Spike’s plot.

The original anime offers several moments and plot twists to explain Spike’s past, including the love triangle between him, his old friend and Member of Syndicate Vicious (played by Alex Hassell) and Netflix’s illustrious Julia (Elena Satine.) Bebop brings dynamics to the fore, showing viewers the importance of events ahead of the season’s finale. This is where the series begins to differentiate itself from its original doc. A large portion of the scene rotates between whatever quest Spike and the gang are on, and the dark, mythical world of the Syndicate, where Vicious plans to rise and Julia is forced to look out as his wife. ta. However, the Syndicate’s role expansion and lore comes with its own missing baggage. While the mysterious nebulous nature of the criminal organization operating in the original series, the extra screen time added to the operation doesn’t work for it, appearing complicated at some points and messy at others ( possibly related to the creative decision to swap the Yakuza and elements of the East Asian Triad in their look and behavior.)

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The three main characters on Bebop were crafted with care and a deep love for the original series every step of the way – from writing the script to their starring roles. Star Trek’s John Cho, to the shock of some, slips his feet into Spike Spiegel’s shoes easily. He embodies the tough yet cold nature of one of anime’s biggest characters while also bringing a softer side to his relationships with the Bebop gang and even his enemies. . Jet’s father’s nasty and sweet personality is enhanced by his daughter’s additional series, Kimmie, and explored in his respective episode. Faye is given more titles and self-determination in this new iteration, with episodes delving into the search for answers to her identity.

One of the biggest and most interesting aspects of Netflix’s interpretation of Cowboy Bebop lies in the creative improvement of the female characters on the board. Supporting characters like Ana are turned into key players with great dialogue and interesting character plots. Viewers get the rare opportunity to see Faye explore her sexuality and human nature, while Julia is no longer a beautiful and mysterious plot device disguised as a woman, but really control the plot multiple times. All new edits and edits of this series culminate in last episode Takes visuals from the 1998 anime while also making new choices and decisions for the characters we’ve come to love. The epilogue signaled a new and exciting path ahead if the show were to continue with another season, almost completely deviating from its plot.

When it comes to it, Cowboy Bebop must compete with itself. Because of it prolific nature and great success, it seems impossible to have a new story while knowing its origins, but the Netflix adaptation takes the core of a beloved anime series and gives viewers something that is sure to cause controversy. argumentative or even angry, but in the end deserves a look for what it can do and what it is capable of becoming.

Cowboy Bebop currently streaming on Netflix.

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3.5 out of 5 (Very Good)

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