COVID symptoms: Top 98 side effects from coronavirus

The novel coronavirus isn’t a easy illness you simply get by means of in a weekend. Consultants and public well being officers have regularly warned that the virus could leave long-lasting effects that impression you for the long haul.

In complete, individuals contaminated with the coronavirus have reported near 100 completely different signs, based on the COVID-19 Long Hauler Symptoms Survey Report from the Indiana College College of Medication.

The report — which you read in full here — particulars the completely different signs individuals really feel from having COVID-19 over time.

Right here’s a full record of the signs of COVID-19 you might endure from throughout your run with the illness, or within the months after it.

  1. Fatigue.
  2. Muscle or physique aches.
  3. Shortness of breath or problem respiration.
  4. Problem concentrating or focusing.
  5. Incapability to train or be lively.
  6. Headache.
  7. Problem sleeping.
  8. Nervousness.
  9. Reminiscence issues.
  10. Dizziness.
  11. Persistent chest ache or strain.
  12. Cough.
  13. Joint ache.
  14. Coronary heart palpitations.
  15. Diarrhea.
  16. Sore throat.
  17. Night time sweats.
  18. Partial or full lack of sense of scent.
  19. Tachycardia.
  20. Fever or chills.
  21. Hair loss.
  22. Blurry imaginative and prescient.
  23. Congested or runny nostril.
  24. Disappointment.
  25. Neuropathy in ft and palms.
  26. Reflux or heartburn.
  27. Altering signs.
  28. Partial or full lack of sense of style.
  29. Phlegm in again of throat.
  30. Belly ache.
  31. Decrease again ache.
  32. Shortness of breath or exhaustion from bending over.
  33. Nausea or vomiting.
  34. Weight acquire.
  35. Clogged ears.
  36. Dry eyes.
  37. Calf cramps.
  38. Tremors or shakiness.
  39. Sleeping greater than regular.
  40. Higher again ache.
  41. Floaters or flashes of sunshine in imaginative and prescient.
  42. Rash.
  43. Fixed thirst.
  44. Nerve sensations.
  45. Tinnitus or buzzing in ears.
  46. Modified sense of style.
  47. Sharp or sudden chest ache.
  48. Confusion.
  49. Muscle twitching.
  50. Feeling irritable.
  51. Weight reduction.
  52. Put up nasal drip.
  53. Dry throat.
  54. Hypertension.
  55. Dry or peeling pores and skin.
  56. Swollen palms or ft.
  57. Warmth intolerance.
  58. Mouth sores or sore tongue.
  59. Neck muscle ache.
  60. Chills however no fever.
  61. “Sizzling” blood rush.
  62. Phantom smells.
  63. Bone aches in extremities.
  64. Feeling of burning pores and skin.
  65. Excessive strain at base of head or occipital nerve.
  66. Swollen lymph nodes.
  67. Mind strain.
  68. Kidney ache.
  69. Spikes in blood strain.
  70. Costochondritis.
  71. Hand or wrist ache.
  72. Bulging veins.
  73. Abnormally low temperature.
  74. Mid-back ache at base of ribs.
  75. Burning sensations.
  76. Jaw ache.
  77. Painful scalp.
  78. Arrhythmia.
  79. Low blood oxygen.
  80. Chilly burning feeling in lungs.
  81. Cracked or dry lips.
  82. Goiter or lump within the throat.
  83. Foot ache.
  84. Eye stye or an infection.
  85. Covid toes.
  86. Low blood strain.
  87. Dry scalp or dandruff.
  88. Kidney points or protein within the urine.
  89. UTI.
  90. Hormone imbalances.
  91. Thrush.
  92. Gerd with extreme salivation.
  93. Character change (drastic).
  94. Herpes, EBV or Trigeminal neuralgia.
  95. Anemia.
  96. Elevated thyroid.
  97. Bilateral neck throbbing round lymph nodes.
  98. Syncope.

Reminder: These signs have been reported by people who suffered from COVID-19.

Can COVID-19 vaccine cease lengthy COVID signs?

Public well being specialists have recommended that the COVID-19 vaccine would possibly assist individuals heal from their lengthy COVID-19 signs, as I wrote for the Deseret News. And the vaccines would possibly cease absolutely vaccinated individuals from getting long COVID-19 symptoms, too.

  • “It’s a phenomenon that medical doctors and scientists are watching intently, however as with a lot concerning the yearlong coronavirus pandemic, there are various uncertainties,” based on The New York Times.


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