Could Jon Bernthal’s Punisher Fit Into the MCU?

As the MCU continues its unshakable journey forward, more and more Marvel content will be brought into the cinematic empire. Perhaps the most requested addition to the franchise is the grouping of beloved characters introduced in various Marvel Netflix series, but one striking example shows the difficulty of the transition. change that.

Netflix hosted six Marvel series between 2015 and 2019, forming a interconnected universe of their own that rarely outshines the larger MCU events. This world of “street level” heroes holds some of the most well-received Marvel characters but has adapted them to the screen in a slightly different way than the typical MCU movie.


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Jon Bernthal takes on Frank Castle, AKA The Punisher, first appearing as a complicated anti-hero in season 2 of Daredevil. Castle and the eponymous Matt Murdock engaged in an intense battle, both for skill and ideals, before teaming up to fight crime. Castle spun off into its own series, a complicated thriller with a haunting message behind it. The MCU’s Punisher Is A Powerful Statement about the effects of war and loss, brought to reality through Bernthal’s performance.

Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle in The Punisher

The character is a dynamic character in the action scenes, but his trauma and growth throughout the series is what makes him truly special. Both seasons of Who punished addresses very serious political, psychological, and personal issues that give the story an immediate feel. All of the Marvel Netflix shows deal with real-world concepts in completely mature ways. This is not the standard operating procedure of the MCU and will be subject to noticeable variation.

Melodies are the magic word here. The average episode of a Marvel Netflix show feels dramatically different than the average MCU movie or show. Darker, more gritty, more grounded, ready to take on some truly challenging theme manor, the Netflix series is aiming for a very different goal. Are from Luke Cageracial dissection arrive Jessica Jones‘ tragic considering sexual assault, the Marvel Netflix series has gone places the MCU simply won’t.

Who punished is about PTSD, grief, terrorism, and the experiences of veterans, all subjects with extreme connotations. The major MCU films have cautiously explored themes at this level, mostly focusing on fantasy elements with softer lessons about friendship and responsibility. This leaves the MCU with some big ways to ruin Frank’s Castle, but has yet to completely lead to certain doom in the effort.

The worst possible scenario for Frank Castle would be a kid-friendly version of the character. Bernthal spoke up on the subject, making it clear that he won’t be returning to a version of the character that has lost what made it so great. This means that, in a very direct way, fans will be forgiven for a ruined version of Bernthal’s performance. Disney will have to reprise the role if they want to dilute the character.

The MCU has tackled the issue of heroes who kill and don’t kill a few times, so that particular issue, which is already in Castle’s favor, will repeat itself. MCU will have to be drastic reduce endemic violence against Frank Castle, and since they also dared not touch on the more acute social issues he represented, it seemed impossible to accommodate him. So hacking Castle to death to fit into the MCU obviously happened, but shoving him into a world he doesn’t belong doesn’t work either.

MCU movies and shows have slightly different tones, consider things like Black Widow against Ant Man. Each series of specific characters in the franchise has its own general vibe, from SpiderThe high school comedy draws inspiration from John Hughes of Man to the mythical epic Thor. Frank Castle was only able to star in a few of those films. The most well-founded suggestion would probably be Captain America series. In it evolve into Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the series begins to address the more sinister elements of American history. No matter which movie accepts The Punisher, it needs to fit the character and not turn Frank into a fish.

The Netflix Punisher

Make no mistake, the tone and themes of the Marvel Netflix series don’t inherently make them any better than the lighthearted fun of the MCU. There’s a place for both, but messing up one to accommodate the other, or just cramming the two together indiscriminately will hurt the project. Frank has been a recurring character in numerous collaborative projects throughout Marvel Comics’ history, working with heroes like Daredevil, Moon Knight, and even Captain America. Even in his fierce form, the character can still appear alongside a number of other heroes in the current MCU.

A great use of the character could be teaming him up with a hero like Moon Knight or Hawkeye to get the most out of his interactions with another hero. This worked very good with Daredevil, and without sacrificing any of the important elements of Castle. Adapting Bernthal’s Castle to the MCU will be difficult, but it’s worth it. Fans will have to wait and see what Disney does with the once illustrious adaptation of the Punisher.

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