Cool villains who don’t get enough screentime in their games

For every story about a hero, there must be a villain of equal, if not greater, status. villains are a great motivation for the hero, in every story. When it comes to video games, the villain is even more important to the story since the player has the direct consequence of fixing the misery caused by the villain.

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Villains can be absolutely captivating. They show an interest like no other, particularly because they are capable of actions that those possessing a sense of morality cannot. There’s nothing wrong with admitting the coolness of some villains, purely fictional, and some Video games house the greatest villains especially in desperate need for more screen time.

After creating the player character and expecting to be executed by the Imperials, it comes as quite a surprise when a dragon climbs a tower and hellfire reigns over the small village of Helgen. This dragon, Alduin, is the villain for the main quest in sprawling Elder Scrolls Title, Skyrim.

Alduin is considered the “source” of the Norse pantheon. Considered the harbinger of the apocalypse, he spends most of the game reviving dragons. The player, the Dragonborn, is tasked with destroying Alduin the Eater of Worlds, though they never actually encounter him until the end of the game.

8th The Joker, Batman: Arkham City

Few villains can sometimes be as popular as the hero. The Joker is such a villain. As “ying” to Batman’s “yang,” the two are inseparable. An unstoppable force and an immovable object. With the release of Batman Arkham CityMany fans were happy to see not only the return of The Joker, but also the talent behind the voice of Mark Hamill.

The Joker plays a very prominent role in Arkham City, but given Protocol 10’s ongoing mystery, Hugo Strange, and the abundance of Batman’s Rogues Gallery, it’s no surprise that Joker is able to take a backseat for some sections of the game.

7 Dutch Van Der Linde, Red Dead Redemption

Before the Rockstar Games prequel Red Dead Redemption 2 explored the Van der Linde gangRed Dead Redemption gave players their first glimpse into the life of the former gang. The leader, Dutch Van Der Linde, was a great character for his limited screen time.

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Benjamin Byron Davis gives a great portrayal of a lost cowboy. Looking at the time of the first Red Dead Redemption, no backstory has been explored, Dutch has a rich history in its performance only. It’s a shame he wasn’t a villain you ran into all along.

Vamp’s first appearance in the metal gears series was in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. He was one of the antagonists and captivated audiences because he was a vampire. It was one of the many silly things people loved about the franchise, and he had great charm for his character.

Vamp was then seen in again Metal Gear Solid 4: Weapons of the Patriots, but had limited screen time. He has a few scenes, and most of them are with his former nemesis Raiden. Vamp dies in the game, which is a shame considering how funny he was as a villain.

5 Vaas, Far Cry 3

Distant scream Games never had a titular villain until Michael Mando took on the role of Vaas Montenegro. Michael Mando’s performance as the Fary cry 3 Villain was wild, off-kilter, and all-around brilliant. Ubisoft cast Michael Mando as live-action Vaas for the promotion of Far cry 3and it shows how a series or a movie could work with it.

Vaas was only the secondary antagonist in Far cry 3, which is a shame as his death seems too quick and far too abrupt. He’s a great villain, and his take on protagonist Jason Brody is fun in the first half of the game.

4 The Sinister Six, Marvel’s Spider-Man

Few superheroes have famous villains. Spider-Man is such a character, with an interesting cast of villains fighting him both mentally and physically. With Marvel’s Spidermanthe stakes up as Doctor Octopus frees the villains: Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture and Mister Negative.

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At this point in the game, New York City becomes a hellscape of malevolent chaos. Unfortunately, the Sinister Six all feature in their missions, but they’re an easy boss fight to drive them off. The confrontation doesn’t build up much, and it’s a shame the audience doesn’t get to experience Spider-Man bantering with his opponents throughout the game.

3 Eredin, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

As an elf of the Aen Elle, Eredin was a true force to be reckoned with. Eredin led the Wild Hunt as their king and was a high-ranking general in his world until he usurped the throne to become their king. Craving power and death, Eredin is extremely intimidating.

Although he is the main antagonist, he is mainly reserved for a wild chase The witcher 3, while Eredin chases Geralt’s daughter Ciri. Eredin has two epic battles towards the end of the game and is later killed by Geralt. It would be great to see more research on this character.

Armstrong announced himself as the antagonist at the end of the game, making his appearance brief but utterly memorable. He demonstrates his philosophies to Raiden while wielding his extreme strength and size against Raiden’s blade. The character makes it metal gears so much fun.

Armstrong had limited screen time and it would have been great to see him more often during the game just because he was so adored. Many fans still love it Metal Gear Rising: Revenge and Armstrong is the center of many of the game’s memes.

1 Pretty Jack, Borderlands 2

Handsome Jack is possibly one of the most well known and loved villains. He’s notoriously charismatic, funny, and evil. His backstory was explored in Borderlands: The Sequelbut his first appearance in Borderlands 2 is a true rogue ride. From his introduction to the player to his defeat.

Dameon Clarke is wonderful as Handsome Jack and managed to make the evil character utterly likeable through improvisation. Whether it’s eating peanuts while threatening the player or paying them to kill themselves. He’s a lot of fun and deserves his title.

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