Cookie Run Kingdom: Best Healer Cookies

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With every other update, Cookie Run Kingdom added a new Cookie to its already huge character list. With 64 playable and counting Cookies, it’s easy to get fans hooked and confused when it comes to team placement. The fact that there are many modes in the word game Cookie Run’s two lore story modes Going to different PVP arenas just makes this process more difficult as some teams will perform better in some modes than others. For those who want to stay in the game longer, use Best Healer biscuits can go a long way.


While healers are great for refreshing an entire team’s HP and maintaining a player’s defense, the sad truth is that there are only five specific Heal Cookies in the game. Cookie Run Kingdom. This is partly due to Cookie support also works well when it comes to healing the player’s team, sometimes does better than Healer Cookies. However, sometimes Healer Cookies are best for the whole team and these are the Cookies that get the job done better than most.

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A descendant of the Vanilla Kingdom, Custard Cookie III is extremely proud of his heritage and often demands to be treated like a king. He is hyperactive and childish and often has trouble with the way he commands respect for his subjects, but does not properly understand what it takes to be king. He was part of the party that started in Cookie Run Kingdom and dwarfs the usual healer, Angel Cookie, in stats.

  • Base cooldown 16 seconds
  • Healing Skill: 113.0% of Custard Cookie’s ATK; gains +2.15 at all levels and is always used on two characters with lower HP.
  • Skill Shield: Absorbs 10.0% of Max HP for 3.0 seconds
  • Best Topping: Searing Raspberry


Herb Cookie loves taking care of plants and performs her role to keep the player’s kingdom beautiful with many flowers around. His skill involves him planting seeds all over the battlefield to heal the party if they stand. He is good friends with Clover Cookie, and so their stats and playstyle always go hand in hand. Using both on the same team creates a team full of endurance as their HP bar stays full almost continuously.

  • 17 seconds base cooldown
  • Heal: 44.2% ATK
  • Skill Heal: 9.0% per second while standing on a sprout.
  • Skill that removes all debuff effects
  • Best Toppings: Searing Raspberry


This “juice-loving” cookie runs her own bar and is known for great customer service. The text on his loading screen says that before opening the store for the day, he practiced his smile in the mirror. Those interested in using Custard Cookie III may wish to switch to Sparkling Cookie upon receipt, although Sparkling Cookie can take a lot of money. Cookie Run KingdomPlayer’s gems to get. He and Vampire Cookie have a hilarious similarity in that they are both censored in the English version, as Vampire Cookie is clearly intoxicated with “juice”.

  • Base cooldown 13 seconds
  • Skill Heal: 139% ATK; increases 1.8% after each level up and is always used on the two party members with the lowest HP.
  • The skill increases the party’s chance of crit by +25% for 7 seconds
  • Best Topping: Swift Chocolate

Cookie Run Kingdom Pure Vanilla Cookie Stats

As the current owner of the title of The best Cookie Healer in Cookie Run Kingdom, Pure Vanilla Cookie is an antique Cookie with stats to back up its rarity. However, as difficult as he is to get, he is also quite difficult to place in a team as his stats require the right coverage for him to perform well in battle.

With the right Cookies around, players will find themselves on an unstoppable team. However, with the wrong Cookies, Pure Vanilla will be powerless to change the course of the battle, so fans should create Cookie Run Kingdom group composition with him carefully.

  • Base cooldown 19 seconds
  • Healing: 99.4% ATK; increase +1.5% every time you level up
  • Skill Shield: Absorbs 20.0% of your maximum HP for 3.0 seconds
  • Affect the whole party
  • Best Topping: Solid Almond, Quick Chocolate

Other Healing Cookies


Until More Healer Cookies be added Cookie Run Kingdom, these are the best options that players can use. However, if the player doesn’t need specific types of Cookies for things like Bounties or Tower of Sweet Chaos, there are other options. Many other Cookies have accumulated healing as part of their skill sets, some even better than the Healing Cookies found in the game.

One Helper Cookie that makes a great healer is the Carrot Cookie, The Farmer Cookie functions the same way as the Herb Cookie. There is also the Moon Rabbit Cookie, a Defense Cookie that introduces a powerful skill using a “healing cake”, which restores the entire party’s HP as long as the enemy hit by her skill is defeated in round 10 seconds. Her skills are even stronger if used against other Cookies, making her a very powerful Cookie in the Kingdom Arena.

Even if the player does not want to use these Cookies, some treasure found in Cookie Run Kingdom can heal and even revive the group over time.

Cookie Run Kingdom Now available on Android and iOS devices.

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