Control – How to get Pagan’s weapon and Kyrati . armor

The Pagan: Control DLC in Far Cry 6 offers a distinct adventure in the mind of a villain. However, you can also get certain items during the regular campaign. This is ours Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control DLC guide to help you get Pagan Min’s weapon and armor set for Dani.

Note: For more information, see Far Cry 6 guide and central feature. You can also check it out Full DLC world map and other points of interest.

Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control – How to get Pagan’s armor, vehicles and weapons (Executioner’s Bow)

Pagan Min’s weapons and vehicles, the Bow and Rangoon Buggy, will be unlocked automatically Far Cry 6of the campaign as long as you own Pagan: Control DLC/season pass. You will see a message pop up on your screen while playing as Dani.

As for the Executioner bow, it actually looks like a pistol, but the actual mechanics are quite unique. It has the following privileges:

  • Specter Sight – 2x mid-range vision
  • MK2 Tap Your Advantage – Deals extra weapon damage to enemies while low on health

Far Cry 6 Pagan Control Kyrati Armor Pagan Armor Executioner Bow Weapon 1

About the Kyrati or Pagan Min armor added by Far Cry 6 Pagan: Controlyou will only have access to these items after you have completed the quests or milestones in the rogue-lite DLC adventure. To make things easier, just try to unlock all of these during your Mind Level 1 run:

Kyrati Armor / Pagan items Perks / Effects Inquiries and Related Instructions/Tips
Kyrati Cut Stop, Shoot – Improves weapon’s damage against the last enemy hit by that weapon. Get rid of Pagan’s mind with at least 25,000 points.
Tutorial: The Grand Finale of the Royal Palace (20 Waves)
Kyrati Suit It’s Me – Get pesos to free civilians in prison and roadside convoys. Escape from Pagan’s mind
Tutorial: Play God, History rewrittenand For King and Country The main task
Kyrati trousers Out of Control – Bonuses Supremo for melee kills. Hold at least 8,000 respects at once.
Instructions: Respect is the currency/cash of the DLC. You can finish Experiment with contemporary art for strength Still Standing sold for 1,000 Respect.
Kyrati shoes No rush – Significantly improves walking speed, but reduces sprint speed. Explore every place in Pagan .’s mind
Tutorial: World map and points of interest
Kyrati Gloves Very Special – Slightly improved damage to tagged enemies. Unlock all weapons in Pagan’s arsenal.
Tutorial: Weapons equipped and upgraded

Far Cry 6 Pagan Control Kyrati Armor Pagan Armor Executioner Bow Weapon 2

Far Cry 6 available through Ubisoft’s Store and Epic game store. For more information, see guide and central feature. Control – How to get Pagan’s weapon and Kyrati . armor


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