Control 2 Should Introduce a Follower System

Great to hear that Remedy Entertainment wants to make a sequel to Control, it’s also tantalizing. Since the Remedy has Alan Wake 2 to focus on 2023 and have very few words about what Control What the sequel will look like, fans are largely left to wait and hope. Currently, the best way to form a concept 2 . control is to check out every sign of a video game sequel. For one thing, 2 . controlThe war’s will likely be expanded somehow, potentially giving Jesse Faden new ways to attack threats to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. For another, its story is bound to be similar but unique, exploring the themes established in the first game in a new light.


The remedy can work on both of those concepts by referring a mechanic to follow in Control next part. Between Service Weapons and some supernatural abilities gained from Objects of Power, Jesse was already quite capable. A follower can introduce a host of new possibilities to Control Combat, however, gives Jesse unique skills learned to serve the Bureau, or possibly even oppose it. At the same time, 2 . control will almost certainly focus the discussion on Jesse’s role as Director and what it means for her to be a leader after years of being outcast.

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Potential Jesse’s Sidekicks

Control Pope Emily

ControlThe fight of can get a lot from followers who help Jesse in battle. In Control, frequent hissing sound there is an overwhelming way Jesse, as she almost always fights countless otherworldly monsters and her own puppets. A person who follows both will minimize some Controlbattles are more irritating and allows for Wide-ranging Difficulty Remedy. Whether a follower is dealing massive damage or providing a utility that keeps Jesse alive, the battle is bound to be more dynamic if the player can protect, command, and coordinate with the second character regularly. .

The Control The world certainly has no shortage of potential candidates for a 2 . control follower list. Security Director Simon Arish, the shrewd Chief of Security, cannot certainly apply access to heavy weapons by virtue of his job, which means he can cause serious damage in when the fight Hiss with Jesse, while the excitable but brilliant Head of Research Emily Pope can play a supporting role, hindering enemies with Bureau-crafted devices and supernatural items. 2 . control can even introduce new characters explicitly to serve as followers, whether Jesse turns a hostile creature from another world into a friend or the Board gives her a friend The floating pyramid companion answered her beckoning.

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Building on Control 2’s narrative

update control fix map problems

For those who follow Jesse will benefit 2 . controlof the story along with its combat. While Remedy doesn’t say much about the plot, it’s good that Jesse’s growing pains as Director of the Bureau will play a role in the plot. 2 . controlof the story. After all, even if Jesse feels at home work in the Oldest House, her position as leader of a government organization is very different from the many years she spent as a social outcast and a wanderer searching for answers before the events of her life. Control. Followers will help shape the story of Jesse’s changing life by representing her new duties as curator, as well as her growing skill at completing into those tasks.

Followers will go a long way in Help the Department feel alive again in 2 . control also. Because most of the Bureau’s members had to hide in strongholds to survive the invasion of Hiss, Jesse spent a lot of Control alone. If some friends and allies can track her and chat with her as they explore, 2 . controlcould show how the Bureau is making repairs while developing stronger relationships between Jesse and the others in her life. Followers will definitely have a significant change from the first Control, but there is much to be achieved. Hopefully, Remedy gives Jesse a chance to work more closely with her friends in the sequel.

Control Currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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The trailer for Alan Wake 2 has a lot to do with the original game, as does Control, giving fans plenty to think about as they wait.

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