Control 2 had a perfect way to deliver the hiss

Since it was announced, the sequel to Control has been a mystery. All indications are that Remedy is only in the early stages of the game, meaning fans of Control probably won’t see one 2 . control will reveal any time soon, but there are still a lot of possibilities worth considering about the game. Control set up all sorts of important cosmic characters, items, and forces that could come into play in a sequel. For example, it looks like Hiss will return as a counterforce, attempting to once again destroy the Board and attack the Federal Bureau of Control in the process, leaving Jesse to protect her new community that second time.


However, how Hiss can return to the top is still a question. At the end of Control, Jesse seems to have sealed Hiss from the Bureau, leaving her and her allies to simply deal with any remaining Hiss cells roaming around. the ever-changing halls of the Oldest House. However, Control there were already plenty of puzzle pieces available that could lead to a second Hiss invasion potentially with more dire outcomes. Between the Power Object that helped get Hiss into the Office and the character who helped complete it, Hiss had little to stop it from staging another attack.

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Second appearance of The Hiss’

control end explanation

The Hiss came to the Office for the first time thanks to the Slide Projector, a Power Object from Jesse’s childhood can open portals to other spaces when the right slides are inserted. Jesse destroyed all but one slide as a child, and the Bureau ventured into that slide’s dimension, leading to former Director Zachariah Trench being exposed to Hissian resonances for the first time. To the end Control, The Slide Projector has yet to be destroyed, which means someone else can use it to bring the Sigh back on just like the Trench did.

Unfortunately, there was a Control The character has an incentive to open the door for Hiss again. Jesse’s long-lost brother Dylan Faden has a supplier against the Bureau for having imprisoned him since he was a child. Jesse wiped Hiss from Dylan’s mind at the end Control after he sent Hiss into the Astral Plane to attack the board, but he may still want to destroy the Bureau after what it did to him. Once Dylan awakens from his coma, he may decide he wants to let Hiss guide him again. All he has to do is get the Slide Projector and access the right dimensions to give Hiss back.

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The impact of the slide projector on the control

Hiss Resonance Control

See how Control doesn’t completely deal with Jesse and Dylan’s relationship or Hiss’ hostility to the Board of Directors and the Bureau, it is likely that both Dylan and Hiss will pose a threat to the Bureau again. The results can be mechanically as well as narratively compelling. Apparently there are a lot of supernatural events going on right behind the borders of Control, and more use of the Projector which can see Jesse chasing Dylan through the different dimensions he is connecting to the Oldest House to help Hiss, leading to some unique new environments for Control fans to discover.

It will definitely be interesting to see how Hiss behaves in Control 2, should it appear a second time. Control does not clarify what it wants or thinks to a large extent, focusing instead on the human response to Controlsupernatural threats. 2 . control determined to do so while still introducing new forces and creatures that the Bureau had to deal with. Jesse Faden’s journey is far from over, as the DLC explores new frontiers and cross with Alan Wake suggest. Looks like Hiss still has a journey to go on.

Control Currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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