Congressional Republicans Take Action Against Universities That Provide Abortion Pills

Republican lawmakers led by Representatives Mary Miller of Illinois and Chip Roy of Texas and Pro-Life Caucus GOP Senate Chairman Senator Steve Daines of Montana teamed up to introduce the anti-abortion bill on Wednesday in both houses of Congress.

The College Campus Life Protection Act of 2021 would prohibit U.S. government agencies from distributing federal funds to any higher education institution “Organize or affiliated with a student-based services website that provides abortion or abortion pills to students of the school or to the employees of that establishment or website,” according to a. draft under the law.

The bill defines a “student-based service site” as any health clinic that “meets the definition of a school-based health center” and “provides, at a minimum, comprehensive primary health care in the classroom of medical professionals.”

Also defined as such a site is any clinic located on the campus of a federally funded institution of higher education that provides “health care (including primary , family planning services, telehealth services, and pharmaceutical services, regardless of whether they are provided by clinic staff or contracted providers) to students. “


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If this measure becomes law, any college or university seeking federal funding must file an annual report to the education secretary and the secretary of health and human services.

They will not receive federal funds unless they can satisfactorily demonstrate that there are no “student services websites” hosted on or affiliated with their institution offering abortion and prescription drugs. abortion for students or their employees or employees of the site.

The bill “would be another important step in the right direction to help save the lives of our unborn babies and keep our girls safe,” Miller said at a press conference on Capitol Hill, according to Fox News.

“The abortion industry is not in favor of women, because they repeatedly claim they will. They exploit young women but leave them to deal with the consequences and potentially serious side effects,” Miller said on a Wednesday. New information posted.

Would you like to see this bill become law?

The bill’s sponsors said it was introduced to meet California’s “radical chemical abortion pill regulation on college campuses.”

Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom Signed Bills in 2019 would require his state’s 34 public higher education institutions to provide abortion pills and increase access to on-campus abortion services.

As the bill’s sponsors said Wednesday, starting in 2023, California public universities must stockpile mosquito-killing chemicals on behalf of the Democratic-led government. promote “reproductive freedom”.

Lawmakers hope the bill will end such abortions on college campuses.


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“The abortion industry has long taken advantage of vulnerable women, and now green states like California are starting to require on-campus clinics to offer medical abortions,” said Daines. chemicals on demand.

“These do-it-yourself abortions put young women in dangerous situations that they are often forced to deal with alone in their dorm rooms. This not only ends the life of the fetus, but also endangers the life of the mother. We cannot allow medical centers on campus to turn into abortion clinics.”

“College dorm rooms are not a place to get an abortion on your own, and American taxpayers shouldn’t pay for the destruction of innocent human lives on our college campus.” Roy speak. “But, as we all know, what the abortion industry really cares about is profits – not the welfare of mothers or the integrity of further education.”

“The Protection of Life on College Campus Act is about protecting young college women and their unborn children from the radical and reckless push-pull of the abortion industry,” he said. bait for universal access to abortion.

The bill seems highly unlikely to pass the Democratic-controlled Congress and President Joe Biden.

Some pro-life organizations, however, welcome the legislator’s attempt to do something about it instead of sitting idly by like abortion advocates in positions of power have their way.

“We applaud Representative Chip Roy and Senator Steve Daines for taking action to protect women at a time when many colleges are not,” said Tom McClusky of Action for life in March said in a statement.

“The availability of chemical abortion pills on a university campus would be detrimental to safety, health and well-being,” said Penny Nance, CEO and president of the American Foundation for Women. of students.

“Since Women Who Care About America has Young Women for America chapters in colleges around the country, this issue is extremely important to us and college leaders,” she said. ours. “Out of care and compassion for young women on college campuses, we applaud you for introducing the College Campus Life Protection Act of 2021.”

The office of Democratic Representative Diana DeGette of Colorado, co-chair of the Congressional Selected Caucus, did not immediately respond to The Western Journal’s request for comment and questions about how she and the team are doing. caucus intends to oppose the bill.


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