Complete Guide to Labyrinth Warriors (Trial 1 Map)

Genshin Affect’s not too long ago debuted “Labyrinth Warriors” Occasion is one gamers don’t need to miss. Solely the primary of 5 installments have been launched, and followers are already calling for this plot-driven dungeon-crawler to stay a everlasting fixture in Genshin Affect’s expansive world. The occasion introduced again some acquainted faces: the canonical combination of Childe and Xinyan has piqued the curiosity of these bored with comparable fight challenges just like the Spiral Abyss.

Genshin Affect gamers annoyed by the Spiral Abyss may benefit from the save options and absence of time-based constrictions in Labyrinth Warriors. Moreover beneficiant quantities of Primogems and a free Xinyan constellation, Labyrinth Warriors is price experiencing for the sub-plot, character interactions, and ambiance. There are fairly a number of mechanics launched, nevertheless, and its simple to really feel overwhelmed navigating the Mystic Onmyou vernacular. This information will break down the brand new options comprehensively and supply perception for greatest practices and people ever-essential loot places.

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Shikifuda are useful talismans that bestow distinctive properties upon the social gathering. Gamers choose 3 out of 9 Shikifuda earlier than the trial begins, Shikifuda can’t be modified as soon as the trial is initiated. Just one Shikifuda of every kind could also be summoned on the identical time, however two totally different Shikifudas can concurrently exist. The Shikifuda choices are as follows:

  • Seal of Fierce Flame: Energetic character offers + 60% DMG & takes + 20% DMG inside AoE for 12s.
  • Seal of Flashing Lightning: Energetic character’s Elemental Ability/Burst CD – 10%, social gathering regens 4 Power each 3s for 12s.
  • Seal of Cataclysmic Wind: Energetic character + 10% bonus ATK SPD, + 10% bonus Motion SPD, & additional leap top in AoE for 12s.
  • Streamsurge Summoning: Offers AoE Hydro DMG each 2s for 6s. Offers AoE Hydro DMG & bubble-traps 3 small/medium opponents (reducing their therapeutic) upon destruction.
  • Snowstorm Summoning: Offers AoE Cryo DMG each 2s for 8s. Decreases enemy Bodily & Elemental RES by 20% for 10s upon contact.
  • Strixwind Summoning: Pulls surrounding opponents for 6s. Deals AoE Anemo DMG & launches opponents upon destruction.
  • Ensorcelled Waters: Restores 4,000 HP to present social gathering members, regens 800 HP & 20 Stamina each 1s for 5s.
  • Bedrock: Will increase energetic character’s interruption to resistance & decreases DMG taken by 50% for 12s.
  • Thunder Orb: Offers AoE Electro DMG. Generates 2 Elemental Particles (max 6 Particles) for each opponent hit.

Not like Charms, Shikifudas are manually summoned as much as 3 occasions to create the buff. Gamers ought to rigorously take into account how their desired group comps mesh with the Shikifuda results. Sure Shikifuda mixtures foster ideal environments for Elemental Reactions. Listed here are a number of examples:

  • Seal of Fierce Flame, Streamsurge Summoning, Bedrock would profit groups led by a hard-hitting DPS who requires a defend or offers most of their injury through Charged assaults, similar to Hu Tao, Ganyu, or Yanfei.
  • Seal of Flashing Lightning, Snowstorm Summoning, Thunder Orb is good for Bodily groups that need fixed up-time on their Cryo or Electro output for Superconduct, such as DPS Eula, Kaeya, Rosaria or Lion’s Roar Keqing.
  • Seal of Flashing Lightning, Seal of Cataclysmic Wind, and Ensorcelled Waters gives a dependable cushion for Anemo grasshoppers Xiao or Kazuha – swap out Cataclysmic Wind or any element-based Shikifuda to enhance virtually any reaction-based group.



Emplacements are mechanisms activated by the participant to battle, replace their social gathering, or obtain Charms. Each trial room has one Emplacement, every recognized by its distinctive sword sample. As gamers progress additional into the Area, the Genshin Impact map will light up with icons indicative of anticipated and found Emplacements. Finishing an Emplacement interplay darkens their round emblem on the map. These are the potential Emplacements:

  • Arrayed Emplacement: Defeat all opponents and draw a Allure.
  • Ferocious Emplacement: Defeat all opponents and draw a Allure.
  • Decisive Emplacement: Defeat a boss opponent and draw a Allure.
  • Healing Emplacement: Heal/revive all social gathering members in Fight and Help and/or change social gathering configurations (disabled after therapeutic social gathering).
  • Allure Emplacement: No battle. Draw a Allure (presumably Cursed).



There are a number of traps hidden throughout the Domain, from wall fixtures capturing projectile lightning to unfastened platforms falling from above. The wall fixtures, together with Electro-imbued flooring panels, are fairly simple to identify. Sadly, the crushing particles provides little warning, and Cursed Fields – barely darker floor squares hiding explosives and Cursed Seals – are tough to understand within the gloomy halls. That is why a healer or Ensorcelled Waters Shikifuda is beneficial to accompany the Fight social gathering.

Allure Magic vs Charms


Allure Magic is a collection of long-term buffs innate to Shiki Taishou. These buffs vary from environmental results, similar to multiplying Explosive Barrels, to buffing different buffs: similar to rising the probabilities of pulling high-level trial Charms. Allure Magic is separate from Charms, that are accrued by defeating all opponents in Emplacement challenges and have short-term lifespans. The “Allure Magic” part incorporates a listing of Shiki Taishou’s private Charms and the chance to advance them with Broken Replicas. “Martial Trials” will grant gamers further rewards for leveling explicit Allure Magic. Allure Magic can’t be modified or upgraded throughout a trial. A bit about Charms:

  • Finishing Arrayed, Ferocious, or Decisive Emplacements permits gamers to attract a Allure. Allure Emplacements give them away without spending a dime – however may inflict damaging penalties on the social gathering through Cursed Seals as a substitute.
  • Cursed Seals typically exchange drawn Charms, or afflict sure social gathering members after stumbling over a lure. The Cursed Seal length extends for the whole thing of the trial until a counteractive Blessed Allure dismisses the impact.
  • Charms have three totally different catetogires: Exploration Buff, Character Buff, or Shikifuda Buff with color-coded Frequent (Purple), Unusual (Blue), or Uncommon (Gold) identifiers.
  • Charms are contained to every run-through of a trial and are erased as soon as the trial is accomplished or restarted.

Foreign money


Merchandise Objective Acquired By
Aged Tokens Exchanged for prizes within the Occasion Store Finishing every Trial & Trial Reward Challenges
Broken Replicas Exchanged for Allure Magic Upgrades Examine, Finishing Emplacement Challenges
Battered Shikifuda Exchanged for Allure Re-draws Finishing the Trial Goal & Emplacement Challenges



Labyrinth Warriors permits gamers to pick out two 4-person events: the primary is “Fight” and the second “Help.” The characters can’t overlap. The Fight group stays on the trial area till encountering a Healing Emplacement, which is a pit cease for character swapping and a full social gathering heal. Some necessary notes concerning groups:

  • Labyrinth Warriors isn’t like the Spiral Abyss. There are achievements for surviving with out utilizing Healing Emplacements or clearing the trial with no character deaths – velocity isn’t mandatory and the aim is endurance over swiftness. Emplacements aren’t the one damage-dealing conditions, and the surroundings is filled with traps able to one-shotting barely weakened characters. Gamers may need to change up their Spiral Abyss go-tos and strategy this problem with exploration in mind and a healer like Noelle in tow.
  • There may be no meals in Labyrinth Warriors and Healing Emplacements solely heal as soon as. Sometimes, a Cursed Seal will stop therapeutic on the Healing altogether. It’s a good suggestion to incorporate a healer or defend help on the Fight group (ideally, a combative healer like Jean or Bennet or micro-healer like Xingqiu or Black Sword Kaeya).
  • For these assured of their dodging talents and reluctant to fill a possible stat-boosting help slot with a healer, as a substitute convey the Ensorcelled Waters Shikifuda for emergencies: it restores HP and stamina (as much as 3 occasions per trial).
  • Gamers ought to take into account each their Fight and Help groups when it comes to Shikifuda for the best buffs. For instance, a Fight group with Pyro and Cryo characters would profit from the Streamsurge Summoning Shikifuda, because it applies Moist to enemies and permits Vaporize/Frozen reactions while not having a Hydro consultant on the group.
  • Potential enemies are various and random, from predictable Treasure Hoarders to the corrosive new Rifthounds. Prepping a few possible Elemental Reactions and a crowd management element (Venti, Kazuha, Sucrose, Zhongli) will set up a robust basis for the surprising.


  • Flooring: 2
  • Really helpful Degree: 85
  • Aged Tokens: 1800
  • First Clear Reward: Hero’s Wit x 3, Mora x 30,000

Gameplay Notes:

  1. Labyrinth Warriors in Genshin Impact has no co-op mode.
  2. The one requirement to clear a flooring is finishing the Decisive Emplacement boss struggle. This implies different Emplacement rooms could also be skipped, until they’re blocking the trail to the Decisive Emplacement.
  3. A brand new room is not going to unlock till the Emplacement problem has been accomplished and a Allure drawn.
  4. Room Emplacements are random apart from Treasure Emplacements and Decisive Emplacements.
  5. Combative Emplacement enemies are random apart from Decisive Emplacement bosses.
  6. Treasure Emplacements, Frequent Chests, and Broken Replicas are finite and stuck. They don’t replenish with further playthroughs, and their places don’t change.
  7. Gamers could return to earlier rooms earlier than the trial has ended, however not after the ultimate boss is defeated.
  8. To revisit any skipped rooms post-Decisive Emplacement, the trial have to be restarted. Repeating a trial will not duplicate any treasure already discovered, however the treasure can nonetheless be obtained for the primary time on the retry.


  • Kaeya, Rosaria, Xingqiu, Venti – This Permafreeze group has Cryo Resonance, boosting the social gathering’s CRIT Charge towards Frozen enemies together with Rosaria’s CRIT-boosting Abilities. Chongyun is a superb sub for any re-arrangement of this group with a Cryo DPS. Xingqiu can carry Noblesse Oblige to additional strengthen the group, and Venti will clump opponents for crowd management. Xingqiu’s Rain Swords present minor therapeutic/shielding energy however this comp would profit from the Ensorcelled Waters, Snowstorm Summoning, and Streamsurge Summoning Shikifuda. Substitute Sucrose for a full 4* group, and improve Kaeya or Rosaria to Ayaka or Ganyu if obtainable. Mona, Kokomi, and Barbara can apply Hydro as a substitute of Xingqiu, or hang around on the Help group to swap earlier than the subsequent battle. The Decisive Emplacement Spoil Graders will freeze however are too heavy for Venti – Kazuha is a greater match earlier than that closing battle.
  • Tartaglia, Xiangling, Sucrose, Bennet – Tartaglia and Sucrose each present crowd management, with Sucrose buffing the group’s Elemental Mastery for Tartaglia’s demolishing Vaporize Burst. Xiangling is one of the best Pyro applicator and boosts all the social gathering’s assault when paired with Bennet, courtesy of Pyro Resonance. Bennet has his personal formidable buffing capabilities additional capitalized with Noblesse Oblige. Mona/Xingqiu or Barbara/Kokomi can relax in Help till Childe wants a break, buffing Sub-DPS Xiangling or refreshing the social gathering. The Seal of Flashing Lightning, Seal of Fierce Flame, and Bedrock Shikifuda would complement this group properly. Gamers who need additional safety towards Decisive Emplacement Spoil Graders might exchange Sucrose or Bennet with Zhongli or Noelle.

The Ominous Demesne – Ground 1


Enemy Buff:

Enemy Leaders are buffed by Attendants. Every Attendant will increase the Chief’s Elemental RES & Bodily RES by 10% and restores the Chief’s HP each 12s (5% per Attendant). Destroying Attendants destroys their results.

Treasure Chests:

  • 1-2 Hallway: Frequent Chest.
  • 2-3 Hallway: Broken Duplicate x 30
  • 3-4 Hallway: Broken Duplicate x 30
  • Room 5: Treasure Emplacement. Broken Duplicate x 30 [2]. The Beautiful Chest is hidden in a pile of clay pots on a platform with a ladder.
  • 5-6 Hallway: Frequent Chest.
  • 6-7 Hallway: Broken Duplicate x 30
  • 8-9 Hallway: Broken Duplicate x 30
  • Room 10: Treasure Emplacement. The Beautiful Chest is behind the display screen to the left. The center display screen incorporates Broken Duplicate x 30. The appropriate display screen hides an explosive.
  • 12-13 Hallway: Frequent Chest.
  • Room 13: Decisive Emplacement. Defeat 3 Opponents (Spoil Grader x 1, Spoil Sentinel x 2)
  • Exit via the Abyssal Gate Mechanism to proceed to Ground 2 (Ground 1 progress is saved).

The Ominous Demesne – Ground 2


Enemy Buffs:

Spoil Graders will get better an “immense” quantity of HP when their HP drops beneath 30% until defeated within the subsequent 10s. This impact happens as soon as per Spoil Grader.

Treasure Chests:

  • 2-3 Hallway: Frequent Chest.
  • 4-5 Hallway: Frequent Chest. Broken Duplicate x 30.
  • Room 6: Treasure Emplacement. Broken Duplicate x 30. The Beautiful Chest is situated on a clay pot-filled platform, accessible by ladder.
  • 6-7 Hallway: Broken Duplicate x 30 (beneath the damaged floorboards – be careful for electrified panels).
  • 7-8 Hallway: Broken Duplicate x 30 [2]
  • 8-9 Hallway: Broken Duplicate x 30
  • 10-11 Hallway: Frequent Chest
  • Room 12: Treasure Emplacement. The Beautiful Chest is in plain sight, however an explosive barrel is disguised behind a display screen to trick instinctive demolishers. A mess of Electro projectiles borders the room.
  • 11-13 Hallway: Broken Duplicate x 30 [2 – one is beneath the broken floorboards].
  • Room 13: Decisive Emplacement. Defeat 2 Opponents (Spoil Grader x 2). Be careful for Electro projectiles.
  • Room 14: Initiates cutscene & completes the trial.


xinyan trailer image

Summon Xinyan

  • Full “Path of the Taishou”
  • Accumulate 4,000 Aged Tokens
  • Trade 1,000 Aged Tokens within the Blazing Unison Event Page part

Martial Trials

  • Obtain Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and Mora for finishing trials with particular parameters. The Defeat X Opponents, Destroy X Objects/Barrels, and Draw X Charms are cumulative throughout a number of playthroughs (the rewards are given as soon as for all the Mystic Onmyou Chamber).

Occasion Store

  • Trade Aged Tokens for a Crown of Perception, Primogems, Mora, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Expertise Books, and Ascension Supplies.

The Occasion Store will increase and extra rewards will turn into obtainable within the Martial Trials because the occasion continues on its staggered launched schedule.

Genshin Affect is offered on cellular gadgets, PC, PS4, and PS5.

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