Competition, Exposure, and Emotions: Why Pokémon UNITE’s Twitch Rivals Tournament Means All for Indiebear

Twitch Rivals picked 20 Pokémon UNITE professionals and content creators to compete on December 2 in the biggest tournament MOBA has had since its July 2021 release. The coaches flew to Aeos Island to compete at the Field. campaign Remoat, the game’s map for 5v5 gameplay and divided into 4 teams.

Unlike traditional esports tournaments, events like Twitch Rivals: Mobile Showdown ft. Pokémon UNITE known for their laid-back atmosphere, but the grand finale of the tournament was intense. Each of the two opposing teams has two experts from TTV, the best team in the world. Everything indicates that GoofGG and zugrug’s team will beat their TTV teammates indiebear and Lutano in the deciding part of the series after they take down Zapdos, a game-defining goal.

Indiebear and Lutano’s team went to great lengths to prevent the extra scores, and then they played a Hail Mary-esque play alongside Voporeon to put his team ahead. The duo succeeded, and Lutano capped 38 points in less than 20 seconds.

They weren’t sure the effort was enough to win the tournament. But Lutano, indiebear, Spgels, Voporeon and Kishtar soon realized they had won the match by just four points in the final seconds of the goal count screen. They all started shouting excitedly, almost in unison.

One of the coaches — Canadian player Inder Gill, aka indiebear — was particularly excited about the opportunity to compete in such an exclusive tournament. He wouldn’t have made it to the event if he hadn’t quit his official job a few months earlier and put all his chips into play and streaming. Pokémon UNITE to earn a living. Twitch Rivals: Mobile Showdown is arguably the game’s first big step towards building its e-sports platform, and it’s also the culmination of the hard work of indiebear and his team. In just a few months, indiebear has gone from a monotonous but lucrative job as a sales representative to one of the most important figures in the industry. Pokémon UNITE community.

However, he did not enter this journey alone. The five players on TTV — indiebear, Lutano, GoofGG, zugrug and ToonSlim — are old acquaintances from Heroes of the Storm, a MOBA from Blizzard Entertainment whose e-sports background is now almost dead. The first four people play together under Freedom of comradesbanner’s; Lutano and zugrug compete as players, while indiebear trains and GoofGG manages.

When Pokémon UNITE launched, five friends started brooding and streaming the new MOBA together on Twitch. Indiebear loves this job so much that he put his career as a sales representative aside to embark on this journey with TTV when it became clear he couldn’t do both.

“I’m working from home and I’m going to spend the first four hours at my old job and I’m going live for the last four,” said indiebear in an interview for Dot Esports. “If I get a call or email from a customer, I shut down my stream and do my job before coming back. I was exhausted and it was a tough choice to make, but I hate it if I look back a few years from now with no chance. UNITE. ”

Hitherto, Pokémon UNITE grind is paying off. TTV had an “absurd” winning streak on its debut, with 15 or 16 titles. They’ve had so much success in the past few months that those indie players finally stopped counting after they won their 35th tournament. Aside from their competitive success, they are all growing as content creators and have achieved partner status with Twitch.

Four of TTV’s players have received invitations to Twitch Rivals: Mobile Showdown ft. Pokémon UNITE this month. The event becomes the biggest Pokémon UNITE tournament in terms of total prize pool: $7,500 plus a year’s worth of Doritos for the champion — a lot more than other online events.

Additionally, the Twitch Rivals: Mobile Showdown event provided a huge amount of exposure for the professionals and content creators who attended the event. The action on the official broadcast lasted four and a half hours, averaging 4,119 viewers and peaking at 10,279, according to the stats tracking website SullyGnome. These numbers do not include viewers who watched their favorite player’s stream.

“Honestly, this win feels bigger than a lot of other wins we’ve had lately, that’s for sure,” said indiebear. “The matches were tough, they were really competitive, they were up against two other teammates of mine who were also excellent in the game. To win in fashion that is a moment that I will spend the rest of my life with and never forget. “

Pokémon UNITE There is a semi-professional scene for now. Larger tournament organizers and e-sports companies are yet to join the growing title. Indiebear was somewhat skeptical about the future of gaming’s competitive scene from the start due to Nintendo’s aversion to esports and competitive gaming in general.

Despite the demand, it took Nintendo years to launch a professional product Super Smash Bros. circuit for Ultimate and Melee combat in North America, and only after Panda Global, a major e-sports organization, joined. But Canadians believe MOBAs are on the right track.

“I think the fact that Twitch and The Pokémon Company worked together to bring Twitch Rivals to the Pokémon UNITE indiebear said.

Just a few days after the Twitch Rivals: Mobile Showdown tournament took place, The Pokémon Company announced Pokémon UNITE will join in 2022 Pokémon The World Championship next August with a total prize pool of $ 1 million and the top 16 teams in the world will attend the event. This information was removed from the press release shortly after it was released, but it shows that the publisher is planning to pour money into esports. Such a large circuit could attract eSports organizations and sponsors interested in participating in competitive action on Aeos Island.

The future is very bright for indiebear and all his teammates in TTV. Are from Pokémon UNITE’s release, they’ve always dreamed of having a big league to compete in and they might have a chance next year. Competition, Exposure, and Emotions: Why Pokémon UNITE’s Twitch Rivals Tournament Means All for Indiebear


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