Comparing MultiVersus to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

MultiVersus is now in open beta, taking on all challengers while testing its characters, monetization, and overall stability. Gamers all over the world are nibbling on this brand new crossover platform fighter, and even if some regions are temporarily unable to access the game, it’s working well. Combining Warner Bros.’ An enormous list of franchises with intelligently designed 2v2 platformer battles was a recipe for success.

Still, it’s not hard to draw comparisons to the grandfather of all platformers MultiVersus capitalized at the end of Super Smash Bros. Ultimateits life and could replace it as the leading combat platform competitor for the foreseeable future. All other efforts are either indie games or the years brawlor the undercooked Nickelodeon All Star Brawl, MultiVersus has a good shot. Thanks to its availability on all platforms and free-to-play nature, anyone with even the slightest interest can Super Smash Bros. or try out WB properties MultiVersus. The only question is how balance and monetization will pan out and how it compares Super Smash Bros.


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Smash Bros. and MultiVersus approach the genre in different ways

MultiVersus and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have many surface similarities. Both games feature stylized crossover lists with Super Smash Bros. Dragging video games while MultiVersus used TV shows and movies. Smash Ultimate has many more characters thanks to the previous four parts and multi-year DLC campaign, but MultiVersusThe list will grow over time. The fledgling fighting game has already broken new ground with the inclusion of LeBron James, a real-life athlete in animated form Space Jam 2. Considering the similar cartoon shape of game of Thrones‘Arya Stark, nothing in it Super Smash Bros. has mixed media so ambitiously.

Speaking of which, the progression is different between the two games. After players have unlocked all Smash Ultimate‘s fighter, there is not much more to be found. Ghosts can be equipped in certain match types, but they’re a side attraction in a game that already has optional combat items. MultiVersus takes a different approach by making character progression a key motivator of online play. Perks and alternate abilities can be unlocked by leveling up characters, and additional characters can be purchased with in-game currency. With the ability to mix and match generic perks, players are encouraged to try out multiple characters for extended periods of time.

Comparison of MultiVersus and Smash Ultimate gameplay

Both titles are about fighting and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a great game for parties and tournaments, but playing solo is also an option. The World of Light story mode features a grand campaign that players can progress through and fully unlock and customize their characters. They can take what they learn into Classic mode, test their skills in some bonus modes or become a game master in Stage Creator. In comparison, MultiVersus has a tutorial that unlocks Wonder Woman, a training mode, a local versus that unlocks all perks and characters for offline competition, and an online mode accessed via a giant “play” button on the main menu. While compared to absent smashed, MultiVersus knows his strengths.

The core gameplay of simple controls with normal and special attacks is shared, but differences quickly emerge. MultiVersus is designed for 2v2 matches, while Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is best suited for one-on-one duels or casual free-for-alls. smashed has competitive doubles, but it’s not the main mode for most players. However, teamwork is deeply integrated into each character’s moveset MultiVersus, with many attacks serving a different function when an ally is nearby. This new dimension helps MultiVersus stand out, which is necessary when his movesets are often smaller than those in smashed. Probably, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a more refined core gameplay, however MultiVersus‘ Free-to-play model and a unique team-based approach will help him carve out a niche.

MultiVersus is available as an open beta on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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