Compare Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg with Nathan Drake and Sully from The Game

Sony’s live-action film adaptation Not detected yet, the Naughty Dog action-adventure franchise, has given fans a lot to look forward to. Similar to any kind of adaptation from a beloved franchise with established characters and aesthetics that fans are already familiar with, many are comparing it to video game source material. its. Not detected yetmovies of seems to be more or less a collection of ideas from different entries in the franchise, although it’s clear that most of the film’s visual and story inspiration is taken from Uncharted 3.


Uncharted 3 is a proper sequel, as well as an opening story that describes how a teenager Nate met Sully on the streets of Cartagena, Colombia. It seems that these younger, more inexperienced character depictions are also what the movie is portraying. Many comparisons and contrasts have been made between the two actors Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg and their respective characters, Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan, with a great deal of debate as to why they might match or may not be suitable for his role.

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How does Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake compare to Uncharted 3’s Nathan Drake

welcome little one! (first)

Uncharted 3Teenage Nathan Drake Quick and knowledgeable about cultural and historical events, and has been in-depth Uncharted 4: A Thief’s EndThe passage opens with Sam, Nate’s brother. Even in his late teens, Nate was more liberal and built scale in Not detected yet is unmatched. Furthermore, Holland had to effectively bridge the gap between fan expectations of Nate as a teenager and as an adult, due to the conflicting scenes compared to the games where Nate was already an adult.

Holland showed off her gymnastics talent with Blockbuster of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spiderman movie and has performed many of his own acrobatic stunts as a wall climber. However, in stark contrast to his Peter Parker roles are his roles in movies like Devil all the time (2020) or Cherry (2021), where Holland showcased his diverse acting talents.

Holland may not be everyone’s first choice for the role of young Nate, but it’s not a widely divisive casting choice either. Not detected yetNathan’s Nathan Drake is not necessarily a role that requires such acting skills. Instead, Holland’s already established relationship with Sony, his manly looks and ability to perform stylish stunts may be what landed him the role. However, Mark Wahlberg presents a broader contrast as an actor with his character, Victor Sullivan.

How does Mark Wahlberg’s Sully compare to Uncharted 3’s Sully

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“Sully” is a natural saying and sophisticated scammers in Not detected yet, who engages in the property hunt for his own reasons and evils, attracts Nate to his wing when he sees potential in him as a fortune hunter and an opportunity to mentor him. he. While it is thought that Wahlberg may or may not be able to fully absorb Sully’s personality and charms, it is the visual differences between Wahlberg and Sully that are the cause of the most discontent among fans.

Initial screenshots and trailer of Not detected yet revealed to fans that the Wahlberg character iteration will not feature Sully’s prominent mustache. Wahlberg’s Sully has now been seen with the pencil mustache Holland’s Nate teased him about Not detected yetLatest trailer of. Although, don’t know whether Not detected yet The film’s mustache was simply a quick nod to his character meant to be laughed at, or a facial feature he would later carry as a sign of his character development.

Wahlberg is known for maintaining a remarkably muscular physique in all of his roles, from Pain & Increase (2013) and Robot War: The Last Knight (2017) to Secret Drawer (In 2020). Sully has never been characterized by such physical stature, and while that creates many differences from his original visual depiction, it also creates opportunities for the character. Not detected yetThe film’s trailers and trailers focus on Holland’s stunts, while Wahlberg is yet to feature any action or stunts.

Instead, Wahlberg’s physicality likely means he can contribute more to stunts and action sequences than the game’s Sully. Despite that, Holland and Wahlberg both have similarities and contrasts with characters in Naughty Dog’s Not detected yet Franchising. It can be a bit jarring at first to see these actors represent beloved characters from Not detected yet, but maybe these actors can grow into their roles and age along with their characters as they do in the game, if future installments are planned.

Not detected yet slated to hit theaters on February 18, 2022.

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