Compare the MCU Mantis with Square Enix’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy offers a fun take on its hero lineup. Their design is completely unique, as seen with Star-Lord’s split hairstyle and Rocket’s Groot-shaped goat, while their storyline is directly inspired by the comics. So, The plot of Star-Lord is different from what movie fans might expect, and characters like Cosmo take on a prominent role they haven’t had in the movie so far.

One of the most surprising characters in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is Mantis. While actress Emmanuelle Lussier-Martinez plays Mantis with a similar voice and cheerful tone to the live action version of Pom Klementieff, this is where the similarities end. In the game, Mantis is a much stronger character with a different appearance and more abilities, which makes her one of the standout characters in a game full of perceived characters. clearly.


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All the ways that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Mantis differs from the MCU version


When Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy fan the first time they meet Mantis, they’ll notice that her skin is a different color. In the game, it is pink, a stark difference from her movie and comic book appearances. Furthermore, while she boasts large black eyes in MCU, they are green in the game. They also glow when she uses her powers and her Antenna can be seen sticking out of her hair, which is considerably longer than in the movie.

Speaking of Mantis’s strength, she’s much stronger in the game MCU fan might have expected. In the movies, her powers are limited to the powers of an Empath, as she can sense and influence the emotions of others. In the game, she boasts a precognition of her power usage skills. As such, she saw the future and some version of it, with the Celestial Madonna often telling the Guardians about the potential future both good and bad.

Mantis is also much more formidable when fighting in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. In the movies, she is rarely seen fighting enemies on her own, with the character often left on the sidelines or quickly removed from serious fights. In the game, she is an excellent martial artist, defeating Drax the Destroyer in a one-on-one fight. She boasts some neat blades that resemble those of a real praying mantis, and she even shows off that she’s a skilled pilot in the final moments of her sentence. story.

On top of that, Mantis’ personality was dramatically different. While she’s still as adorable as she is in the movie, when she nicknames Rocket “Little Fuzzy” and repeatedly mispronounces Adam Warlock’s name, she’s much less timid than in the movie. Guardians of the Galaxy film. She was able to serve as an outlet of support for Gamora after Nebula’s death, being a therapist for the deadliest woman in the galaxy. She also fights alone to save everyone from Universal Church of Truth attack, prove she can hold her own and be a hero when she’s not on the team.

With this version of Mantis also able to speak Groot’s language, she has more experience than the movie version. Although it makes sense that MCU version will be more limited in this area, as she is having a hard time serving Ego, still happy to see she can do so many things. With a potential relationship with Star-Lord teased – and quite possibly because the game is not positioned Gamora as a lover – it will be interesting to see her story continue if Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy becomes a string.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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guardians of the galaxy review
Review of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has an emotional and fun story, and the role-playing and combat decisions are enjoyable if a bit tense.

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