Common Motorcycle Accidents And How Can They be Avoided

Motorcycle accidents happen more frequently than many people realize. These accidents result in severe injuries and even death. Learning about common accidents and how they can be avoided is critical for those who enjoy riding motorcycles. 

Motorcycles Can Be Dangerous

Motorcycles are one of the most dangerous vehicles because riders have very little protection. Most people know someone who has had a motorcycle accident. Some motorcycle accident victims end up suffering for many years and never fully recover from their injuries. 

Motorcycle riders must do everything possible to ensure they protect themselves by wearing a helmet and other gear. It is also essential riders follow the rules of the road and ride proactively to prevent serious accidents. 

Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Some motorcycle accidents are unavoidable, but many can be prevented by taking the proper measures. The following offers information on the most common types of motorcycle accidents and how riders can avoid them. 

  • Accidents often result when a car turns left in front of a motorcycle. Although it can be difficult to determine when a driver will make a sudden move, motorcycle riders need to pay attention at all times and avoid distractions. Riding in heavy traffic is not the time to experiment with speed, make adjustments, or do tricks. 
  • Hitting gravel in a blind corner is also a common reason for motorcycle accidents. Riders should make sure they are entering corners wide and maintaining a speed that allows them to make adjustments when the road conditions change.
  • Entering corners at too high a speed can spell disaster for motorcycle riders. Riders need to make sure they are paying attention to visual cues of road changes even when they cannot see the road ahead. 
  • Another frequent cause of motorcycle accidents is cars changing lanes in front of riders without warning. When cars suddenly veer into the space of motorcycle riders, collisions often occur. It is essential motorcycle riders remember the blind spots for cars and try to steer clear of them when possible. 
  • Motorcycle riders also face dangers when other drivers are not paying attention and hit a motorcycle at a stoplight or stop sign. It is important motorcycle riders avoid being last in line. Always position the motorcycle in front of an already stopped car for protection. 
  • When riders travel with a group, accidents are more likely to occur if any of the group members decide to stop without warning or perform a trick. When riding in a group, everyone needs to remain on the same page and warn others if they plan on changing the riding plan. 

What to Do After a Serious Motorcycle Accident

After a serious motorcycle accident, one of the first things the victim needs to do is contact the authorities. Calling the authorities to the scene of the accident will allow a police report to be filed. Any injured victims need to seek medical treatment right away even if they feel their injuries are not serious. 

Holding the at-fault driver responsible is essential for injured motorcycle accident victims. Injured victims often need to seek a personal injury lawyer to help them in the pursuit of a fair outcome. Lawyers become an advocate for their injured clients and work to achieve the fairest outcome possible. 

Huynh Nguyen

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