Coin Master Free Spins & Coins – Get Today’s Daily Links [July 2021]

In this post you will find all the latest Coin Master free spins link as soon as they are released. On this page you will find all the latest and active Coin Master free spins for 2021. Coin Master is developed by Moon Active, has now released a successor, Pet master, a game with similar mechanics and no less addictive. You can also get your daily Pet Master Free Spins Link from Borderpolar!

Coin Master is an addictive mobile game by design and the best way to prevent that addiction from smoldering in your wallet is to maximize the free things you can get from promotions, including including daily free spins links.

Guaranteed share this post, the more traffic we get, the easier Borderpolar join Moon Active’s affiliate program and give you more free spins links!

Coin Master Daily Links offers both free spins and free coins.

You can also read my Coin Master beginner’s guide in case you are new to the game.

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Coin Master Daily Free Spins and Coins [July 23rd, 2021]

First of all, remember that free spins links stay active for three days, so you don’t have much time to click them and get rewards!

Also, check this page many times per day to make sure you don’t miss any daily free spins link!

Remember that the amount of coins varies based on your current village level.

July 23, 2021 (Today)
25 rotations
July 22, 2021
10 spins & 1,000,000 coins
25 rotations
2,000,000 coins
2,000,000 coins
10 spins and 25,000,000 coins
July 21, 2021
25 rotations
25 rotations
25 rotations
25,000,000 coins
July 20, 2021
25 rotations
10 spins and 1,000,000 coins
2,000,000 coins
2,000,000 coins
10 spins and 25,000,000 coins
July 19, 2021
25 rotations
2,000,000 coins
25 rotations
25,000,000 coins
July 18, 2021
25 rotations
25 rotations
25 rotations
25 rotations
2,000,000 coins
July 17, 2021
25 rotations
2,000,000 coins
25 rotations
10 spins & 1,000,000 coins
10 spins & 25,000,000 coins
June 16, 2021
25 rotations
10 spins & 1,000,000 coins
10 spins & 1,000,000 coins
25 rotations
June 15, 2021
25 rotations
2,000,000 coins
2,000,000 coins
10 spins & 1,000,000 coins
10 spins & 25,000,000 coins
June 14, 2021
25 rotations
2,000,000 coins
25 rotations
10 spins & 25,000,000 coins
Coin Master Daily Free Spins Link List. Links older than 3 days have expired.

Coin Master Twitter Free Spins

Tip: When switching back and forth from this article to Coin Master, leave the game on the village screen instead of the spin screen to avoid having to wait for the +10 spin animation to play before requesting the next code.

In addition to the free spins links, you also have a chance to win additional spins by retweeting Twitter posts from the official Coin Master account or replying to them.

Check Coin Master Twitter Feed Twitter so you don’t miss anything!

coin master free spins and coin link

How to get free Master Coin card thẻ

This is a common question that most players ask. Unfortunately, none of the links reward you with tokens.

Coin master cards need to be traded between players in the game, so make sure to have lots of friends to improve your odds.

Join Borderpolar’s discord server for card trading requests!

How to get free spins in Coin Master?

There are several ways to get free spins in Coin Master, including:

  • Use daily free spins links from social network and
  • Watch in-game video ads
  • Sign up for mailing subscriptions to get gifts and free spins links in your inbox
  • The Contributor Program provides additional links as an incentive for sites to promote games
  • Referral Program: Inviting your friends to the game will reward you with 40 free spins
  • Get free spins from other players
  • Upgrade your village
  • Get spins as a bonus from the slot machine
  • Join events
  • Complete card collection
  • Waiting for your spin to be fully loaded. Of course!

Follow Coin Master on social media.

Every day, Moon Active, the mobile game developer, provides multiple links that you can follow to get Coin Master free spins. You can follow Coin Master on Facebook or Twitter.

Moon Active publishes new free spins links on Twitter and Facebook daily and these are exactly the ones you see on this page. We do the curation for you.

Watch In-Game Video Ads

I’m not sure if this method still works but in the past, you could watch promotional videos and be rewarded with free spins.

Sign up for the newsletter

You can subscribe to the in-game guided newsletter and you will receive daily free spins links. These are also on the list you see here.

Linked program

Some high-traffic websites and blogs and blogs can join the Coin Master affiliate program, which provides more links to attract players and monetize the sites. So please make this page popular by sharing it and we will be able to provide even more free spins links! If you wonder why Coin Master has an affiliate program, it’s great to attract more players and earn even more!

Referral Program

This method is directly related to the player! When you successfully invite a friend to join the game’s community through Facebook, you will receive 40 Coin Master free spins, a substantial number. Note that they don’t even have to actually play the game; they have to download and login via their Facebook account to get the free spins.

Get daily free spins from friends

Players can send 1 free spins per friend daily and since each can have 100 friends make sure you have 100 active players as friends to get 100 free spins as a gift daily gift. Make sure you are also active and reward your friends with 100 free spins you can deposit.

Upgrade your village

Leveling up your village will reward you with lots of coins and spins, and of course, the higher you complete the village level, the more spins you’ll get!

Get free spins by spinning special even slot machines

Occasionally, a second slot machine will appear in the game during certain events. You can spin this slot machine using coins instead of spins and it also rewards you with spins when you complete challenges!

Free Offer

Coin Master constantly offers discounts when you buy coins and spins. However, one of the deals is a free trade that rewards you with some spins.

Complete Card Set & Collection tập

While this method requires a lot of discipline and commitment, completing a collection can reward you with a lot of spins.

Spin the slot machine

Of course the most obvious way. Spin the slot machine and bet to win tons of spins!


This may sound like the most useless advice ever, but the point is simple. Your spins add up at the rate of 5 rounds per hour until you reach the limit of 50 spins. Make sure to always spend your spins and don’t stay out of the game for more than 10 hours so you don’t waste any spins (a great method to keep you hooked).

Frequently asked questions

What is CoinMaster?

Coin Master is a slot machine game app available on Android and iOS. It used to be on Facebook Games until the end of 2020, when Adobe officially ends Adobe Flash support due to security concerns. Moon Active, an Israeli company, is the developer behind Coin Master, and the game was first released in 2010. In the form we now know, it has been around since 2015.

This platform is not supported anymore, at least for now. Whether Moon Active will decide to switch to HTML5 for the web version of the game is unknown as of this writing.

Yes, the daily links that we include at the top of this page expire three days after the original release date.

Can I get Free Spins from Daily Wheel of Fortune?

Are not. Daily wheel of fortune only gives players free coins.

Why do you have to be 18+ to play Coin Master?

Coin Master is a gambling game at its core with in-app purchases that can lead to spending a lot of money, so it is a game for adults to play responsibly.

However, while the game is rated 18+, there is no actual enforcement of this requirement, nor any form of age verification, making the game easily accessible to everyone. The game does not provide chat or other methods of communication. It ensures your privacy, at least to the extent that the company will not share your personal data with other players.

How does Coin Master make money?

Coin Master is a slot machine gambling game under the facade of a regular game. While there are many ways to get free spins and other bonuses, players can purchase in-app items and boost their prices with real money, making the game a very profitable business. for Moon Active.

Coin Master ranked as the #1 grossing game app on the Google Play Store in the US and UK. It is listed as a casino app and players spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the game, which has an estimated daily revenue of US$189,386. Players spend an average of $9.38 per download.

Is there a scam for Coin Master?

Frankly, no. Instead, you will find many blogs and websites that promise Coin Master unlimited free spins and other free bonuses. However, these sites run bots, advertise CPA and download apps/complete surveys and other sketchy promotional methods to make money from nothing. Be careful and never share any personal information on these sites.

How to hide my village?

You can hide your village on Coin Master by activating Ghost Mode.

How many village levels are there?

As of May 2021, there are 314 village levels in Coin Master. Village levels increasingly require more money to upgrade, making the game more difficult as the player progresses.

Does Coin Master offer promo codes?

It’s sad no. While Coin Master offers several ways to get free gifts and rewards, it does not offer promo code mechanics for other mobile games. When people search for free spins codes for the game, they are actually looking for free spins links.

Can you deposit gold cards on Coin Master?

Normally, no. Gold Cards can only be traded during special events. Each Gold Card trading event allows two specific gold cards to be traded. Players can request or provide these Gold Cards by posting on Coin Master Official Trading Group. | Coin Master Free Spins & Coins – Get Today’s Daily Links [July 2021]


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