CoD: Mobile season 11 update patch notes

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 11 has begun. The final season of the year, Final Snow, is a winter-themed content update that includes weapon news, operator skills, maps, modes, and more.

Here are the full patch notes for CoD: Mobile phone season 11.

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Battle Pass

Free Battle Pass

  • Stickers – Royale Rules (level one)
  • Smoke Grenades – Warm Plaid (eighth)
  • New Operation Skill – Ammo Box (level 14)
  • Striker – Polar Light (Level 16)
  • New weapon PKM (tier 21)
  • Concussion Grenades – Warm Plaid (tier 28)
  • Charm – Hunting Horn (level 31)
  • Holger 26 – Polar Light (tier 36)
  • UL736 – Light Pole (level 46)
  • Calling Card – Snow Shiv (level 50)

Premium card

  • Vagr Modir – Winter Whisper (tier one)
  • Calling Card – Winter Hunt (tier one)
  • KN-44 – Frosted Spikes (tier one)
  • Echo – Tasty Treat (level 10)
  • Atlas – Crash (level 12)
  • Emoji – Snow Party (level 15)
  • MSMC – God of Deception (level 30)
  • Keegan – Hunter (tier 35)
  • Man-O-War – Wolf’s Mane (level 40)
  • PKM – Boru (rank 50)
  • Soap – Cliffhanger (level 50)

Season 11’s Battle Pass pack features five epic items: Sickle – Chillscythe, Calling Card – Within Reach, Avatar – Snowman’s Gun, Frame – Snowman Gun Frame, and Umbrella – Let it Snow.

Photos via Activision

New map: Icebreaker

Magnetic icebreaker Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Coming soon to mobile devices.

Return the map

Three maps will return for season 11: Nuketown Russia, Holiday Raid and Reclaim.

Undead Siege Update

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Undead Siege mode is back with a new update. Here are some changes to the mode:

  • Now available on the Blackout map
  • New rewards
  • Leaderboard has been reset
  • New Quest – Cerberus . Mission
  • Pack-a-Punch and Cola machines available

New weapon


PKM is another LMG coming soon CoD: Mobile in season 11. While the weapon isn’t the best for hip-shooting or close-range combat, it excels in ranged fights.

Photos via Activision

D13 Sector – Launcher

D13 Sector is a secondary weapon. It can knock out enemies with a single flying saucer across the map. However, it has limited ammo and is difficult to use at long range. Area D13 will be available through a seasonal challenge at the end of the season.

Photos via Activision

New mode – Snowball Scuffle

Photos via Activision

The new mode will be released on December 21. Players will have to take down their opponents using a snowball and confirm their number of lives (similar to Kill Confirm).

New operating skill – Ammo box

Ammo cartridges refuel all of your teammates, regardless of weapon. It explodes when destroyed. It can be unlocked by reaching level 14 of the battle pass.

New Creators Pack

Activision is offering a limited beta version of Creators Club to CoD: Mobile at the end of season 11. New packs will also be released, yes CoD: Mobile Content creators Ferg, Hawksnest and Bobby Play as playable game characters.

Comic ends

The comic’s timeline will end this season. A new storyline will begin with the first season of 2022.

Seasonal challenge

Expert Royale

The Royale Expert Seasonal Challenge is streamed live in-game. If you manage to complete all the missions you will get 9,000 Battle Pass XP which includes some other rewards:

  • Medic – Greenrock (Uncommon)
  • Airborne – Greenrock (Uncommon)
  • Arctic .50 – Jubilee (Rare)
  • Special Operation 4 – Firefrost (Rare)

MP Trademaster

Trademaster will start next week and all its tasks will involve multiplayer mode. This challenge will give you 10,000 Battle Pass XP along with some other rewards.

  • SKS – Greenrock (Unpopular)
  • Stickers – Deadly Watching (Rare)
  • RUS-79U – Greenrock (Uncommon)
  • Calling Card – Braving the Elements (Rare)
  • ASM10 – Rideout (Epic)

Doom’s Disc

Disc of Doom will also begin next week. Players can get 9,000 Battle Pass XP as well as a new weapon, the D13 Sector.

  • Ninja – Greenrock (Uncommon)
  • Frame – Cold Roll Frame
  • D13 Sector (New Functional Weapon)

Featured Events – New Year Token Exchange

Players will get New Year Tokens by completing seasonal challenges. They can be used to earn the following rewards.

  • Wingsuit – Black Top (Common)
  • Battery – Pow Bam Zap (Rare)
  • AK47 – Long Live (Epic)

Adjustment of balance



  • The basic Get-Hit wobble has been reduced.
  • The recoil has been adjusted and the upper right trajectory has been optimized. The recoil is now more stable when the weapon is fired continuously.

Kilo Bolt-Action

  • Basic ADS Time: 0.4 to 0.38
  • MIP Extended Light Barrel: ADS Time: +10 to +7 percent.
  • OWC Ranger Barrel: ADS Duration: +15 to +12 percent
  • OWC Marksman Barrel: ADS Time: +15 to +12 percent


  • Hipfire Ammo spread has been reduced.
  • The ADS Bullet Spread has also been reduced.

500g Slugs

  • The spread of ADS has been reduced.
  • Damage range has been increased.

Scorestreaks – Stealth Chopper

Stealth Chopper’s defense has been slightly improved.


Royal War


  • An issue was fixed where the BR general accuracy bonus had no effect on R9-0.
  • Hipfire and ADS bullet spread: 30% less when compared to MP.

Is different

  • Updated rock models on Hovec Sawmill CoD: Mobile season 11 update patch notes


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