CNN takes fighting white racism to a whole new level; “There is nothing scarier than angry white men”

Since Cain killed Abel, the world has experienced varying degrees of hate and violence.

Racism, a trait of people hating others because of their immutable attributes, has now migrated from local neighborhoods, to and including some within the White House administration. Biden.

Hundreds of millions of people have been killed by communism, world wars, slavery, and more recently gun violence in urban areas and violence by domestic terrorists including BLM and implemented by ANTIFA.

Fake news network, CNN, just watched Kyle Rittenhouse’s “not guilty” verdict by leader with an op-ed from John Blake declaring that “there is nothing scarier in America today than an angry white man.”

In it, Blake acknowledged that “the vast majority of white men pose no threat to society,” citing many leftists who “used tear gas and defied rubber bullets while marching with protesters.” protesters during last year’s protest over the killing of George Floyd,” Blake asserts that the time has come to put a certain personality trait on trial: “the vision of white masculinity allows some white men feel as if they ”can rule and be brutal without consequences.‘”

“This angry white man has been a major figure throughout American history,” lamented Blake. “He enslaved the country, massacred the Native Americans, and the Jim Crow laws. His anger is also help fuel January 6 uprising in the Capitol. ”

In the face of all the gun violence and domestic abuse data from the FBI and local police departments by race and per capita, Blake subjectively asserts that “It was a man This angry white man — not the black or brown man you see approaching on the street at night — poses the most dangerous threat to democracy in America.”

Although Blake admits Attack of 2017 in which a Bernie Sanders supporter tried to assassinate Republican members of Congress, he again expressed his bias by saying that he believed there were too many conservatives whites delusions about killing their opponents:

Talking about attacking and killing political enemies has become so commonplace – and seemingly acceptable – in today’s conservatives that a white man feels comfortable enough to ask a right-wing activist at a public forum in Idaho last month:

“When do we use guns? … How many elections will they steal before we kill these people? ”

Adding to this toxic political climate was another factor: The laws not only protected the violence of white vigilantes but, in some cases, seemed to encourage vigilance.

Although no guns were brought by Trump supporters to the January 6 rally at the US Capitol, Blake still fears that the conservative Supreme Court could make property rights worse. more legalized guns across the United States, which he said would encourage vigilante justice similar to what America saw during its post-Civil War reconstruction.

He cited the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill as a “sequel” to those violent years.

“The January 6 uprising is not unprecedented. In many ways, it’s a sequel,” he added, citing an 1898 case in Wilmington, North Carolina, where white supremacists murdered members of a multiracial local government. .

Viewers like Blake are divisive and part of an anti-white movement that makes it impossible for people like him, in many communities, to work together for the safety of their communities. CNN takes fighting white racism to a whole new level; “There is nothing scarier than angry white men”


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