Classic WoW: Northrend zones by level

The history of World of Warcraft is easy to understand if you follow the timeline of the expansions. The Burning Crusade was one of the highlights of Impressive and the whole MMO genre, but it was The Lich King’s Wrath that made World of Warcraft the biggest and most popular MMORPG in town.

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World of Warcraft: Classic it’s about going back down the same road. The continent of Northrend is scheduled to open in September, and players will benefit from in-game events such as: Happy travels to level up their characters for the new continent and its unique zones.


9 Howling Fjord (68 – 72)

There are two zones in Northrend that players can visit from level 68, and Howling Fjord is the one on the east side of the continent. This means that characters who start their journey in the Eastern Kingdoms will reach this zone first.

At Howling Fjord Arthas landed his army for the first time, and the settlement of Valgarde where he landed is still an Alliance-held city. Horde players can take a blimp from Tirisfal Glades to Vengeance Landing.

8th Borean Tundra (68 – 72)

Aside from a few tuskarr, the Borean Tundra is a desolate pace without much to look at at first glance. It is not considered controlled or dominated by either faction, and locals use the region for hunting and fishing. Look for the new fishing quest along the south coast.

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For those who are not yet able to fly in cold weather, there is a handy turtle boat that commuters between this zone and Howling Fjord can take.

7 Dragonblight (71 – 74)

The Great Dragonblight is a wasteland with little to see other than the Northern Lights and a few abandoned, half-ruined towers. Azul-Nerub is one of the places where it has been seen warcraft 3.

A few things have changed in this landscape in recent years, the most notable addition being the floating ziggurat of Naxxramus. This is still the seat of the Lich Kel’Thuzad, who watches over the wintry landscape on behalf of his king.

6 Grizzly Hills (73 – 75)

That lush pine forest and fiddle music soundtrack have made this zone a favorite among players, and resources and fishing prospects also help. It’s a natural path between Howling Fjord and Zul’Drak.

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Grizzly Hills boasts some breathtaking sights, such as the massive tree trunk that serves as the home of the Grizzlemaw Furlbogs and the bubbling rivers that flow down the hills.

5 Zul’Drak (74 – 77)

The Drakkari can be found throughout Northrend, but this is their original home, and they rival the old zones like Stranglethorn Vale or the Hinterlands for troll lore and legend.

The zone is currently under attack by the Scourge and the local trolls have sacrificed their local animal god or loa to try and defeat them. It may not have been a good trade since her sanity has stayed with the loa.

4 Sholazar Basin (76 – 78)

This may remind players of Un’Goro Crater in Kalimdor. It has the similar design of a tropical but dangerous paradise set in an otherwise barren landscape.

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Local theories state that the Titans used this site for their experiments or left some power items in the ground, which would explain the warmer climate. The zone is mostly neutral, with the main flight path taking both Horde and Alliance into the heart of the zone.

3 The Storm Peaks (77 – 80)

Archaeologists and historians will see more than the scenic cliffs and misty hills when visiting this zone.

The Storm Peaks were home to the Titans, the creators of Azeroth, and some say their secrets, or even the Titans themselves, are still here. Explorers can venture into the vast complex of Ulduar and find out.

2 Crystalsong Forest (77 – 80)

As one of the central zones on the Northrend continent, players will also find Dalaran, the city of mages and magic. Formerly hidden from view on the southern shore of Lake Lordaeron, the city is now a neutral territory, welcoming characters from both factions. As a centralized sanctuary city, it functions in much the same way as Shattrath did in Outland.

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Aside from Dalaran, there isn’t much going on in Crystalsong Forest other than a few quests and some interesting sights reminiscent of times gone by. This was the site of a great battle involving the black and blue dragonflights and a guardian of Tirisfal, the powerful mage Aegwynn.

1 Icecrown (77 – 80)

Home to the citadel that houses the Lich King and his minions, exploring this zone without the aid of a flying mount is virtually impossible. This neatly limits the region to higher level characters.

Home to the Argent Tournament, Icecrown is one of the zones bordering Lake Wintergrap, Northrend’s PvP battleground. There is an island off the north shore called Hrothgar’s Landing. This used to be a Tuskarr village and is technically its own separate zone.

World of Warcraft classic is available on PC.

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