Civilization 6: The best leader for beginners

Consider the high learning curve presented by Civilization 6, some new players may be looking for a little help getting started, and this guide seems to assist with the first decision they have to make: choose Civ 6 leader.

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It should be noted that there are many leaders in Civilization 6 perfectly suited for beginners, and indeed countries like Germany, Russia and Sumeria are all great options for beginners. However, fans who want the absolute best leader for beginners Civilization 6 Look no further than Rome’s Trajan.


Updated on December 31, 2021 by Hodey Johns: Civilization 6 attracted an incredible amount of players during its launch. Most games have playerbases that explode and then dwindle, but Civilization fans started off strong and continued to thrive until the next game came out. What’s more, these players convince their friends to join in the form of DLC and expansions that raise profits for this global bearer and strategy game. As a result, many new players join and want to know where to start. This guide has been updated to go point by point and explain why the leader mentioned is great for newbies.

Why Rome is beginner-friendly

Civilizations 6 Rome Religious Victory

Rome’s greatest advantage was gold and secondary housing. Neither of these are directly related to any individual win conditions. But that’s exactly the point; they can become part of every win condition!

For starters, this flexibility is extremely important. Getting started is very simple; expand and rely on Roman Legion units to liberate a moderate area. Later, when all cities are established, look around and decide what kind of victory makes the most sense. In a split second, Rome could rise to the top of the leaderboard and catch all opponents off guard.

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The simplicity of the strategy, coupled with the flexible possibility of success, make this an attraction for new entrants. They don’t even have to decide on a winning pick; Rome can enter any condition and see which path makes the most sense without falling behind in any particular category.

All roads lead to Rome

Civilization 6 Rome Get fresh water from a mountain
  • Cities founded or conquered begin with a Trading Post and, if within the capital’s Trade Line, a road leading there. Trading routes generate +1 more gold from the Roman Trading Posts they pass.

Money covers a lot of mistakes and Rome starts off with some immediate cash advantages. An auto-trading station that provides more Gold may seem to be a small advantage later when growing the bank, but this will help the player to become richer by founding or conquering new cities.

When it comes to war, warmer penalty reduction easier to be rich. Since Rome had this advantage early, they could have a protracted conflict and their opponents would probably lose more than they did. Gold is also important for other win conditions.

Trajan’s Column

Civilization 6 Trajan brags with bragging pose
  • All established cities begin with a free building in the City Center.

Combined with All Roads Lead to Rome, it’s not really the solid start that Rome has. This advantage translates to Free Monuments in Antiquity, which instantly provide culture instead of taking the first few turns to build.

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The advantage may not seem like much, but consider that ten cities taking about five rounds to build this structure equates to fifty turns focusing on other important projects. For newbies, they can start victory through domination without keeping it until later.


Civilization 6 A unit of legion holds a strategic position
  • Upgrade Swordsman
  • There is a construction fee
  • Can delete terrain
  • Can build a Fortress
  • Combat power increased by 5
  • Production cost increased by 20

It’s nice to dream about Win the game with the Giant Death Robot but this is a rare occurrence. Most conflicts did not last that long and were resolved in the Classical Era. Thankfully, this was a moment that the Roman army could not afford to ignore.

Legion is the replacement for Swordsman and is better in every way. Unlike many civilizations that just need to get a stronger unit, Legion can build a fortress to increase defense power. This made empire expansion even easier as legions could camp out territory while settlers were being made.


Civilization 6 Rome Get fresh water from a mountain
  • Upgrade Aquaduct
  • Production cost down 18
  • Two more houses
  • Provide a Gadget

It is good and good to build cities, but if the population is not high, then Rome is in danger of having to fight invincible wars on many fronts. Thankfully, the Baths gave Rome a greater capacity to serve its citizens, ensuring many of its cities functioned efficiently on multiple fronts.

This is in keeping with how flexible Rome is for new players. If it becomes clear that either way to win is more likely, the gamer can shift his population to focus on whatever quest is important to that goal. Rome never really fell behind, no matter what the scoreboard said, as a well-managed empire can catch up in just a few short innings.

Civilization 6 was released on October 21, 2016 and is available for PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Android.

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