Ciri’s best quotes in part 2

Although young, Ciri has had to go through a lot. After the tragic death is attributed to her parents, she also has to deal with the loss of her home and all her family and friends. Although she found a new home with Geralt, Ciri’s past made its mark and made her wiser over the years.

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When Ciri discovered her magical powers in the second season of The Witcher and learn how to fight, it’s clear how she’s grown. Some of her best quotes in The WitcherThen part two reflects on her personal growth, fears, joys or simply thoughts and feelings in general.

7 In Cintra, I used to dress up as a boy so I could play Knucklebone.

Ciri plays knucklebone

While this quote sounds funny, it also says a lot about the character Ciri. Despite her royal background, Ciri has always had a penchant for freedom and does things that are deemed unsuitable for girls or princesses (or both).

That same spirit, the taste of life, led to her training at Kaer Morhen and also helped her survive even when Geralt was no longer around to protect her in the books. A similar example is Ciri choosing to be a witch in The Witcher 3 instead of following in her father’s footsteps. is the new queen of Nilfgaard.


6 There’s a time to stand still and a time to keep moving.

Geralt and Cirilla train in Kaer Morhen

After all she’s been through, Ciri realizes that life is full of difficulties and that if they want to survive, they need to know when to stop and when to move on. Ciri spends her days peacefully at Kaer Morhen, where she trains with the Witches.

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But when the time came to go on a journey and learn more about her powers, she did it because she realized it was for the best. The finale of the second season then sees Ciri about to go on another journey and it remains to be seen what she will learn next.

5 I Want To Be Indifferent to the Past. Lie. The things I did.

Calanthe and Geralt in the Netflix series Witcher

Although Ciri begins a new life alongside Geralt, she still struggles with her past and nightmares. She cannot forget the life she left behind and blames herself for her past actions.

Luckily for Ciri, Geralt was quick to explain that she couldn’t kill her affections. Ciri finally gets a chance to confront her past life one last time in a vision conjured up by Voleth Meir. She has to say goodbye to her loved ones, and appear in the real world again, stronger for it.

4 I destroyed a lot of things. Please, just let me help heal something for once. I intend for this.

Ciri in Voleth Meir

A big reveal in the second season is that Ciri’s blood can regenerate the mutagen needed to create new Witches. It was something that was lost a while ago, and as a result, the Witches were slowly dying. Ciri then resolves to make up for her past actions by helping Vesemir create new Witches.

However, she went a step too far and want to be a Witcher myself, even if it means she’s risking her life. Luckily, Geralt arrived just in time to tell her to get out of there, and in the end, Ciri found her inner strength, without risking everything.

3 It doesn’t matter how hard I train, No matter what I do, It’s never enough.

Ciri and Lambert in Netflix's The Witcher

When Ciri arrived at Kaer Morhen and began training with the Witches, it didn’t take long for her to realize she was nothing like them. She’s not as strong as fast. It didn’t help that Lambert was quick to mock Ciri or make a disdainful remark.

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Ciri’s despair that she will never be good enough is something the other characters also know. For example, Yennefer believes she is nothing without her magic, and her desperation leads her to decide to make a deal with Voleth Meir, no matter how dangerous it is.

2 You Don’t Look Like A Monster To Me.


Despite her past experiences, Ciri still has a light deep within that allows her to see the people around her in a good way. So, when he reunites with Geralt’s old friend, the cursed Nivellen, Ciri initially believes Nivellen is not a monster and disagree with his assessment when he says so.

Later, however, Nivellen’s past is revealed, including the circumstances that made him cursed. And when Ciri learned the truth, she let Nivellen stay with Geralt because even though Nivellen might not act like a monster to her and Geralt, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t. in the past. The basic morality might be that it’s not someone’s appearance that makes them monstrous but their actions.

first He was the father I never had. When I’m with him, I don’t feel lonely anymore.

Ciri and Geralt in part 2 The Witcher

Witchers could not have biological children, but thanks to his relationship with Ciri, Geralt was able to have a daughter for her. And Ciri sees him the same way – although Geralt has the social graces of a wild boar, as she puts it.

The relationship between them is one of the highlights of season two and what makes it even better than season one. Although it is later revealed that Ciri’s biological father is still alive, it is Geralt who makes sure that she is not alone and scared.

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