Chucky Fans Need To Watch These Toy Killer Movies

When thinking about killer toy movies, movies like Child’s play (1988) or Juggle (1989) may come to mind. The popular horror genre has actually been around for many years before the 80’s. The genre was first introduced in 1936 with Devil doll starring Lionel Barrymore and has continued to terrify audiences for decades.

People have been mesmerized by the tone of childlike innocence combined with the horror that horror movies bring, which is why a horror series with child protagonists is still popular. released to this day (Chucky, come play, etc) For those who can’t get enough of the killer doll and toy movies, here’s a list of movies guaranteed to be enjoyed. by fans of Chucky. Some are funnier than scary, but isn’t that what makes this generation so interesting?


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Dolly Dearest (1991)

dearest dolly

A little late to the murder doll party, Dearest Dolly was released in the same year as the fan-hated movie Children’s games 3. The film tells the story of a businessman Elliot (Sam Bottoms) who buys a famous doll manufacturing company called “Dolly Dearest” in Mexico. He gives his daughter Jessica (Candy Hutson) a doll, and immediately, strange things start happening to the family.

Jessica approached the doll strangely, spending all of her time with it. Similar to Child’s play, cute doll is possessed by an evil spirit, haunts her family and restrains the young girl, forcing her to do things she doesn’t want to. The camera angles in the film are outstanding: the strange close-up of the doll’s feet, the gentle pat of the doll and the little doll’s hand clutching the doorknob. The dolly looks like an essential talking toy of the 80s: adorable dress, bangs, and about the size of a real 3-year-old.

When the doll finally comes to life, this is where the fun begins: her menacing face, hilarious laughter, and gruesome murders. The little girl in the movie plays a remarkable child possessed by a demon, and the cast is delightful. Monitor Child’s play T-formula, this movie may seem a bit plagiarized but it will certainly be an experience that viewers will never forget.

Pinocchio Revenge (1996)

Pinocchio's Revenge

This 1996 psychological thriller is unique among the Child’s play recipe, flip it right on top of it. Attorney Jennifer Garrick (Rosalind Allen) is defending convicted child murderer Vincent Gotto (Lewis Van Bergen) and has full confidence that he is innocent and conceals the identity of the real killer. After being executed in the electric chair, one of Jennifer’s colleagues showed her the only remaining evidence: a puppet like Pinocchio which Gotto buried in his son’s grave. She brings the doll home, hoping to find any clues, but her troubled daughter Zoe (Brittany Alyse Smith) thinks it’s a birthday present and quickly becomes close to the puppet. .

Things take an immediate turn, when those around Zoe begin to become targets: her school bully is pushed in front of a bus, her babysitter is brutally murdered, and her mother’s boyfriend being pushed down the stairs, among many more gruesome cases. Deviating from a typical toy murder movie, audiences barely see a live doll, leading viewers to question who committed the murders, the doll or Zoe. ? The movie was the ultimate 90s video-adapted horror movie: cheesy acting, limited comedy, and very bizarre.

Hole (1981)


A thriller that gets lost in the crevices of a forgotten cinema: the pit, also called Teddy, a low-budget fusion film. Is it a light comedy? Horror? Biological characteristics? The answer is yes to all of the above because this movie has no idea what it is, making it equally entertaining and confusing. It starts out as a psychological thriller that features 12-year-old Jamie (Sammy Snyders), instantly painted as a spoiled child, watching a dressed babysitter through a hole in the door. Jamie too there is a teddy bear is his only friend and often goes into the forest to visit the “hole”, a hole hidden in the ground inhabited by man-eating creatures known as Troggs.

Things start to take a turn for the worse when those around Jamie begin to succumb: Jamie’s bullies or tormentors quickly disappear. So, who is the real villain of this movie? Jamie, teddy bear or Troggs? Since Jamie is drawn as a troubled boy, there is a mystery about what is real and what isn’t. Did the bear tell Jamie to do these things or was it all just in Jamie’s head?

What’s interesting is that this movie came out seven years earlier Child’s play because it has a lot of unique points that are different from other killer toy movies. When interviewed in 2007 with, screenwriter Ian A. Stuart (Murder in the Church) explains his inspiration for the film: “I wrote the script after two experiences that triggered the idea. First, a friend who is now the world’s leading ventriloquist told me about communicating with children with mental illness through the use of a ventriloquist dummy (they will communicate with a ventriloquist dummy). and ignore his presence as if he wasn’t in the room) and another friend, a child psychologist told me about a boy who would draw nasty little imaginary creatures that he thought he could command. ” To the end, The hole is a real quirk, from the style choices, jarring performances and awkward mix of humor and horror.

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