Chucky Episode 7 Review

Chucky’s The latest episode, “Twice Grief, Double Loss,” begins to build on some of the series’ biggest tensions. As the episode before the season finale next week, “Twice Grief, Double Loss” also begins to change the situation for Devon, Lexy, and Jake. In the series so far, none of them have quite as high stakes as these, meaning they’re heading into the finale with a fresh outlook.

After the death of two parents in the last episode of Chucky, “Twice Grief, Double Loss” is properly titled. “Double the grief, double the loss” focus more on Junior’s pain than Devon even though both sons lost their mothers in Chucky’s previous episode. Even the opening part of “Twice Grief, Double Loss” serves to remind people of the losses that have occurred, building the title on the tombstone. However, the mother’s loss largely influenced both boys’ decisions in “Twice Grief, Double Loss.” These decisions made by Junior and Devon are what change the course of the film right before the finale.


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The episode begins with Bree’s awakening but the focus is not on Bree’s disappearance. Instead, it focuses on Jake, Devon, and Lexy deciding not to team up to fight Chucky anymore. Still annoyed with Jake, Junior punches him, shocks some and serves as a clear sign of grief others. Junior’s anger worsened when Tiffany woke up and interacted with Logan, even kissing him. The tension between Junior and his father has been increasing continuously Chucky’s previous episodes, but Bree is often the buffer between them. Now that she’s gone and a mysterious new woman has entered the picture, Junior’s distaste for his father has become severe.

Logan and Tiffany

After confronting his father about the woman, Junior back to his room and find Chucky, with whom he forms an unlikely relationship. Like Chucky did to Jake at the beginning of the story, the murder doll tries to lure Junior into becoming the killer. He first uses Junior’s growing hatred for his father as his popular example, but quickly expands it to Lexy and Jake. Aware of the rivalry between Jake and Junior, Chucky encourages Junior by reminding him that he can be better than Jake if he has the courage to do what Jake cannot. To the end “Double the grief, double the loss,” Chucky got his wish when Junior used the doll to beat his father to death. The alliance between Junior and Chucky poses a dangerous threat to Devon, Lexy, and Jake in next week’s finale.

When Junior found a mentor in Chucky, Devon had a much harder time after losing his mother. Used to find solace in Jake, but now he struggles to look at him without reminds himself of his mother’s death. Devon reveals that he had contemplated running away from Hackensack to avoid the foster care system, but before he could do anything, he was pulled back into Chucky’s twisted game. Devon ventures to Charles Lee Ray’s house (bought by Tiffany last week) and discovers Nica tied up. He frees her, but unfortunately discovers that he actually freed Chucky. Devon is then tied to a chair facing an army of Good Guys dolls.

Nica Pierce

Other key elements of “Twice Grief, Double Loss” involve the Mayor’s announcement of the upcoming G-rated horror charity event. In Hackensack, the ability Horror themed events would actually still be rated G unlikely. The impending plans of Chucky, Tiffany, Junior, and the army of Good Guys dolls also don’t bode well for the event or any of the Hackensack residents. However, it may cause the people of Hackensack to finally learn the truth about Chucky.

Andy (who was introduced to the series last week) leaves Kyle at a gas station, heading to Hackensack to solve the Chucky problem once and for all. He was last seen visiting Junior’s house shortly after he killed his father. Now, Andy faces not only death at the hands of Chucky and Junior, but also any army of Good Guys dolls he and Kyle have assembled to destroy. Tiffany and Nica’s lingering presence in Hackensack also means it won’t be easy for him, but there’s a chance Kyle will catch up with him.

In the gritty episode “Twice Grief, Double Loss”, it has managed to have some positive moments. After Jake arrives at Lexy’s house with his Billy Good Guys doll, Lexy is outraged that Jake plans to skip town. She reminds him that although his biological family is in decline, he has found a family of choice in her and Devon. Consider where Jake and Lexy started at the start Chucky, which is a huge development for their characters in just seven episodes. It also represents a much-needed united front ahead of the big battle they will have next week.

Junior and Chucky

“Twice grief, double loss” is one of the Chucky’s the smallest episodes, but one of its better in terms of narrative. It does a great job at setting up the finale for next week without making the series seem like it has to end some way. The growth Jake and Lexy have gone through together, along with the strain on Jake and Devon’s relationship, and even Lexy and Junior, means the ending is likely to deliver a touching conclusion ( or heartwarming as an ending to any character in Child’s play the universe can receive). Now that Chucky has finally got one of the kids under his thumb, the series is embarking on new terrains.

Although it seems unwise to introduce this new element, right before the finale, which is the best choice for Junior’s character. This development for Junior has slowly been built Chucky and it makes sense. If he finds out Chucky is actually responsible for his mother’s death, he’ll likely find himself caught between a rock and a hard place. Like Junior, Devon struggles to deal with the death of his mother and what that means for him now. While the two entangle Chucky in the midst of their grief, only Junior is on the side of a killer. “Twice Grief, Double Loss” wonderfully presents two very different facets of grief under the terrible circumstances that surround Hackensack, making it one of the best Chucky’s the most poignant details.

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