Chris Redfield’s Life Before and After the Raccoon City Incident

For 25 years, the Resident Evil franchise has produced a large solid of characters which have since change into iconic figures within the business. Amongst the leading characters in the franchise is Chris Redfield, serving as certainly one of its first playable characters who launched gamers to the world of Resident Evil.

It’s no secret that among the many many essential characters who’ve led the battle towards bioterrorism, Chris has performed a big function in key occasions that formed Resident Evil’s historical past. Serving because the character with essentially the most appearances within the sequence, this is a rundown of Chris’ life earlier than and after the Raccoon Metropolis incident – solely overlaying the occasions that transpired within the mainline Resident Evil video games.

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Chris Redfield’s Origins

Chris Redfield re1 remake

Though Chris is without doubt one of the hottest characters in Resident Evil, not a lot is understood about his childhood life. Nonetheless, it’s talked about that Chris and his sister Claire Redfield each misplaced their mother and father earlier than 1998, leaving the 2 to look out for one another. Upon reaching early maturity, Chris joined the US Air Pressure and befriended Barry Burton.

After an incident forcing Chris to disobey his senior officers, he both resigned or was dismissed for insubordination. After leaving the airforce, Chris was scouted in 1996 and requested to hitch Raccoon Metropolis’s Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.), serving as the purpose man for Alpha Group. Unbeknownst to Chris, his involvement with S.T.A.R.S. marks the start of a life-long battle with bioterrorism.

Resident Evil

Chris Green and Jill Blue - Resident Evil Chris Redfield Facts

On July 23, 1998, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Group was despatched to the Arklay Forest to trace down the perpetrators of cannibalistic murders. Nonetheless, the R.P.D. misplaced communication with Bravo Group, and that is the place the occasions of Resident Evil 0 transpired. Roughly a day later, Alpha Group was despatched in to research the mysterious disappearance of the Bravo Group, and Chris alongside Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, and Albert Wesker stumbled upon Spencer Mansion, the place they found most of Bravo Group useless. In his exploration of the mansion, Chris Redfield stumbled upon rookie Bravo Team member Rebecca Chambers.

Via their investigation, Chris and Jill found that the Umbrella Company owned the mansion, serving as a entrance for the corporate’s unlawful bioweapons analysis. Chris additionally discovered that Alpha Group Captain Albert Wesker labored for Umbrella and was tasked to lure S.T.A.R.S. into the mansion to assemble fight knowledge. After defeating a Tyrant released by Wesker, the remaining members of S.T.A.R.S. activated the mansion’s self-destruct system and vowed to disclose the reality. Out of twelve members of S.T.A.R.S. (excluding R.P.D. pilot Kevin Dooley; Bravo’s pilot within the mission), solely six survived: Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, Brad Vickers, Rebecca Chambers, and Albert Wesker, with the latter thought to have died within the mansion.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Resident Evil Code Veronica Fan Remake Demo

Shortly after the Mansion Incident, S.T.A.R.S. was disbanded by Chief Irons – below Umbrella’s payroll. With none official perform in Raccoon Metropolis, Chris left to research Umbrella’s facility in Europe. Barry and Rebecca left Raccoon Metropolis shortly thereafter, leaving Jill and Brad the one S.T.A.R.S. members left within the metropolis when the T-Virus outbreak started. After Raccoon Metropolis was destroyed, Chris Redfield returned in Resident Evil: Code Veronica after Leon Kennedy advised him Claire was captured by Umbrella.

Chris instantly made his option to the Rockfort Island facility, solely to search out Claire had been freed and left the island. Nonetheless, earlier than he might go, Chris encountered a Wesker revealed to have superhuman skills. Wesker knowledgeable Chris that Claire is at an Umbrella facility in Antarctica. Upon reaching the bottom, Chris and Claire reunite and Chris prompts the bottom’s self-destruct sequence earlier than engaging in battle with Alexia Ashford. Earlier than escaping, Claire is kidnapped by Wesker, so Chris engages him in hand-to-hand fight. On condition that the bottom was about to self-destruct, Wesker lets Chris and Claire go, vowing their subsequent assembly can be their final.

Resident Evil 5

chris rescues jill

After the autumn of the Umbrella Company, Wesker was nonetheless on the free and Umbrella’s knowledge was offered, so different corporations adopted its footsteps. In 2006, Chris and Jill acquired stories on the whereabouts of Umbrella’s founder, Ozwell E. Spencer. After breaking into one other mansion in Europe, Chris and Jill discovered Spencer useless at the hands of Wesker. Chris couldn’t neutralize Wesker on account of his powers, forcing Jill to sacrifice her life by tackling Wesker out of a close-by window. Each fell right into a chasm and have been presumed useless.

Three years later, Chris grew to become one of the lively members of the Bioterrorism Safety Evaluation Alliance (B.S.A.A.). In 2009, he was despatched to Kijuju, Africa alongside Sheva Alomar to intercept a bioweapons deal. The mission went awry, and the remainder of their workforce was worn out. The pair acquired new orders to relay knowledge to HQ, and Chris found an image of a lady resembling Jill Valentine.

The girl was certainly Jill, and Chris found she was experimented upon by Wesker and fitted with a mind-control gadget. After releasing Jill from captivity, Chris and Sheva chased Wesker, main them to a volcano the place they neutralized Wesker once and for all earlier than he might unfold the Uroboros virus.

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Resident Evil 6


In 2012, Chris Redfield and members of the B.S.A.A. have been despatched to Edonia for a mission. Nonetheless, the mission ended with a lot of the B.S.A.A. useless, leaving Chris and Piers Nievans the one survivors. Chris suffered from amnesia after succumbing to bodily and psychological trauma. Chris escaped his hospital and went lacking for six months, changing into a violent drunk frequenting a bar in Japanese Europe.

Though nonetheless affected by some reminiscence loss, Chris was dispatched to Lanshiang, China amid one other bioterror assault. Someday in the course of the mission, Chris and Piers noticed “Ada Wong,” whom they consider to be behind the demise of their friends, unaware that Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper have been additionally in pursuit. After cornering the girl they consider to be Ada, Leon and Helena protected her.

Throughout the confrontation, “Ada Wong,” who is known as a clone named Carla Radames created by Derek C. Simmons, threw a flash grenade and escaped. Earlier than Chris gave chase, Leon advised him “they each need the identical factor,” snapping Chris out of his quest for vengeance. Chris and Piers have been capable of pursue Carla to the docks, the place she revealed her plan to launch the C-Virus earlier than being killed by certainly one of Simmons’ henchmen. Sadly, Chris and Piers couldn’t cease the virus, and the town grew to become infested with zombies.

Afterward, Chris and Piers have been contacted by Leon to rescue Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin in an underwater facility. Chris discovered that Jake, Albert Wesker’s son, possesses antibodies for the C-Virus. On the facility, Chris and Piers have been capable of rescue Jake and Sherry. Sadly, the encounter resulted within the an infection of Piers, who later threw Chris in an escape pod earlier than the ability was destroyed. Chris is rescued the next morning, and the demise of Piers renewed his motivation to serve the B.S.A.A.

Resident Evil 7

resident evil village chris redfield

After Resident Evil 6, Capcom determined to return the franchise to its survival horror roots. In Resident Evil 7, gamers have been launched to a brand new solid of characters led by Ethan Winters. The sport’s occasions did not embrace any established characters aside from Chris, who seems on the finish to rescue Ethan and Mia Winters. In DLC, gamers have been capable of management Chris instantly after the occasions of Resident Evil 7. Pursuing Lucas Baker by means of a salt mine, Chris endured lots of Lucas’ lethal traps, however was capable of kill him and efficiently cease him from transmitting knowledge to The Connections.

Ethan requested Chris additionally rescue Zoe Baker at an undisclosed time, after Ethan left her within the Baker mansion when selecting to save lots of his spouse Mia. After his workforce arrived on the property, all the unit was worn out, however it was revealed that Zoe was safe with her uncle Joe Baker. After the clearing operations, Chris knowledgeable Ethan that Zoe had been rescued and allowed them to reconnect.

Resident Evil Village

resident evil village what happens to chris redfield

A number of years after the Dulvey Incident, Chris grew to become important of the B.S.A.A. and shaped the elite Hound Wolf Squad. Throughout his pursuit of a bioweapon named Mother Miranda, Chris found she plans to make use of the Mould for her evil plans. Nonetheless, Chris discovered that Miranda had swapped locations with Mia, pretending to be her, with out Ethan understanding. He then organized an assault on the Winters’ residence, killing “Mia” in entrance of him.

Miranda survived the assault and pursued the car transferring Ethan and his daughter, Rose. By the point Chris found the convoy was attacked, each have been gone. Chris and Ethan crossed paths as soon as extra in Heisenberg’s manufacturing facility, the place Chris advised Ethan the reality about Miranda pretending to be Mia.

After defeating Heisenberg, Ethan contacted Chris to let him know he can be pursuing Miranda to save lots of Rose. Throughout the encounter, Miranda ripped out Ethan’s coronary heart, which appeared to kill him. Upon studying of Ethan’s “death,” Chris pursued Miranda and discovered in regards to the creation of Evelyn and her connection to Umbrella’s founder. Chris additionally discovered Mia, and after confirming she was actual led her to an escape car. Throughout the confrontation with Miranda, Chris found that Ethan was additionally alive, and after Ethan killed Miranda Chris tried to assist him escape. Nonetheless, Ethan knew it was too late for him and made Chris promise to take care of Rose. Chris, Mia, and Rose have been capable of escape as they watched the ability explode.

Someday after, Chris offers Rose Ethan’s jacket and wedding ceremony ring as mementos. Nonetheless, it revealed that Rose kept some of her abilities secret from Chris, marking the top of the mainline Resident Evil franchise thus far.

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