Chivalry 2 Update Today (July 22)

After a long wait, the update for Chivalry 2 is finally here today.

This update was due for a very long time as it was delayed once before. According to Chivalry 2’s latest patch notes, we can expect several fixes to performance issues and balance adjustments made to weapons and maps.

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Chivalry 2 – Trailer Release | PS5, PS4



Chivalry 2 – Trailer Release | PS5, PS4





Chivalry 2 update release time

The first Chivalry 2 2.0.1 update will be released today at 10 a.m. PT | 1 p.m. ET. So players can expect server downtime around that time.

This update will address some of the issues that most seriously affect the game, including the PC side.

Chivalry 2 Patch Notes 2.0.1

There are a number of fixes listed below but the most important ones are related to PC parties where online presence is not updating properly and preventing players from joining the game as one side.

Another update worth mentioning is that the Xbox Series S will now play at the expected 60fps. You can see the rest of the fixes and general performance improvements below:


  • PC – Fixed an issue with online presence not updating properly causing players to be unable to join and join the game as a team. For example, if a player was invited to a party but joined a group, you’ll get a message saying ‘ attended a party. We also expect more improvements in the next update.
  • Fixed an issue where parties gave up after the match ended and were accidentally returned to the main menu
  • Added a visual indicator that someone in one party cannot be invited to another party
  • PC – If you were joining a match and accepted the party invite on PC, you will now be taken to the main menu to join the party
  • Fixed an issue where a team member was not included in the game with the game leader when using the server browser
  • Accepting an in-game invite will no longer mask the disconnection prompt from the console điều
  • Queuing clocks will no longer continue to count down if ownership is transferred from the team leader after the start of a matchmaking session
  • The team member icon will no longer disappear from the scoreboard after joining a team while loading another session from the previous session.
  • Set party voice playback to use the same device output as game audio
  • Team members will now see voice indicators in the UI for themselves and other members when speaking


  • Xbox Series S will now play at the expected 60fps!
  • Fixed a performance issue where a player’s corpse would negatively affect performance.
  • Improved overall performance in the Lionspire banner phase
  • Fixed some motion corrections that occurred while jumping

Combat / Weapons

  • Significantly reduces the player’s ability to pull back before rotating
  • Fixed an issue where players ran sideways too much in third person.
  • riposte and counter attack duration now continues for the rest of the time if the attack is defeated / switches to heavy attack
  • Fixed attack queuing issue, so players will now be able to more successfully initiate an attack, attack or dash
  • Kick / Jab / Special cooldown now refreshes when entering Interrupt mode
  • Fixed server movement when dodging and jumping (caused stuttering for players)
  • Bandage kits no longer deal damage to allies. Friendly archers are already better at this!
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck with their fists and unable to attack after climbing a ladder
  • Fixed an issue where starting a combat action immediately after performing an inactive VO line. Get your taunts ready!
  • Fixed a bug with the Greatsword frame where a player’s collision would not match their position when their frame was damaged
  • Temporarily disable 1 handheld spear to redo the animation and make it easier to read
  • Added missing collision sounds and collision sparks
  • Added cooldown when using Kick on an attack
  • Fixed an issue where picking up a damaged component would render it invulnerable the next time it was placed


  • Visually fix player’s feet not to move during jump and when landing
  • Fixed sprint animation not syncing between clients in third person
  • Fixed an animation that appeared in 1P/3P when canceling an attack into another attack
  • Fixed an animation that occurred when attacking immediately after parry . recovery
  • Removed the slide that occurs when attacking while moving forward in third person
  • Fixed foot stuck when inactive when moving around and fighting
  • Fixed animation freezing after being hit in a heavy slash to stab with shield
  • Fixed server physics due to interruption not playing animation
  • Fixed animation stuttering by combining to (replace) feint

Crash / Disconnected

  • Fixed an Xbox crash that occurred when resuming from a suspended state (while on the Store menu) and when trying to use save data from the Xbox One X console on the Xbox Series S console
  • Fixed PS4/PS5 crash that occurred when loading into the tutorial
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when removing the ladder
  • Fixed crash during screen transition after game
  • Fixed an issue where Crossbowman could be disconnected from the server during regular gameplay


  • Removed various exploits used to equip locked items
  • Fixed hair not adjusting to character’s head size
  • Fixed white/gray hair color not being able to equip. (Malric’s grandmother couldn’t be more delighted!)
  • Fixed an issue where female head would reset to male head


  • Added more tickets to Battle Pit map. So do what you do Best Knight, die more!
  • Fixed visual issue with large doors in Battle Pit not opening visually
  • The removed center will spawn in the FFA Tournament Grounds for balance purposes
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes missed the first spawn at the start of the match

User interface

  • Fixed server browser max player count not displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue where loading screen weapon info didn’t update when changing classes
  • Fixed missing voice UI to indicate a team member was talking (talking icon)
  • Fixed various threading issues around sides (maintaining side state after the match ended, etc.)
  • Fixed various missing localizations


  • Thrown weapon impacts are now using the appropriate sound sets. Now they’re going to be a little bit like an 80s arcade fighter game.
  • Commanding warriors have been made LOUDER, they may have had too much alcohol before the battle
  • Party voice playback now uses the same device output as game audio
  • Many fine-tuning combinations of sound effects

Other changes

  • Improved matchmaking for PlayStation Users who receive “matchmaking failed” messages
  • Fixed an issue where teams would sometimes start to lose their balance excessively after going on a map. Order will have to find some new way to appear on top.
  • Make tweaks to class, global, and weapon xp requirements
  • Crown price update in regions

Other issues will be resolved in future Chivalry 2 updates

The Chivalry 2 team mentioned that there are certain issues or features that are not covered in today’s patch notes. That’s because the development teams are still working on it and it will take some time before they fix it. You can learn more about it this.

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