Child’s Play 3 is more than just a bad sequel

It has long been debated: Why do people like horror movies? Does scrolling violence cause real violence? Many movies have been accused of real-life murder: In 1998, two teenage boys stabbed their mother 45 times, and the boys claimed that the murders were inspired by Screaming, even perform the act while wearing a Ghostface mask. On Halloween in 1988, an 18-year-old girl named Sharon Gregory was murdered by an impersonator Jason Voorhees. After the horrific massacre at Columbine High School in 1999, the US Senate Commerce Committee used the opening scene of Columbine High School. Screaming to highlight the impact of violence in cinema on society.


With all this being said, how is it possible Child’s play, a silly and hilarious horror series about a pint-sized murder doll, is a reason for the real-life murders? Children Play 3 (1991), despite its reputation as the worst in the series for a number of reasons, it’s also hot as it seems to have been one of the inspirations for the murder of two-year-old James Bulger.

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The 1993 murder of two-year-old James Bulger sparked a wave of outcry and sparked debate about the age-old media violence. Two ten-year-old boys named Robert Thompson and Jon Venables kidnapped a toddler from a shopping center in Kirkby, Merseyside, England. In just a brief moment that made the mother look away, the two boys held hands and led him for a walk outside the mall. The murder they committed later became one of the most notorious crimes in history.


The press still maintains the idea that Children Play 3 is the cause of these boys killing people. NS famous killer of the 90s doll the franchise is now accused of being the main inspiration for this murder, explained in 1994 Newson Report, a book written by Professor Elizabeth Newson. The report made eight sizable claims, including the claim that horror movies can induce violence in children and make them identify with murderers. According to Newson, these films may be directly related to the murder of James Bulger, Children Play 3 is the main cause.

Children Play 3 is about the infamous Good Guy Doll Chucky, who came back for the third time. This time Chucky gets a break from military school to finally kill and put his soul into his master Andy. While trying to track down Andy, Chucky came close to a boy named Tyler, who he was keeping an eye on. Andy tries his best to save Tyler from Chucky, and he succeeds. Given this premise, it’s surprising that a two-year-old boy’s murder is tied to it.

In their book The Disease Effect: The Media Violence Debate, scholars Martin Barker and Julian Petley challenge the science behind The Newson Report, argues that Comparisons between real-life violence and cinematic violence have not been scientifically proven to be linked. For example, why does the report only make accusations against children? When a father killed his 17-month-old baby because he thought it was Joseph and his wife Mary, “… No newspaper that recounts this sad story thinks it’s worth suggesting. there. king of kings is a potential case of murder.” Barker and Petley also point out that Child’s Play 3, Although a horror movie is often brutal and bloody, it is really about saving a child. Because of this, why Children Play 3 prime suspect of horror movies? Is it because it’s an easy target due to about children’s toys?

The main reason the statement was made about Children Play 3 is because the killers are said to have copied a specific scene in which one of Chucky’s victims gets splashed with blue paint. The boys applied a similar coat of blue paint to Bulger after killing him. In addition, according to, Jon Venables rented and watched movies at his father’s house just weeks before the murders took place. This was ultimately disproved, as Venables was not living with his father at the time, and Venables doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of horror movies.

The interesting thing is that even though there is a regular check violent movies cause violence, there is less research on how violence in movies affects a person’s current mental health. An audience of thousands, all of whom entered the theater with oral histories and emotional makeup. Viewers may be more vulnerable to the effects of on-screen violence because they may already have underlying mental illnesses. Some people may have experienced similar violence; Others may not feel anything to relate to. If another boy watched Children Play 3 or any other horror movie for that truth, who said that would affect them and affect them killing someone? If this were the case, there would be more “mimicking” murders.

So, after all, do horror movies elevate sensitivities to real-life violence? Studies and studies are comprehensive and complete but have not yet provided a definite answer. Who will be influenced by the material they witness on film given their age and potential impact on a fledgling soul? One must be able to distinguish between fantasy and reality and justifiable or irrational use of force. Children Play 3 is just one of hundreds of films accused of inspiring misconduct. Unfortunately, no one can be blamed for what happened to the toddler but Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.

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