Check out the mighty battleship USS New Jersey from keel to conning tower


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USS New Jersey

The WWII-era USS New Jersey was the second Iowa-class battleship accomplished. It is at present a museum ship in, fittingly, New Jersey.

For the complete story about our tour, and this unimaginable ship, take a look at “Exploring one of many best battleships in historical past: The USS New Jersey.”


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‘Large J’

The New Jersey was launched in December 1942. 


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Final battleship

She’s simply over 887 toes lengthy and displaces 57,500 tons.  


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Contained in the turret 1

Every gun turret is each a posh machine and a multi-story constructing. 


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Loading mechanism

Here’s a shell in place to be loaded. Every weighs upward of two tons. We’ll see the place these shells are saved and the way they rise up right here a bit later. 


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After touring the gun turret, we head under decks. That is the windlass room that holds the gear required to haul the New Jersey’s two 30,000-pound anchors and 12,000 kilos of chain.


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Crew berths

Typical crew complement was 1,921 officers and enlisted sailors.


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These are the quarters of the Govt Officer in command of the crew. The XO had a big(ish) mattress, cabin and personal head (rest room).


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Officer nation

The Officers’ Lounge is the lounge for the handfuls of officers on the ship. They may loosen up right here, however nonetheless needed to be in uniform.


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Officers’ wardroom

Adjoining to the Officers’ Lounge is the officers’ wardroom, the place they ate all their meals.


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Captain’s in-port cabin

This moderately lavish area was utilized by the captain when in port, and to eat his meals. He additionally had a cabin nearer to the bridge to make use of when at sea.


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The captain’s in-port cabin, that includes a cameo by yours actually.


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Good eats

With practically 2,000 mouths to feed, the cookhouse was all the time busy.


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Enlisted mess

That is one part of the expansive mess for the crew’s enlisted males.


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The upper-ranking enlisted males had been referred to as chief petty officers, and so they had entry to some areas off limits to lower-rank enlisted males. These areas weren’t fairly as lavish because the officer’s areas.


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As you’d count on on a warship, there are in depth medical bays to handle wounded sailors.


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Into the turret

We’re now heading down into the multistory gun turret, which rotates with the weapons. That is the decrease a part of the hoist that we noticed earlier the place the shells are introduced as much as be loaded earlier than firing.

Usually, the New Jersey would carry each armor-piercing and high-explosive shells.


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Down we go

Whereas the shells are stacked across the edges, the gunpowder is saved deep throughout the ship in closely armored and (hopefully) spark-free environments.


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The powder luggage are loaded on this elevator. On the proper is a stainless-steel immersion tank. If there was any type of drawback, a sailor may dunk the gunpowder to forestall explosion or fireplace.

At most cost, every gun would require six 110-pound silk luggage of gunpowder.


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Powder journal

Whereas the explosive shells are definitely harmful (that is the purpose!), they’re considerably much less more likely to by chance ignite and explode than gunpowder. Every of those tubes would have held three luggage of gunpowder. They’re loaded on the brass slide, handed by a rotating airlock after which despatched up the elevator you noticed within the earlier slide.


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Gun management

Regardless of being from the analog age, the principle weapons on the New Jersey had been remarkably correct due to extremely refined analog computers.


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Due to in depth work by volunteers, that is believed to be the one working Rangekeeper of its period.


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Set off

Yep, that is only a brass-handled set off to fireplace a 67-foot lengthy gun. The set off on the left sounded an alarm, the set off within the center let the firing pc fireplace at what it decided was one of the best time and the one on the proper manually fired the shell instantly.


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Operating practically the size of the ship, the passage referred to as Broadway is a sight to behold.


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Auxiliary Steering

The massive, ominous container is among the ship’s two gyrocompasses.


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Radio transmitter room

The New Jersey had eight totally different radio rooms. This one primarily transmitted alerts from the ship. 


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Into the engines

It takes a whole lot of gear to maneuver one thing that displaces over 60,000 tons at practically 38 mph.


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Eight boilers burned fuel oil to create steam for 4 (high- and low-pressure) generators. 


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The generators, spinning at a number of thousand revolutions per minute, used enormous discount gears to spin the prop shaft at a just some hundred rpm.


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The discount gear connects to this, the prop shaft, which turns the propeller. The New Jersey had two four-bladed, 18.25-foot propellers and two five-bladed, 17-foot propellers.


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Trying up

This lengthy ladder will get you as much as Broadway.


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An incredible quantity of water is required not simply to maintain practically 2,000 sailors hydrated and infrequently showered, but additionally to run the steam generators. This pump strikes seawater to evaporators to create pure water.


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Fan tail

Six of the New Jersey’s major weapons face ahead and the opposite three face aft. Every will be fired and aimed independently. 


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Flight ops

The New Jersey has all the time carried some plane to assist its mission. Initially it was seaplanes, then helicopters and later drones. Through the helicopter period, the Helo Management Officer sat right here with a commanding view of the flight deck.


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The New Jersey had a totally practical TV station. Right here you’ll be able to see the management room. The crew used the soundproof sales space on the proper as a makeshift radio station, enjoying music from eight-tracks and later, cassettes.


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Prepared digicam 1

The TV station, broadcast internally through CCTV, was largely used for shipwide notifications, coaching, leisure and information.  


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Chief of Employees stateroom

This room is all that continues to be of the WWII-era admiral’s services. The remaining has been repurposed for extra modern-era gear and stations, just like the Fight Engagement Heart, which you will see subsequent. 

That is the place Admiral Halsey‘s chief of employees, Rear Admiral Carney, slept. The mattress itself is definitely Admiral Halsey’s, on mortgage from the Navy Historic Heart.


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When returned to energetic responsibility within the Nineteen Eighties, the New Jersey went by an in depth refit, together with including many trendy applied sciences and weapons.


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Trendy monitoring radars are one of many largest leaps in tech from the New Jersey’s early days.


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I see you, Philadelphia

The New Jersey, docked in New Jersey, seems prefer it’s prepared to fireplace on Philadelphia and the Ben Franklin Bridge.


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Battle conn

The spherical construction is a part of the conning tower, also called the battle conn. It has 17 inches of metal armor. Every door weighs greater than a ton.


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That is the ship’s major wheel. There is no want for the sailor to see the place the ship goes — they simply must observe the orders given by no matter officer “has the conn.”


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Navigation bridge

From right here the captain and different officers had a commanding view of the ocean across the ship.


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Chart Home

Instantly behind the Navigation Bridge is the Chart Home, which not solely saved charts, however had the assorted navigational gear wanted to plot the ship’s location and course.


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Captain’s cabin

That is the captain’s at-sea cabin. Far much less lavish than the in-port quarters, however right here it is all about location, location, location. It is adjoining to the Navigation Bridge.


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What a view

Coming into and leaving port, the ship could be “conned” up right here, on the open-air 08 Stage Bridge.


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Trendy weapons

In its third and closing recommissioning within the early Nineteen Eighties, trendy armaments like a CIWS, cruise missiles and antiship missiles had been added.


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New Jersey in NJ

Along with the USS New Jersey, the otherthree Iowa-class battleships are additionally accessible to tour. We have checked out the Missouri and the Iowa. The Wisconsin is in Virginia.

For extra about this unimaginable ship and our tour, take a look at “Exploring one of many best battleships in historical past: The USS New Jersey.” | Try the mighty battleship USS New Jersey from keel to conning tower


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