Charlie Cox’s Desperate Desire for a Second Chance in the MCU

When Daredevil hit the small screen in 2015, it was something of a revelation. The Netflix show is much darker than the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the silver screen, but it’s connected. The show deals with the infamous ‘Battle of New York’ that took place in 2012 Avengers movie, when the whole world finds out that the Avengers are a collection of superheroes to be reckoned with. Isolated Netflix Marvel shows have culminated in the growth of Defenders, including Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Daredevil. The last season of Daredevil aired in 2018, right before Disney+ took the audience by storm.


Daredevil hasn’t appeared in cinemas for nearly two decades, and for good reason. Year 2003 Daredevil Considered by many to be one of the worst Marvel superhero movies All Time. However, this was before Iron Man launched in 2008 and brought the MCU with it. Marvel movies have improved dramatically since the first decade of the 21st century, and Daredevil deserves redemption in this shared universe.

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Hawkeye cut

Since the pause of the Marvel Marvel universe, Disney+ made a concerted effort to give audiences street-level superhero chronicles worthy of its time. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier enhances Captain America’s legacy while providing viewers with a story of espionage and terrorism. It also addresses issues of race and class in a way that Marvel has never done before, on the big screen or the small screen.

Hawk Eye premieres next week and will explore the Avenger’s family life armed with bows and street adventures. The first trailer for Moonlight Knight was eliminated this week, a character who had some interactions with Daredevil in typical Marvel comics. Spider-Man: There’s no way home will hit theaters next month, and while the film will feature magic and otherworldly adventures, Spider-Man is Marvel’s top street superhero (after all, he’s sometimes referred to as ‘” Your Friendly Neighbor’s Spider-Man’).

Daredevil is a character who could be a perfect fit for stories about espionage, injustice, family, and the dark arts. It’s just a matter of whether Marvel Studios and mastermind Kevin Feige want to use The Fearless Man at some point in the near future.

The Defenders is cut

Marvel just introduced a The lesser known superhero team in The Eternals to the silver screen. Rumor has it that The Thunderbolts, The Young Avengers, and The Dark Avengers could all make their way into Marvel’s multimedia productions in the near future.

While The Defenders have recently hit the small screen thanks to the support of Netflix, they deserve to be joined by the likes of The Avengers in their big-screen exploits. At various points in the comics, each member of Netflix Defenders anyway a member of The Avengers. For a cinematic universe packed with adventures in New York City, it needed a relevant street-level team to make the world more interesting and believable.

The man without fear cut

Ironically, Daredevil is one of the few superheroes in mainstream comics to carry his religion up his sleeve. The Devil’s Kitchen is a devout Irish Catholic and is often depicted as the navel gazing at the top of the Cathedral.

After the events of WandaVision, audiences can expect even more magical and supernatural events to happen in the MCU. While fan theories about Mephisto (Marvel’s bust for the Devil) have not materialized, there are still rumors about his potential appearance. If Marvel decides to make Hell a real location in the MCU, then Daredevil is a perfect character to help introduce it in some sort of co-op adventure. This will be especially powerful if Marvel decides to resurrect some superhero or super villain in the near future.

Daredevil and Spider-Man are cut

With Iron Man’s death and departure from the MCU, Peter Parker (Spider-Man) is in need of a new super mentor. While marketing to Spider-Man: There’s no way home leads the audience to believe that this will be The Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange, which could be a clever trick by Marvel Studios. It makes sense for Iron Man to be the mentor of the MCU Spider-Man given his access to assets and technology. However, a teenage superhero, street level, and a wizard make for an odd mentor-advisor pair.

Daredevil has been rumored in Spider-Man: There’s no way home in a period of time. After all, Matt Murdock is a lawyer in the Marvel comics. Peter Parker is questioned in the police station during a scene in Spider-Man: There’s no way homeof the trailer. There are plenty of reasons to speculate that Matt Murdock is the one to take over his case and help Peter after the events of 2019 Spider-Man: Far From Home. With his refined senses, Matt is able to deduce that Peter is indeed Spider-Man and not a killer either. The two characters share a lot of time together in the pages of Marvel’s comics, and it wouldn’t be spectacular to see them crisscross the New York City skyline together.

Bullseye Cropped

While Daredevil doesn’t have the same massive acclaim as Spider-Man, he boasts a gallery of big and powerful imposters. His arch nemesis is The Kingpin, who has been brilliantly portrayed by Vincent D’Onofrio on Netflix. However, supervillains and anti-heroes like Elektra, Bullseye, Typhoid Mary, and others could work to great effect in a future Marvel TV show or movie. A project that includes Daredevil scams would have to be somewhat dark and grassroots, no different from what audiences already know in the events of the series. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

In the Marvel comics, Daredevil is the most critically acclaimed solo superhero based in Manhattan. He’s somewhat similar to Marvel’s answer to Batman: a mere man who operates at night in dark alleyways and uses criminals’ fear of him as a weapon. Marvel would be wise to use Daredevil in the same way in an upcoming project.

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