Characters Who May Not Appear In The MCU’s Secret War (If It Happens)

The future of MCU looks promising, full of stories of both new and established heroes. It’s unclear which path the films will follow and whether they’ll draw inspiration from any major comic book events. A storyline that many fans want to see in MCU is Secret Wars, there’s even a comic book sequel.

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For now, however, it doesn’t look like Secret Wars will make its way into the MCU any time soon as Kevin Feige said they have no plans to make a movie about it. However, fans can expect this to change. But even if Secret Wars gets a live-action adaptation, there’s still a chance that some of the characters who played its part in the comics won’t appear in the movie.


Black Panther

T’Challa wasn’t easy in Secret Wars, and that’s still true even in the end. He fought Dr. Doom, and if he loses, it will lead to the destruction of everything.

While it would be interesting to see T’Challa fight Doctor Doom in the movie version, it’s highly unlikely. Unfortunately, Chadwick Boseman passed away in 2020, so even if Black Panther does play a part in the movie, it won’t be T’Challa.




In superhero movies, death is rarely permanent, but it seems Vision could be the exception to the rule. He appeared in WandaVision but it turns out he’s still dead, and Wanda didn’t bring him back to life.

During the Secret War in the comics, Vision joined a new team of Avengers alongside heroes like Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, or Ms. Marvel. Unfortunately, if the team were to meet in the Secret Wars movie, they’d have to do so without Vision.

Tony Stark


The fact that Iron Man could appear in the MCU again is not entirely unexpected. But if he did, it would most likely be someone else, not Tony Stark, as Stark famously sacrificed his life in Avengers: Endgame (2019).

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However, he has a worthy successor in the form of Riri Williams, a brilliant young superhero who designed his own Iron Man suit and became known as Ironheart. Stark provided financial backing for the new Avengers in Secret Wars, but someone else could have supported the team instead.

Reed Richards

All of the Fantastic Four can be mentioned, but Reed Richards’ actions in Secret Wars leave the biggest mark… and not necessarily a positive one. Instead of trying to save the world, Richards focused on protecting his family, and when they were in danger, he risked the lives of others to save them.

While that makes sense, it would be difficult to introduce a brand new superhero team in a movie with many other heroes. So even if the Fantastic Four have solo movies in the MCU, they might not be part of Secret Wars. It all depends on the timing in this case and which movie comes first.

Who punished

The Netflix Punisher

Netflix’s Marvel superheroes didn’t do so well when it came to including them in MCU movies. The previous rumors about their movie introduction have mostly been debunked. Whether that changes in the future or not, remains to be seen.

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However, it’s unlikely that the Punisher will return in Secret Wars to do what he usually does – kill people. Even during the crisis, the Punisher continued to do what he set out to do, which was to kill the bad guys. While this is true of his character in the comics, it can be difficult to incorporate his plot into a larger Avengers: Secret Wars movie.


images of thanos (1)

If Secret Wars were to make it into the MCU, the most logical step would be to introduce an entirely new villain. And Thanos has a strong connection to the previous era of the MCU so bringing him back from the dead should lessen his impact.

Even if Josh Brolin agrees to reprise his role, it just means that the audience will get to see Thanos die again. As in the comics, Thanos met his end when Doctor Doom, of all people, tore through his spine and skull. This might also be a bit too brutal for the MCU.



While it would be nice to see Venom interact with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, the Sony Marvel universe and the MCU continue to stand apart and are unlikely to meet in the Secret Wars movie. In the comics, Spider-Man tore his suit during the Secret War and he needed a new one.

He discovers a machine that gives him a new set of clothes that later turns out to be an alien symbiote. Technically, these events take place before Eddie Brock receives the suit so bringing Venom into the scene will only make the timeline confusing as it doesn’t match up with what audiences have learned. the first two Venom film.

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