Changes the sequel should make

When Kratos returned to the video game scene in 2018 God of WarMany fans were surprised at how much the character had changed. Not only was Kratos trying to be a better man and father, but the games played differently than fans of the series were used to. Kratos certainly has a lot of baggage, the weight of which has at times affected his relationship with his son Atreus.

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With the release of God of War: Ragnarok The fervor of the series fans, which is now looming on the horizon, is at an all-time high. There are many things they would like to see in the sequel, from brand new ideas and mechanics to elements from previous versions God of War Games they would like to see again.

8th Hostile Variety

With the original set of God of War Since games are hack and slash titles, the 2018 game tried to do something more modern. Players could juggle enemies with the Leviathan Axe and swing it for devastating damage and range. It was a great weapon against the hordes of Norse enemies.

However, it soon became apparent that most of the enemy types were the same, generally consisting of a guy with a gun knocking the player back. The sequel should change enemy types to offer more variety, requiring the player to use their entire arsenal for more varied battles.

7 Exploring Helheim

God of War took many creative liberties with Norse mythology and weaved their web of creative intrigue. One such example was her depiction of Helheim, the reality of the dishonorable dead. The place is cold and full of mysteries, and players will even witness the illusion of Kratos’ father Zeus trapped there.

For the sequel, Helheim should return with a more coherent focus. Many players are interested in seeing who rules over Helheim, and whoever rules will surely be unhappy with Kratos destroying part of the place. The ominous bird Hræsvelgr appears in the distance, possibly a foretaste of what fans can expect God of War: Ragnarok.

6 travel system

With the many realms available to players God of War, it’s no surprise that some consider the game an open-world adventure. This is due to the large non-linear sections that can be explored in great detail outside of the main story. These sprawling sections of the game require Kratos and his son to go jogging or venture into a boat.

Sometimes traveling can feel a bit slow and awkward with that father-and-son silence. The sequel aims to make travel a little faster. Players have already spotted dog-carried sleighs and the return of the boat, so there might be more in store, like Valkyrie wings.

5 God fearing bosses

There are many difficult bosses God of War. The game challenges the player with the many Valkyries, Trolls and other types of enemies to destroy. However, aside from three Norse gods, the game noticeably lacks the divine genocide of Kratos at the hands of the other God of War Title.

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Hopefully Kratos will be a big player in the Ragnarok prophecy in the sequel, and the game will be a non-stop action piece of Kratos going through gods like in the classic days. The audience eagerly awaits Kratos’ matchup with Thor, the god of thunder. Kratos may have grown beyond his god-murdering days, but with the Norse pantheon in his case, he may have little choice.

4 friendly faces

God of War introduced the audience to many new concepts surrounding Kratos. Most notable was his relationship with his son. One of the more humorous interactions was with the dwarven smiths Sindri and Brok. The dwarf brothers bring a lot of humor to the game, with Kratos often being an unwilling participant in their jokes.

It was nice to see friendly faces in one God of War Game considering the series is so angry and bloodthirsty. These little moments make Kratos a little more humane and make the world seem more alive than just murderous. Hopefully the sequel will have more moments and characters like this one.

3 Odin’s Wrath

Odin has only been seen through whispers of his wrath since 2018 God of War. His ravens seem to be watching every move of Kratos and Atreus, and every character you encounter in the game seems to say negative things about Odin.

The Allfather is the overarching antagonist, but not much is known about him as yet. Mimir describes the character as ruthless, barbaric, and heartless. The sequel should change the mystery behind Odin and give players a worthy villain.

2 A tease for what’s to come next

As players will meet the Norse god of war Tyr, many fans are wondering where this character’s journeys have taken him. Looking at his character poster, it seems like Tyr has traveled all over the world and formed relationships with other gods. His left arm has Egyptian hieroglyphs, perhaps teasing the arrival of gods outside of Norse and Greek mythology.

That has already been confirmed God of War: Ragnarok is the last thing players will see of the Norse story of Kratos and Atreus. It will therefore be interesting to see if there is any further teasing regarding the direction of the franchise as many cultures have their gods and Kratos is most likely not done ruining them yet.

1 Kratos’ past

God of War did a wonderful job dealing with Kratos’ past. His guilt lies in the physical weapon, the Blades of Chaos, and the scars they inflicted on him. For Kratos, his skin and scars are a constant reminder of the man he was, and by the end of the game he hugs and tries to move on with his son.

For additional character growth, the sequel shouldn’t give up on Kratos’ past, but instead amplify his guilt. It would be great to see returning cameos like Zeus and Athena, maybe even more Greek gods, being brutalized by Kratos’ earlier rage. Atreus finding out more about his father might make their rocky bond a little bit stronger.

God of War: Ragnarok is scheduled for release on November 9, 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

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