Celebrating Life with Sleeper Party Pajamas

Sleeper Party Pajamas – More Than Just an Outfit

We all want something new from time to time. But when it comes to finding unique clothes, sometimes that can be a tough mission. It always seems like we have already seen those trousers or even that whole look before. However, if you have this problem, maybe you are still not familiar with Sleeper. It’s a Ukrainian brand founded in 2014 by two former magazine editors and friends Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva. The idea fully formed after girls rewatched the all-time classic “Curly Sue” and Kate had a dream about having a sleepwear factory. All of this happened during Christmas time, so one can argue it was a holiday miracle and a sign from above.

Girls decided to take their chance and, in that same year, they released their first line of cute pajama sets by Sleeper in black and white. It’s almost hard to believe that a label, that started with only 10 silk pajamas is now known all over the world. Sleeper became such huge news in the fashion world, that their sets can be bought even in high-class shopping galleries, like:

  1. Net-a-Porter
  2. Moda Operandi
  3. Barneys
  4. Harrods
  5. Saks Fifth Avenue

Their women’s pajamas became even beloved by many celebrities like Rihanna, Kendal Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Millie Bobby Brown, and Brie Larson. So what is there about this Ukrainian brand that makes it so attractive? Read on and find out for yourself!

Style & Practicality: The New Era of Women’s Pajamas

The initial intention behind the label was to make walking sleepwear. Kate and Asya wanted to make outfits that could be worn for coffee dates and office grinds, as well as in the comfort of home. And as the brand expanded introducing new collections it became clear that their sets can be way more than just casual. And that’s how Sleeper party pajamas became a thing. The label did such a great job that their pieces of loungewear looked even more fabulous and distinguished than some luxurious dresses.

Moreover, Sleeper offered something more than just stylish looks – their sets were comfortable. With this brand, it was easy to look effortlessly gorgeous while feeling cozy and free. A part of why their products scream “comfort”, is due to the fact they use only sustainable materials. Sleeper uses only high-quality viscose and linen fabrics with high breathability, making their clothes suitable to wear even during heatwaves in summer. Every piece is also sewn by hand. That’s why every detail, every stitch, and every seam is done so carefully, that you can’t even feel them on your body. All of this makes Sleeper clothing practical, as you will be able to wear them not one or even two seasons – their clothes are an investment into your wardrobe for several years ahead.

Feathers Make It Even Better, Don’t They?

So, as you may have understood already, if you were in search of a party outfit, search no more! Sleeper got your back with their party pajamas. As Sleeper described them itself, these sets will help you to “slide from casual to fancy, and back again in a blink of an eye”. And, if you were specifically looking for something flirty and fun, then that’s another reason why you need to give this collection a look. The sets come in different colors:

  • pink set for those, who want to go for an extra elegant look;
  • a checkered lavender Vichy pajama suit, for the fellow vintage lovers;
  • a mint set for a fresh and bright look, especially during the cold season;
  • an ash grey pajama suit that will look elegantly no matter the occasion;
  • and finally, the classics of the brand – all black and white pajamas.

All of these sets are pajamas with feather trim. Suits of all colors have pants with detachable feather cuffs, making them even more practical. And for those, who are really into feathery details, the black and white pajama sets also come in a double feathers option. If you fancy one of these, you will get a suit with fuzzy cuffs both on your pants and top. Sleeper thought this through with the detachable details, making this collection suitable both for chic parties and day-to-day occasions. Moreover, think about how much fun you will have with a mix-and-matching button-up top with your favorite pair of jeans or feathery pants with a cashmere or wool sweater!

But I Want More than Pajamas!

Some of you may think “Wow, a brand with only pajama suits? So much about versatility!”. But you will be surprised by how much more this label has! So, whether you like pajamas with feather trim, or not, you should go and check out http://the-sleeper.com/en/. First of all, they don’t only offer women’s loungewear. There are pajama sets for men too. There are also one-sized items, so if you want to buy a gift for someone, there’s no need to go through the extra stress of buying the wrong size.

Secondly, Sleeper also has other items in its stock, like several bags and a distinguished collection of shearling clogs, slippers, flats, and sandals. And if you are not a fan of pants, you can always look through numerous Sleeper dresses, like Atlanta and Paloma linen dresses, loungewear dresses, several maxi dress items, and many other designs. As you can see, besides multicolored Sleeper Party pajamas, you can choose any other item to complete your evening or casual outfit. Trust us, you can never go wrong with picking anything from Sleeper. With this brand, you will be able to stay yourself while looking like the most ardent fashionista. And if you think that with all this variety you won’t be able to find something for yourself, think again. With all its unique options, Sleeper will have something for every one of us.

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