Caroline is Witch Theory Explained

Stardew Valley is a big game filled with content and titles like that There are bound to be countless theories about their legends and characters. For example, one of the Stardew Valley theory includes ‘You die in Joja’ theory, which states that the player actually died during the events of the game.

Another popular fan theory details that Abigail’s father was a Mage living in the south tower of the farm and this conjecture is accepted by many as a rule in Stardew Valley community because of the amount of evidence it has behind it. However, another theory stems from that theory, stating that Caroline, Abigail’s mother, may actually be a Witch.


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The Mystery of Abigail’s Father

Father Abigails of Stardew . Valley

A popular Stardew Valley The likely correct theory states that Wizard is Abigail’s father. After developing a friendship with Pierre, he will tell the player that he is worried Abigail is not his biological daughter. Likewise, Caroline can tell the player that she once “walked secretly” to the Sorcerer’s tower, but keep this fact a secret from Pierre as he might get jealous. The subtle implication here is that Caroline is romantically involved with Wizard.

Furthermore, the Wizard will tell the player that he thinks one of the townspeople might be his daughter, and putting those pieces together, he most likely means Abigail. Abigail She herself doesn’t seem to be aware of all this information, however, she will tell the player that she dyes her hair purple but strangely it never fades, alluding to the magic attribute. art. At this point, the player can notice that Abigail and Wizard’s hair pattern is almost the same purple color. She also eats quartz and diamonds, which means she has magic to some degree, regardless of whether she is aware of it or not.

Can Caroline become the witch of Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley Witch

For starters, it should be noted that there are extremely brief moments where a traditional witch with green skin and black clothing has been seen, although it has never been proven to be. The witch lives in the hut in the northeast corner of Stardew Valley. And the Witch always seems to be eerily absent from her swamp, which raises the question “why?”

But if one assumes that Witch the above theory is correct, most likely Caroline could be the Witch that the Wizard uses so far. In some cases, the Wizard will refer to his ex-wife, such as when asking the player to take magic ink from his “ex-wife’s house”, sending them to the Witch’s Hut. But it’s a bit odd that the only time a Witch is seen is when she flies over cursed buildings in the sky, and if there’s only one Witch in Stardew Valley, she and Caroline are the same. someone will explain why the hut is always empty. , nor the usual bed or furniture — because she probably doesn’t sleep there; it’s just her secret place to do black magic. And there’s no reason why a creature with powerful magic like the Witch couldn’t change her appearance to look more normal and change into an unrecognizable form while she was flying around on a broom.

This exciting Stardew Valley theory It’s a bit odd given that Caroline seems to be romantically involved with Wizard, while Wizard and Witch were once married. But perhaps the couple continued to nurture feelings for each other after their marriage, leading to unwittingly having a child with Wizard while marrying Pierre.

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