Captain America 4 has a very important job to do

Conclusion of Infinity Saga in Avengers: Endgame covers multiple character arcs and storylines over about a decade, a feat many comic fans thought they’d never see on the big screen. But what seems to feel like the end follows Endgame, which has many fans wondering where these stories might go next, which is just the beginning. Now, the MCU is back in full swing with Phase Four of their continuing cinematic universe, which is branching out into new territories involving everything from deep space to the multiverse.

After the popular Disney Plus streaming service was created, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige opened many new doors for what MCU can dive into future projects and how they do it. In addition to big-budget movies, series like WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki introduced other world locations, characters, and stories that have expanded MCU in a bold and exciting direction and will continue to do so.


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With this, however, there are plenty of new faces and stories intertwined in the overarching universe. Now with more series and movies slated for release in the coming months and continuing to dive deeper into the cosmic path, it’s important for the MCU to keep some of the formula from previous stages and stick to it. show it in Upcoming projects like Captain America 4.

Captain America's shield is cut

One aspect that made the first three episodes so great was the more grounded, real stories. Yes, great space adventure stories like Guardians of the Galaxy could have been successful, but many times, the movies that resonate the most with audiences are often those that take place on land rather than on other planets. One big reason many MCU entries, especially recently released the eternal, can feel overwhelming and, at times, messy, largely because they try to juggle various characters and locations and explain too much history rather than tell a cohesive story. Trying to condense so many elements into one film leaves little room for any character attachment. Whether it’s the MCU focusing more on Peter Parker’s personal life as he tackles the ramifications of being Spider-Man with Steve Rogers in order to adjust to a world that has gone on without him, it’s the stories that feel more authentic and memorable and keep the viewer interested in what they’re watching.

Speaking of Cap, perhaps the best example of an MCU telling grounded stories is Captain America: Winter Soldier. The film remains one of the MCU’s strongest, if not strongest, due to the fact that it can add a sense of credibility by portraying more of the threats on the ground. Time does not shy away from connecting some of its stories with everyday realities—world problems. Instead of just being a superhero movie with a lifeless CGI villain, it is a political thriller with a superhero aspect at the forefront, as the real villains of The film is all dressed in suits and hidden in plain sight, making Cap’s allies suspicious.


Of course, no comic book movie is ever real, but the MCU always plays to its strengths when it comes to trying to focus more on the characters and themes of a story. rather than big battles or explosions that can quickly become repetitive. When more time is spent developing the characters and laying the groundwork for each one’s motivations, that ultimately makes for a more engaging and interesting story. This then leads to the stakes feeling higher (at first glance) because the audience really cares about the people in the story and the struggles they endure.

That’s why The Falcon and the Winter Soldier feels like a breath of fresh air after a sequence like WandaVision. Not that WandaVision too bad it’s actually great, but the series has to tell a more personal, grounded story that focuses more on the dynamic theme of its two main characters and other important themes like heritage, race, oppression and trauma, feeling exciting and fresh again after spending so much time across the galaxy with the infinity stones with other cosmic creatures. It reminds fans of how deep and multi-layered an MCU story can be.


With the official announcement that Anthony Mackie will reprise his new Captain America role in Captain America 4, it is important for the MCU to continue to dig deeper into the fascinating themes explored in the series and develop the new Cap as a hologram to ensure viewers have a closer relationship with the character. . While it’s exciting to have Sam take on the new shield as this top Avenger, keeping the focus on his world and his relationship with Bucky and his family, he creates creating a new legacy for herself while honoring Rogers, and equally with this newfound responsibility as a symbol of hope is where the real excitement lies.

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