Can Nynaeve become the reincarnated dragon in the TV show Wheel of Time?

Episode 4 of Wheel of time concludes on a dramatic note that leaves us doubting whether Nynaeve is the reincarnated Dragon.

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The latest episode of TWOT Unravel a new chapter in the story when the claims of the man, who claims to be the Reincarnated Dragon, turn out to be false. The man in question is Logain Ablar (played by Alvaro Morte), who seems to hold an immense amount of power – to the point where it would take a handful of the mighty Aes Sedai to trap him.

But by the end of episode 4 of Wheel of timeThese suspicions were quelled when Logain was killed by members of Aes Sedai. But just before her death, Nynaeve does something that shows that she could be a Dragon reincarnated instead!

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Into the Arcane: Archives of the Council | Final Input Trailer



Into the Arcane: Archives of the Council | Final Input Trailer





The fifth opponent to the dragon reborn in the wheel of time?

First of all, let’s talk about how the maid, Dana mentioned that there are five individuals who can be Dragon reincarnated. This surprised not only Rand and Mat but also viewers who thought there were only four of them, the other two being Egwene and Egwene. Perrin.

The mystery of the fifth person chosen for Dragon Reborn is solved in episode 4 of Wheel of time. Although it was not stated at any point, there is ample evidence that Nynaeve was the fifth candidate.

First, Nynaeve escaped death despite being dragged away by Trolloc. Since so much of the show is based on fate, one can assume that if Nynaeve was destined to be the fifth contender for Dragon, she wouldn’t die so soon or so easily.

Second, she has the ability to hunt down a skilled ward like Lan Mandragoran. One could argue that it happened because Nynaeve was an Intelligence. However, Wis Kingdoms is known for her healing abilities and academic knowledge but she also seems to have the same skills as a warrior. Not only could she hunt a warrior like Mandragoran, which was not easy, but she could also kill a Trolloc. This suggests that Nynaeve is more than a mere Mind and could very well be the fifth chosen for Dragon Reborn.

There is a third reason, which we will discuss in the next section of this article.

Is Nynaeve a Reincarnated Dragon?

At the end of episode 4 of Wheel Of Time, Logain’s army came to his rescue and a war broke out between Aes Sedai and the army.

Nynaeve suddenly finds herself in the middle of a battle and she fights alongside Mandragoran and Aes Sedai. Meanwhile, Logain manages to overpower Moiraine and Liandrin and break the magical barrier.

The fight between Logain and Aes Sedai took an unfortunate turn as Moiraine and Lindrain were both injured and Mandragoran ended up with a throat cut.

Seeing Mandragoran die beside her, Nynaeve broke out in emotion. As she screams “NO,” Nynaeve unintentionally transmits a massive amount of One Power, unlike anything we’ve seen on the show so far.

The intensity of this power is so strong that it can heal everyone within its radius, including Moiraine, Liandrin, and even Mandragoran’s throat.

Nynaeve’s power is so strong that Logain’s power also seems to fade. He ended up whispering “like a raging sun” – the exact words used by Moiraine to describe the power of a reincarnated Dragon. This scene gives us a strong reason to believe that Nynaeve could be the Dragon reincarnated.

However, it should be noted that in Wheel of time book series written by Robert Jordan, based on the movie, Rand Al Thor Dragon Reborn.

But a TV show can always end up differently than the books. If that’s the case, Nynaeve could be the Dragon reincarnated on the show. But it’s just speculation at this point, so we’ll have to wait for more episodes to confirm Dragon Reborn’s identity in the future. Wheel of time only.

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